Chapter 7: A Declaration of Love

Nightshroud: Well, I'm glad you all want a sequel! 8D I might even do a prequel (of when they met into Star Wars Bounty Hunter). In response to your question, sorastwin, it will take place during Episode 2 and follow Jango's storyline. Of course, I'm hesitant about Episode 2 fics too because of...Jango's fate. sniff. But this remake might just...change a few things hehe. But in a very subtle, believeable manner. It might even leave you saying, "Hmm, I wonder if that did happen?" Haha anyway, I considered what you said, Keeper-of-the-Cheese, and I slightly edited the chapter. Let me know if it's more believable. Anyway, on with the chapter!

Zam was still in shock, even though he had already kissed her before. But this time, it was more gentle, more...loving...She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed against him. Their lips continued to move together, each movement sending chills down their spines and a rush through their veins. Jango nipped on her lower lip, asking for entrance. Zam parted her lips as Jango's tongue slid into her mouth. His tongue explored the cavern of her mouth, and then it licked her tongue playfully. Their tongues battled for dominance until Jango eventually won and continued his exploration. Their kiss continued, until their lungs begged for air. Zam broke the kiss while panting, hesitantly looking into Jango's eyes. He still heard her close, and whispered huskily to her.

"I've been wanting to hold you like this for a while."

Zam loved the feeling of his voice rumbling in his chest.

"So I have I."

He cocked his head to the side and smiled slyly.

"I could tell."

She blushed, then realized he was bending his head forward for another kiss. She leaned forward and felt everything inside her jump at that electric moment when their lips touched. They continued to kiss passionetly until they once again parted for air.

"What, no dart to the neck this time?" she asked with a smirk. She noticed Jango's eyes suddenly turn soft.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. It was the only way I could think of to make sure that no one was killed."

"I understand," she said, before giving him a peck on the lips. "Come on, we'd better get back to Boba."

"Wait," he said, grabbing her wrist. "There's something else."

She turned and looked at the man she'd been captivated by since she met him.


"Zam, I love you."

Zam stood stock still, as if she had just been shot. This took her more by surprise than even the kiss. Jango...loved her?


As if sensing rejection, Jango turned to walk away.

"I love you too, Jango."

Jango stopped, then turned to look at her.

"You do?" he asked softly.

"Ever since I laid eyes on you."

Zam walked forward and laid her head head on Jango's chest, and closed her eyes. Jango wrapped his arms around her and knelt his head down and rested it on hers.

"I'll always love you, Jango. That much I promise you."

Zam knew things wouldn't be easy for them. Life was never easy for a bounty hunter. But she knew she loved Jango, and that meant she would do anything to be with him.

Boba looked at Bandy, as if he would provide some advice on what he should do. Zam looked worried before she left, and she seemed hesitant to say anything about his dad. Boba sighed and looked back at Bandy. Bandy tilted his head thoughtfully, then fell off the couch completely. Boba scooped it up and squeezed it in a tight hug. He didn't want to cry, but he was afraid he might not see his dad or Zam again.

"No, my dad is the best in the galaxy! Nothing can stop him! He's my hero!"

Suddenly the door chimed, and Taun We answered it.

"Taun We, thank you for looking after Boba."

Boba knew that voice. He ran to the front door and threw himself into his dad's arms. Jango embraced his son, and didn't scold when his son began to cry. They had all been through so much, and he was just happy to be with his son and the woman he loved.

Taun We excused herself, and Zam stepped inside. Boba finally let go of Jango and gave Zam a hug.

"I'm so glad you guys are back! I knew you wouldn't lose to those guys, dad!"

Jango smiled at his son, and Zam leaned against him. Boba titled his head, as if something had suddenly fit together. He grinned and said, "Zam, are you going to be staying with us?"

Zam looked surprised. How was this kid that sharp? Then again, and here she looked at Jango's with a soft smile, he was his father's son.

"I think I will, Boba."

Boba nodded and ran to back to the living room to grab Bandy. Jango turned and gave Zam a gentle kiss.

"I insist."

Boba came back, and the three headed to the living room together. Jango couldn't help but smile, with his beloved son and lover close by. Yes, he was a Mandalorian, and family meant everything.

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