As soon as he had left Kayla slumped, she felt weak, weaker than she had ever imagined.

It was getting worse, and she had no one to turn to, part of her had wanted him to kill her, get it over and done with. Using her power for any amount of time was becoming a drain, though the residues of others abilities would stay in her system a lot longer now than in the past.

She forced herself to go to the window and look down in to the street below, she knew she was foolish to think that she would get a parting glimpse as he left. That was if he had actually left.

He had come here to kill her, and yet he hadn't, she had watched and studied him ever since she had found out that there were others like her others that could do the things that she could.

Gabriel, he had changed so much, but he was still in there under all the lies that he masqueraded behind. There had been something in the eyes; it had burned so deeply, yet flashed at the surface when he had looked at her.

She had wanted to tell him but how could she? How would he ever understand that she knew what it was like to kill, to drain someone?

Why did evolution have to be such a bitch?

He watched her up in her window for quite some time, she couldn't see him, or if she could she was a good actress. He didn't know what had come over him back there. He needed to kill her. That was what he did. But something primeval had stopped him, survival of the fittest? Everything that he had been through hadn't prepared him for this, to lose ones abilities, to have them suppressed in a way that made you vulnerable, weak. He had been there and done that, that damn company had put him through hell and back, reduced him to plain old Gabriel, made him dependant on others. Maya may have been a slip in the master plan, but she would still prove useful if he could get past the trained monkeys that guarded her as soon as his abilities were back fully he would take her on.

There was a noise behind him that he had heard creeping slowly. He turned and saw the light skim the ginger fur of the cat from before; it wound around his legs slow and affectionately. Sylar glanced down at the beast. He reached down and picked it up, it purred happily in his arms.

"You may possibly be the only thing that's been happy to see me in a long time…" he reached for the animals' collar searching out the name tag "Angel… you got to be kidding me." He shot another glance up at the window; she was looking right at him.

There was a sharp pain in the side of his head and Kayla's voice echoed. "Go it's not safe there coming."

Kayla composed herself and waited, she had watched him fade in to the shadows almost invisible to the naked eye until he had faded altogether. Even when she was sure that he was gone her mind could quite clearly see him standing there, it was burned in to her memory, she had to protect him; he had no one, he needed her.

She pulled on her coat and headed down to the bar where she worked checking the shadows for movement, secretly knowing that he was still there, still watching, it reassured her rather than scared her.

The bar was empty, the harsh winter night having kept most indoors she nodded to Teddy the bar tender and headed in to the back room to make herself a warm drink before she started her shift.

She turned the kettle on and waited, sure enough there was a knock, but it was more out of courtesy than necessity, she had felt him arrive in the building.

"Come in Hiro, its open."

She put the final touches to his coffee and slid the cup over to his spot on the other side of the bench.

"Did he come?"

"What do you think?" she said scooping a second helping of sugar in to her own molten brown mess.

"You are still alive?"

"Last time I checked." She said trying not to look Hiro in the eye; there was something about that big honest face of his that could force the truth from anyone.

"He is the road to your destruction." Hiro said sipping from the cup.

"I know you keep telling me that Hiro, but he hasn't hurt anyone in a long time, maybe we should…"

"Drop our guard? He killed Charlie, he almost killed my friend Ando…"

"What if it was the virus… what if…"

"What if is not an answer…" Hiro raised his voice something that he had never done in the short time that Kayla had known him. "Sylar is a killer."

"But Gabriel isn't, you didn't know him before he became this monster." She slowly stirred her coffee, her eyes floated away from Hiro, her thoughts wandering to Gabriel

There was a heavy silence between the two of them, Kayla was more than aware that Hiro could quite easily go back and look, see if Sylar as he called him had been there, she hoped that Hiro's code would make him believe her.

"Sylar did not come?"

"No, Sylar was not there, Hiro I would probably be dead if he had been, you don't have to worry, I'm not going to let him affect me, I'm stronger than I look."

"Even so, I wish you would join us, Peter would like you to-"

"Peter can kiss my ass, he doesn't need me, he's scared of me, worried I might be some sort of threat, he's scared he's got another Sylar on his hands." Kayla shook her head. "It doesn't matter to me what he wants, the only side I'm on is my own."

"I only ask you to think about it, one person alone can not take down a walking devil."

"And neither can an army. No offence last time you tried you ended up four hundred years in the past I believe?"

Hiro said nothing but drained his cup and got to his feet.

"I will call in again tomorrow, maybe you will reconsider helping us."

She walked him to the door pausing as he opened it in to the cold night air " I would rather be a sitting duck than a open target, I'm sorry Hiro but I can't join you."

"As you wish, but the offer still stands."

"Goodnight Hiro." She said closing the door in his face.

She scooped her hair back in to a ponytail and headed for the bar, Teddy watched her every move.

"Another night another knock back will that guy ever learn?" he asked as she took a seat on the large leather stool by the beer pull.

"He's harmless."

"What about the other one, the one that was in earlier?" Teddy looked at her with his old soulful eyes.

"What other one?"

"The guy whose brother was running for governor…"


"Could well be! Now he's a nice guy." Said Teddy helping himself to a shot from behind the bar.

"Yes but he's also had two ex girlfriends that have 'mysteriously disappeared' I'm not getting involved…"

Teddy grinned and shook his head. "You know your problem? You watch far to many CSI and X-files, you think everything's a conspiracy." Teddy pushed a shot along towards her. "Nothing interesting ever happens around here."

Sylar had followed her, He had seen her talking to the future man, listened to every word, and something in him stirred, she did not think that he was a monster, she had defended him. Why? 'The only side I am on is my own' hadn't that been his motto for so long, he was the natural progression.

He watched her through the window of the café across the road from the Bar where she worked, this was a new feeling for him, he knew how things worked that was what he did, that was his power, but her? Kayla was a mystery, How she did what she did remained a mystery. Maybe that was what had made him follow her he felt the scar from where the sword had almost killed him, Kayla had shunned the one that had done that to him, how did that make him feel?

He longed for people to go in to the bar, he longed for it to be busy so he could slide in unnoticed and watch her close up. The old woman behind the counter walked over and sat down in the empty stool beside him.

"It's Gabriel isn't it?"

He looked around at the old grey haired lady; her wrinkled face was hidden in the shadows cast from the light behind her.

"I thought it was you." She said quietly reaching out and patting him on the hand, "I used to teach you in Sunday school don't you remember?"

Visions of a large black board with scribbles all over it came to his mind. He had a vague recollection…he could hear the keypads being pushed on the phone in the kitchen, and he could feel the smile creeping up on his face.

"I wouldn't call the police if I were you." He said quietly using his mind to pull down the shutters and turn the closed sign.

The woman watched as the blinds for the shop closed without anyone touching it.

Behind him the man dialled the last one.

"I said NO" the phone flew out of the old mans hands, wrapping its cord tightly around the mans neck, the little old woman go to her feet and tried to go to his aid but the knives from the counter flew at her piercing her in the heart.

When the noise had settled and he was sure there would be no more interruptions, he tossed the bodies to one side of the dinner with a wave of his hand. The other realised the blinds again.

"Only one person gets to call me Gabriel." He said taking his vigil and drinking his coffee.