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Day one

Klonk! "Hey Logan get up!" Vic threw an alarm clock at his roommate's head.

"Huh? Wha? I'm up! I'm up!" Garfield sprung out of bed, looking every which way. Finding his friend smirking at him, he paused, sat back down on his bed, slowly stretched out his arms, yawned, and gave his friend an evil look through one half closed eye.

"Get dressed, we need to be in the gym in ten minutes"

"How could you let me sleep in so late Tin Man?" Garfield, realizing the time, jumps off the bed. He starts to run around the room, picking his cloths off the floor and getting dressed. Horrified, he waved his arms hysterically. "They're going to throw us out on the first day!"

Vic caught him by his shoulders and shook him. "Dude, just calm down. Nobody's leaving the compound Grass Stain. Now get moving!" With that, both of them frantically raced to the gym.

The boys ran into a large building and fell into line along the last row of trainees. "All right. Dis is where we'll meet every mornin' at five! No exceptions. Those who come late will be left behind and collected by the Sleep Watch, who will send you directly to de 'playin' field'. Your sentence will be given out accord'nly, in proportions relative to de length of time spent fooling about. Do I make m'self clear?" The instructor walked back and forth along the line of recruits. His red on black eyes searched for a hint of disruptive behavior.

"Yes sir, LeBeau, sir."

"All right then. We will conduct our morning, mid day and evening exercises in our gym. Our gym is located in complex five. Be sure to remember our location. From here we go to breakfast in de mess hall in de center of dis compound, den after dat we hit de training simulators till lunch. After lunch we'll begin our mid day exercises, which will be followed by, combat training and evening exercises. After all of dat you get dinner and free time 'til midnight. If you're found to be awake beyond your bed time you'll be thrown into the 'playin' field', just like getting your sorry butts out of bed in de morning."

Why did I get myself into this again? Garfield looked down his row of recruits and noticed the mysteriously purple clad woman standing five meters away.

"All right, today I'll let you get acquainted with each other and this facility. De gym, de mess hall, and de 'playin' field' are all open for your use. Tomorrow we'll start training, so you should pick up your training gear today. If de training be too tough for you, we don't need the likes of you here, breedin' doubt and such. You'll at least walk away with: one, a better understandin' of what it takes to create an elite squadron and two, a better understandin' of your limits. Some people were just not made to fight."

Every one was dismissed to get familiar with each other and the compound. Garfield set off to talk to this enigma of a girl. "Hey, I'm sorry if I offended you yesterday."

The girl looked at him, slightly startled to find a person talking to her. "Um… it's ok. In fact I'm the one who should apologize. I'm more or less socially inept. …My name's Rachel by the way, Rachel Roth."

"Great! So am I! …Um socially inept I mean, because you know …my name's not Rachel. Heheh?" Garfield's hand once again reached to his neck, a goofy grin plastering his face. That was embarrassing. At least I know her NAME now! Garfield suddenly looked at the ground. Awkward! "Hey… you wanna hang out?"

"Um… sure"

"Great, you gotta meet my friend Vic." Garfield dragged Rachel off to where Vic was talking to Kurt. "Oh, hello Kurt. Hey Vic, Kurt, this is Rachel.

"Um… hi" Rachel stared intently at the floor.

"Hey Rachel, what's up?" Vic turned away from Kurt for a second.


"It is breakfast time every body! Let us eat!" Kurt, burst toward the mess hall.

"Uh-uh, no you don't!" Vic took off after the fuzzy blue one, with Garfield dragging Rachel right behind him.

"Let go of my hand!" Rachel threw him to the ground. Taking a step back she put him in a stranglehold through the force. "I can walk by my self, I don't like being dragged around like I'm a clueless child."

"Ack… what… I'm…sorry." Garfield closed his eyes shoving the pain to the dark recess of his mind. I need to focus! He extended his force vision to visualize Rachel, only three feet away. Two seconds later, the force rolling off Rachel became visible. He saw a string of the force released at her clenched fist, fly towad his neck. The force rope wrapped around his throat, choking out his life. Before darkness encompassed him, Garfield force pushed Rachel, distracting her enough to release him from her force choke. She flew into the wall with a sickening crack. Both of them collapsed on the floor. Recruits and trainers surrounded Garfield and Rachel, looking concerned.

Remy LeBeau, the leader of group five and nineth wingman of rougue squadron, ran through the crowd to the fallen couple. "What are y'all looking at? Somebody get a medic droid up here A.S.A.P." With his words, the crowd scattered.

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