First Encounter

The five annual old princess was skipping happily down one of the many halls in the palace. Her dark hair bounced against her ivory skin and her small shoes clicked on the tile floor. Though, taking her time, she was on a mission.

A few days ago, DG had overheard some adults talking about the new advisor to the queen. They said he was odd, and withdrawn. And one, a fat duke she never really liked, said it was a wonder that such an awkward, young, klutz could ever be chosen to advise royalty.

She turned down a smaller hall. She had only seen him once, and thought he looked sad. He probably needed a friend, and the little princess knew she could fit the job description. DG stopped in front of the door to the lab and raised a small hand to knock. No one answered, but she heard moving inside. She pushed open the old door with a creak and entered the bright room.

Tables lined the walls with thousands of bright, delicate looking objects covering them and blue papers and pencils were strewn across the floor. After taking all this in the small princess them noticed the busy man over in the corner.

His brown hair was tousled, and he has rings under his eyes from avoiding sleep. Also he was murmuring something complicated under his breath and fiddling with a metal box thing.

She strolled over to the table, crossed her arms, and laid her head on them, watching him work. He didn't seem to notice, as caught up in thinking as he was.

After a while, she decided to say something, "You should sleep more."

His reaction she found extremely funny. The royal Advisor jumped, knocking half of the things off the desk, then fell backward over his chair, sending his long coat flying up over his face.

DG giggled as he struggled to untangle himself from the chair. Finally free, he popped his head up over the desk and looked at her in wonder.

"When did you get here, Princess?" he asked, still a bit flustered.

She walked around the small desk and smiled at him. "For a little bit, I was watching you work."

The man sat down and looked curiously at her, then proceeded to put everything back in place.

"My name is DG, what's yours?" the dark haired girl asked, sticking her hand out for a handshake.

"I'm Ambrose," he replied, taking the small hand into his own larger one "Mice to meet you."

DG smiled and her bright, blue eyes lit up, "We're going to become good friends." she glanced around with a thoughtful look on her face "but you're gonna need some decorations, it's really blank and serious in here."

Ambrose nodded "I guess your right, I never really thought of it before."

The little princess yawned, and Ambrose soon followed (what with yawning being so contagious)

"It's time for me to go to bed."

She came forward, and to his surprise, gave him a hug. "Good night, Ambrose!"

DG went bouncing out the way she came in.

Ambrose sat stunned for a moment, amazed by the small girl, then said to the empty room: "Goodnight."

The next day, she brought him flowers from the garden.