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The War

Chapter One: The Beginning

One cloudy day Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were on a simple D rank mission to pick up some medicine in the outlying forest of Konoha. Kakashi had decided that they were skilled enough to handle this one without him and was assigned an also easy mission. When they finally made it to the forest where the medicine was, Naruto yelled, "Why the heck did it take us so long to pick up some stinkin' medicine!"

"Shut up Naruto! You're so annoying!" Sakura then screamed.

"Shhhhhh, there's something following us." Sasuke replies.

"What it is it!" Naruto yells.

"Shut up, loser."

Suddenly something tall jumps out of a nearby bush and grabbed Sasuke. The shadow is in the shape of a human almost 6 feet tall. It paused when it saw the other two; Naruto and Sakura saw the eyes of the shadow. Its eyes were dark red with a near hypnotizing stare, but before Naruto and Sakura could be distracted it let out a weird yell and in its mouth they noticed a pair of long, pointed canines. Fangs. Suddenly it rushed its head down and plunged them into Sasuke.

Sasuke hadn't really noticed what was going on; by the time he figured out what was happening the creature was screeching and Sasuke only saw its red eyes before he felt the pain of the fangs puncturing his neck.


Naruto and Sakura were frozen for a bit and then quickly realized that the thing didn't seem to let go of Sasuke, it seemed to be latched on to him. Thinking quickly Sakura pulled out a few kunai and threw them at the thing. It let go of Sasuke and faced Sakura but before it did anything it froze. It turned around, widened its eyes and fled into the forest again. Sasuke had been holding his neck but only lasting a few more seconds, he collapsed from the pain.


Naruto just stood in his place, his mouth opened and slightly shaking. Sakura ran towards Sasuke, terrified at what had just happened. As Sakura reached Sasuke, Naruto was tackled by another huge shadow! Sakura turned around and took out another kunai and watched the shadow. The shadow was also standing upright with clear brown eyes but with red speckled in them giving it a deranged look. Sakura looked at its open mouth as a weird breathing began and she noticed that instead of having fangs on the top its mouth like fangs its whole mouth was sharp with canines, it led her to believe that it looked like a huge animal that walked on two feet. The huge shadow quickly glanced at her and then stared at Naruto and bit into his shoulder.

Naruto had been staring at Sasuke wondering what was happening and how everything had went so fast. He noticed Sakura run towards Sasuke and was about to follow her when he felt a presence behind him. However it was so fast that he didn't have time to react to it. He felt pressure on his back and soon he felt some weird nails or something digging into his back. He tried to push it off but as he just tried to push himself up he felt intense pain all on the back of his right shoulder.



Sakura also threw the kunai at it and grazed it. It stared at her and started to slink towards her. She panicked and grabbed more kunai and also shuriken and threw them all at the thing. They hit him and then a kunai hit it in the face. It howled in agony and after removing the kunai he began to run at her. Before he got any closer he froze mid stride and seemed to sniff the air. It took a quick look to its right and began to growl and snap in that direction. After a few second it started to turn and run into the forest in the opposite direction of the previous shadow.

Naruto had been tackled from behind so he was face down on the ground with blood around him. Sakura tried to figure out what to do and decided it would be better if she kept them nearby making it easier to protect them. She dragged Sasuke with her to Naruto trying not to add to his damage. After she got him there she brought out bandages that she had been carrying with her and tried to slow the bleeding from Naruto's back. She laid them next to each other and started to think.

"What am I going to do now..."

As she spoke dark clouds covered the sky and everything went dark.

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