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The Bloodlust

2 weeks before Sakura's incident

Sasuke was walking with Toshiro out of the town and was being led into the forest that sort of bordering the town. He couldn't tell where he was going in the forest since he had never been to the part of the woods where Toshiro was leading him.

'So, I'm a vampire? How did this must have been that day when we went to collect the medicine. I don't think Sakura or Naruto got bitten either since they're not here. I wonder what they're doing…'

Toshiro had been observing Sasuke and noticed that he had been spacing out.

"Sasuke! Let's go, we're going to run if we want to make it before the sun rises!"


They started to run into the forest and a few moments later they came to a large castle in the middle of a clearing. The castle was in a medieval style, it was very wide and tall; it toward over them as if reaching for the sky, Sasuke couldn't tell how tall the castle was, though he knew enough that it could house thousands of people in its walls. The exterior was all brick and had a dark grey faded color. It had two tall towers in the front, the corners of the castle with only two windows each; the windows were both right under each other. At the top of each tower there was an outpost, however it was covered in a very thick dark tinted window going all around it and very faintly you could see two moving outlines in each of them. There were vines everywhere, on the towers and on the front of the castle covering nearly every single inch and all around the wall. Two gargoyles were the only "decoration" that the castle had, and these looked like some deformed animal, posed in a jumping position nearly off the wall where they looked like they were going to jump at you any second, they had wings that were spread out as if to add to the force that would attack; the gargoyles were the only thing that were untouched by the vines as if they hadn't been there for a long time. The door was enormous and it was also wood, though in front of it you could see there were metal bars crisscrossing, locking the door so that even if someone ripped the door out they would be stuck inside, the bars keeping them in and trapping them. Right above the door, in between the gargoyles, was a sign that said "Caveo of Unus Quisnam Adveho Sicco Procul Nox Noctis."

"It means 'Beware of the one who comes at night". It wards off the humans that stumble over our castle; surprisingly most people here can read Latin. However as fun as that is not a lot of humans come across here, come in even less. There's some part of the human brain that tells them to stay away from here, even before they see it they can feel there is something off from normal and completely avoid even going in this direction. But enough talk let's get inside before the sun comes up."

As they walked into the door, Sasuke noticed that the bars started to rise leaving the door unprotected, then, the door split in the middle and revealed that it was actually double doors.

As they walked in Sasuke noticed that they immediately were in a hallway with chandeliers hanging off the ceiling and lights coming from the chandelier and from the walls which had lights attached to walls. ( lol I don't know what they are called I might just put a link later if you don't know what I'm talking about lol.)

As they walked down the hallway he noticed that there were pictures on the walls. There was tiny writing on a plaque at the bottom of the pictures that he passed by. They were pictures of women and men, all dressed accordingly to the years of the plaque.

'Jocaru 1654 , Tomoa 1738, Garomaru 1894, Yukama 1958, Soumaru 2000, wow these are a lot of people, were they famous or something? I've never heard of these people, except for Garomaru, he was one that solved these mass killings all over the place."

As they kept walking at the very end he noticed two children's portraits placed across from each other. As he read them he nearly stopped walking in surprise.

"Madara Uchiha 1286 and Orochimaru 1957…what? What are they doing here?"

Toshiro hadn't noticed Sasuke's surprise and kept walking until the end of the hallway, at the end of the hallway was another door; Toshiro opened the door and Sasuke stared on at amazement of the room.

The room was very wide. The floors were covered in a dark red velvet carpet and the floors were a dark blue. There were windows but they had been covered by black curtains. As Sasuke looked on he saw two grand staircases, both in the middle-back of the room with a small balcony the only thing connecting the two. There were tables scattered everywhere with three to four chairs at every table, a dark black cloth covering the tables. There were a few doors in the room, one at the top on the balcony, four under the balcony and two at each side of the walls. But what Sasuke was really amazed at where the people gathered there. All of them were in slightly noticeable groups, if not observant, they would all seem to merge together. The people were all dressed casually, the men wearing black slacks with a dark shirt and the women in dark dresses. They all seemed to be a bit pale though, as if they hadn't been outside much, though Sasuke would never mention this, him himself being pale even though he spent all his time outside. Toshiro started to lead him to the right side of the room and towards the closest door. A few people noticed them but after glancing at them they quickly returned to the conversation that they were in. Sasuke caught a few words of the different conversations going on in the room.

"Can you believe it? Women allowed to become shinobi, kunoichi if one must be correct, and allowed to fight in wars and missions. In my day we stayed at home and became housewives! Such violence was never shown to us women…"

"The women are starting to have bigger roles. I think it's a great idea, finally having them do something a bit more useful though I am a bit troubled with that too. I mean, who's going to stay home with kids, if any. I say we should be careful about how much reign we give them…"

"Oh my goodness, sooo much freedom haha! I love it! Oh, I love seeing our young becoming something useful now. I especially am in favor of those medics. They will definitely be of use…"

"Now listen, you have to say 'How are you?' These people have changed the language." "You mean to tell me that instead of saying 'How are you doing' or 'How do you do' they shorten it to 'How are you' how odd."

"Ok if you are ever lost you need to say 'Can you point me to the nearest village.'

You try." "" "That's pretty good for someone who speaks Latin." "Ugh,is lingua est sic difficilis. ego admiratio si ego ero validus disco is velociter satis." "Don't worry it'll get easier as we go along."

Sasuke was slightly puzzled. How come the people here talked so odd? I mean, the last time someone talked like that was a good century ago. And was that person speaking Latin? I haven't heard anyone speak Latin and learning to speak our language before.'

They had arrived at the door and Toshiro opened it waiting for Sasuke to follow him. As Sasuke walked in he saw yet another hallway with doors on both sides. On the doors there were names written in script and underneath that were years.

'Anne Giasaka 1578, Huraiko Tanaki 1688, Garomaru 1894, Yura Katana 1689….Do these people live here? No, they can't have been, Garomaru? Living here? Why would he have a room..he would have died a long time ago.'

As they walked to the end of the hallway Sasuke noticed that there was a hallway was at the left at the very end and Toshiro led him up the stairs. After around two spirals they left to their right and there was a longer hallway, and at the end there was a long dark window with a seat on it. They walked to the end of the hallway and they faced to their left and were at the very last door. There was no name on the door and no year on it either. Toshiro opened the door and beckoned Sasuke inside.

"This is your room at the castle for now on. We'll have your name printed on it later. Why don't you get used to your room, I need to go get things ready for later."


As the door closed Sasuke took a look at his room. The floor was blood red velvet that was super smooth to the touch and very soft. Sasuke also noticed a giant kind size bed in the center back of the room with black sheets on them. The walls were a dark blue that gave the room a nice darkish feel without it feeling as though one were strangle in the darkness. There was a drawer next to the bed with only one drawer on it and space more at the bottom so that one could store something there. On top of the drawer was an alarm clock that was white and black with bright red letters standing out blaring the time 5 a.m. On the left wall there was a door that was slightly opened. As Sasuke pushed it open it was a pretty big bathroom with white and black tiles with light grey tiles on the walls. He noticed that the bathroom had towels already in them so he was relieved that he didn't need to ask someone to figure out where to get stuff for the bathroom. As he walked out there was a sliding glass door near the bathroom. As he slid it open it was a slightly big closet that had two levels; a normal for shirts, a low level for pants and at the very bottom a place to put shoes with slippers there in case one didn't want the shoes in the room. In the closets were white shirts along with black, dark blue, and a red shirt. On the pants there were black slacks, black shorts, and white shorts. After closing the closet and walked around a bit more he finally noticed that his clothes had tears and blood caked on the front and on the side of the shirt. He decided to take a shower and to change. When he opened the closet he took out a dark blue shirt and white shorts (his usual attire) and then he saw a drawer inside the closet. As he opened it he found his undergarments there and, though a bit embarrassed, took them with him to the shower. After discarding his clothes he stepped into the shower and let the steam and the hot water relax his muscles. However, though the steam and the water relaxed his muscles, they didn't relax his mind.

'Will I have to stay here for the rest of…whenever? Will I ever be allowed to leave? What are they going to show me here? Hmmm, I wonder who their leader is…'

After about 30 minutes (hey a guy needs to make sure he looks good too. Lol) he walked out of the shower his hair drooping out of its usual formation (chicken butt XD ^^) from the water. As he let his hair dry and threw his clothes and the towel into the hamper and wondered if he himself would have to do it or if someone else would. When he had put his clothes on he had noticed that on the back of his shirt was his clan sign. Though not as big as it was on his old shirt, it still reminded him of where he was from…and where he was going. Finally figuring that he had been thinking too much, he dropped on the bed and let himself doze off.

(That's the end…jk ^^)

He jerked awake when he heard footsteps coming right outside his door and sprang up ready to see who would come in. As the door opened he noticed a scent he hadn't noticed before, Sasuke didn't really care but noticed that it was a really minty smell, like if someone had been chewing on gum and their breath smelled of the mint. Also he noticed a hint of something though he couldn't place his finger on it. As the door opened, he slightly relaxed, realizing that it was Toshiro just opening the door.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you? It's nearly time for you to eat. This will be your first meal as a vampire and I would rather go over what might happen as to prepare you for the event."


"Not much of a talker are you? No matter, though I do need to ask you to hold your questions, if any, after I explain how your first meal will work."

Sasuke was now a little interested. He had noticed that he had tried to attack a few people on the way to and in the town and now that he knew he was a vampire he knew that he had been craving blood. He wanted to know if he would go as insane as he almost did in the town.

"As you probably know Sasuke, you will crave blood. Any blood really whether it is human or animal. Many have survived on just drinking animal blood for their entire existence. However human blood is the very source of out power, no matter what you must drink a slight amount of human blood at least once every month. Now the good thing about this is that you do not need to drink the human blood directly from a human. It can be something you buy at a blood bank, yes we have those, or just extracting it from humans and taking a bit of their blood, this can sustain you for a good six months or so since you need a tiny, but enough, amount to keep your powers strong. Now I want to ask you, would you rather live mostly on human blood or animal blood? Though I do have to warn you, if you pick to survive on human blood it will be slightly harder to live among regular people because your craving will make you want to pick targets. Also if you do pick human blood there won't be a difference in drinking a bit of human blood every month and drinking it many times."

Sasuke thought about it for a millisecond though in his mind it seemed normal as if he still had his regular human thoughts. If he picked animal he wouldn't go around picking targets and easier to live, human blood would make it harder to stay inconspicuous and there would be no difference.

"Hn. Animal."

"Good choice. Alright then, I thought you would say that so we will go to a chamber where every new vampire has their first drink. Oh by the way, you might need a bath after this, sorry if you took one already."

'Oh perfect, now he tells me.'

As they walked out of the room they went to a door that that was two doors down of the staircase that had led up to the floor. In it was a short cobblestone staircase with a dark hallway there, or at least assumed dark, to Sasuke's eyes they seemed the same. As they walked down the hallway Toshiro began to explain the abilities that every vampire has.

"As you noticed everything seems a bit different, you see things that should be dark but seem completely normal. Your eyes adjust to the light difference and also they are able to see the small details that, to the human eye, seem invisible or not there. You also see objects much sooner than humans do. You walking pattern would actually be 4x faster than the average human. Right now we are walking human speed, as you can see it seems very agonizingly slow, you'll get used to it after a while. While running people won't see anything but a blur or they might feel a slight wind and think of it nothing more as a figment of their imagination. All your senses are heightened, you sense of smell, sight, touch, and hearing. You will be able to eat food though it will lack a bit of flavor and it won't sustain you either. Maybe for a few short minutes and then that's all it will give you. However blood will seem sweet or sour depending on what you're drinking or who you're drinking. A habitual smoker will have a nasty bitter taste while, let's say, a young kunoichi in great shape will taste sweet."

As they, or Toshiro, talked they arrived at a door that was metal. It was a pure titanium three door and wall that covered nearly the entire section of the last part of the hallway. As they entered Toshiro told Sasuke to stand in the middle while he prepared the food. As Sasuke looked around he saw that the whole room was made of titanium three and that the light that were shining had titanium coverings in order, it seemed, so that no one would break them. As Sasuke stood in the middle he caught a whiff of something that seemed a bit sweet however dull. Toshiro came out with a tiger in a cage that was growling loudly and occasionally took a swipe at Toshiro. Sasuke stood fixated by the cat. Not because of the size, but because of the smell, it smelled of the forest surrounding the castle. 'What's this weird feeling in my neck? Is it because of the tiger? Man, now I'm thirsty…ya it's the tiger.'

Toshiro looked at him and said, "Wow, you're showing great restraint for a young vampire. I bet it'll be harder with the human blood later though haha."

Toshiro looked at Sasuke and noticed the change that came with Sasuke's hunger. Sasuke's black hair that had blue streaks in them now changed to red streaks in it and had a similarity to blood. The fangs poked out from under Sasuke's lip and nearly cut Sasuke. However there was a major difference in his eyes. His eyes had changed to Sharingan however the whites of his eyes were striped with black.(if u don't get it I'll put a pic later on my profile.) He saw Sasuke's eyes following the tiger and he let it out of the cage. It went straight for Sasuke. However in Sasuke's mind it all went in slow motion.

As the tiger jumped Sasuke could see how the muscles all worked in a certain way and that helped him figure out how far the tiger would go and at what speed. With the help of his Sharingan Sasuke was able to figure out how fast he should go and how to counteract possible attacks quicker because of him being a vampire. Sasuke jumped at the tiger meeting it halfway surprising the tiger. Sasuke noticed in the back of his mind that although he knew the tiger had very sharp nails and claws he didn't feel them puncture his skin and where the claws and teeth tried to pierce him he only felt slight pressure. Then Sasuke heard the weird rushing sound, it sounded like a faraway stream though he knew it wasn't; as he heard the noise he listened for it in the tiger and found it on its neck. He went for the tiger's neck and bit down. Though he could have had less fur he felt the liquid rush into his mouth while his grip on the tiger held fast. As he tasted it, it was slightly sweet with a bland taste. It numbed the weird feeling he had had at his throat and he drank until he could barely, if not forget about it completely, feel the sensation on the back of his throat.

When he let go of the tiger it fell limp to the ground. Sasuke noticed that he now heard no heartbeat and that the tiger had died; he had drained it dry. Sasuke only looked away uncaringly as he knew it was just an animal. These tigers attacked people all the time and that there had been overpopulation in this exact area. Now he knew what was keeping the population at bay.

Toshiro only looked at Sasuke and looked at the tiger. 'That was quick; then again he is an Uchiha. Better get this to those pesky humans, hmm I wonder what price I can get at the butchers…' Toshiro picked up the dead tiger and set it in the cage. When he turned to Sasuke he said, "You can go back to your room. You don't need to worry about attacking anything for a while. At least not until you get that feeling in your throat again." When he saw Sasuke's questioning gaze he replied with "yes…all vampires get that feeling though it's more often when young. As you stay longer you'll be able to go longer without blood." And with that Toshiro left the room with the cage.

As Sasuke looked around he noticed that him drinking had not been as clean as he thought it was. There was a good sized puddle of blood on where the tiger had been and that everywhere around that were splatters. On the walls was splattered blood that had somehow been thrown all the way out. When he looked at himself he noticed that his clean clothes had become torn and ragged. As he walked toward the door he wondered how he would get out, as he approached it however they opened silently. He walked out of the room and into the hallway, retracing his steps all the way back to his room. As he walked in he went in and took another shower. He walked to his bed and lay down to think about the events so far.

'Ok, so I'm a vampire and I'm in a forest where there's a huge castle that houses probably hundreds of vampires. I'm guessing I'll have to live here until I figure out what to do. Now just to learn what the rules are of being a vampire.'

As he lay on his bed his mind began to drift and he started to grow tired. As he looked at the clock next to him it showed 12:00 PM in glaring red numbers. He looked up and as he went into a light sleep he wondered 'I wonder what the others are doing right now…'

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