Several days since losing the baby had gone by and Maria was at home trying not only to recover physically, but mentally as well. The thought of losing a baby was harder for her to grasp than she originally imagined. Regardless of who the father was, Maria had hopes and knew that she would make a great mother.

In the meantime, John made sure to call and visit whenever possible. The tragedy had actually brought them closer together. Selfishly he wanted Maria to heal from all this with zero regrets. He could see himself having kids some day and he wanted them with Maria. But would she risk another miscarriage? When would she be ready to even try?

"One thing at a time champ." John reminded himself. Maria had been through enough crap with the men in her lives. He wanted to show her that some guys still believe in old fashioned values. First he would ask Maria to marry him. Then he would think about kids.

"What about this one?" a heavily perfumed lady with bleach blond hair asked from behind the jewelry counter.

John picked up the ring and held it in the light. He studied the sparkle in the diamond from every angle.

"This is the one." He replied to the saleswoman with a twinkle in his eye. His trademark smile and dimples making the woman blush as she returned a smile back. Based on the price tag of the ring, she knew the commission for this little jewel would be huge.

After his last meeting with Trish, Randy tried his damndest to give Trish some space. She was once again dealing with her own demons and was determined to take them on all on her own. If that meant disappearing from God's green earth for over a week, then that is what it meant. Word backstage was that Trish had decided to take a leave of absence. For how long, no one knew. But Vince wanted to keep his prized veteran diva happy. So whatever Trish wanted, she got. Randy on the other hand was having a hard time just letting her go. He knew Trish was a strong woman, but no one could overcome some of the crap she had to overcome simply by hiding away and becoming a hermit.

"You're late. Again." A smug tone called to Randy as soon as he entered the locker room to get ready.

Without even a second's hesitation Randy turned to the well-dressed man and laid him out on the floor with one punch to the jaw. Those who witnessed couldn't believe what they saw, Randy just knocked Shane McMahon on his ass.

"Why you son of a….." Shane said as he got to his feet while rubbing his jaw, as quickly as possible trying to save face. But before any further damage could occur, Paul Levesque, otherwise known as Triple H, interfered.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa". Everyone just settle down here. He pointed to both Randy and Shane, holding Shane back with his hand against his chest.

Shane straightened his jacket and tie. Then ran a hand through his hair as he tried to compose himself. He gave Randy one last hard stare and then turned to leave.

Randy simply smirked at the man and his bravado. If Randy had it his way, he would have killed the little bastard with his bare hands.

"You want to tell me what the hell is going on with you Orton?" Paul asked. His aged face and the lines in his forehead offering up a very serious tone to the question.

"Just got a little carried away I guess." Randy shrugged innocently.

Paul paced back and forth. Since taking on a bigger role backstage he was constantly at odds with having to protect his friends and having to be the businessman Vince expected him to be. Regardless of who he was married to, Paul was still one of the boys through and through, and regarded as such by many.

"Listen Orton, I hate to do this but Vince and I have decided that maybe you need to get your head together, take a break."

Randy smirked to himself and shook his head slightly. He was enjoying the political balancing act bullshit that Paul was delivering him. This was Vince's decision and Vince alone. Paul playing the boss's messenger couldn't hide that fact.

"I don't need a break. I'm fine." Randy retorted.

Paul was now starting to lose his patience. Randy had come a long way in maturing as a person, but there was one thing he seemed to hang on to, and that was testing authority.

"This is the third time you have shown up late. You just knocked out one of our executives, and more importantly you are putting other performers at risk in the ring. Now get your stuff and take some time off. Someone will contact you in the next few days to let you know when you are needed again."

Upon hearing Paul's request, Randy decided it wasn't worth fighting any more. He would take his days off and come back stronger than ever.

"Okay boss. You win." Randy replied and then turned to leave without another word.

As Randy made his way down the hallway, he tried for the twentieth time in the last few days to call Trish. Still no answer. Nothing. He wondered if indeed he would actually be able to "get his head together" if he didn't hear from her soon. God how he loved that woman. No matter how broken she was, he loved her.

Suddenly, as Randy walked past several small offices, he saw one with a makeshift tag that read 'Shane McMahon'. Dirt sheets, fans, peers and almost anyone who knew Randy Orton knew him to be a loose cannon, and although he had stayed out of trouble for several years now, he was due for another episode. Hitting Shane in the face a few moments earlier was only the beginning. He wanted answers and he wanted to send a message to Shane he would not soon forget.

Knock, knock, knock. Randy tapped on the door waiting to see if anyone would answer.

"I'll be with you in a second." The voice of the man he knew well replied.

But Randy was not about to wait. So instead he used both his fists and pushed the door in, breaking the lock in the process. Upon entering he heard a woman's startled scream. More like a piercing shrill if Randy could describe it.

"What the…" Shane got up from the couch leaving the woman who was beneath him there naked a desperately searching for her clothes.

Randy's stare was cold and his fists were clenched at his sides.

"Eve, nice seeing you here. Don't you have a match for the Women's title in like twenty minutes?" Randy asked knowing exactly what he had just interrupted and now understanding fully why Eve was even in a Woman's title match.

Shane turned to Eve as she gathered her clothes. He himself trying to adjust himself and the arousal he was feeling only seconds before. Randy had definitely crossed the line and Shane was determined to make sure his father would fire his ass before the nights end.

Randy held the door open as Eve hustled out of it. Shane followed close behind in a huff, but Randy stepped in front of him before he could leave.

Realizing that Orton had a few words, Shane collected himself with a crooked smirk on his lips.

"Alright Orton, I don't know what you are trying to pull, but I have work to do. If you don't move, I will call security and have your ass thrown out of this building."

Now it was Randy's turn to smirk. Randy moved alright, but not in the way Shane had hoped. Instead, he moved slowly and methodically closer to Shane so that his nose was practically touching the Boy Wonder's arrogant face.

Randy widened his smile and cricked his neck from side to side.

"Now listen Shane, and I am going to tell you this once. Stay the fuck away from Trish. You've done enough damage to her, Maria and God knows who else. If I hear you even speak her name I'll rip off your balls and shove them up your ass. Understand."

Shane stood there almost stupefied. He knew that Randy would make good on his threat and wasn't about to poke an already angry bear. His goal was to get out of there, run to his daddy and get rid of Orton for good.

After a tense moment, Shane backed away with his hands up and palms forward. The smile coming back to his face as he tried to ease back into is regular confidence.

"Hey, no problems here. I'd prefer it that way." Shane conceded. "Tell, um, you know who, to stay away from me and I'll stay away from her."

Randy stared hard at Shane wanting so bad to hurt him even more, but thinking better of it. Instead, he turned to walk away. With Shane out of the picture, he hoped he was doing Trish a favor. Now if he could only talk to her.

As soon as Randy left and shut the door behind him, Shane took a big sigh of relief. Sweat had formed on his forehead and his jaw was still reeling from earlier. He wanted no piece of Orton, but he would make it his personal mission to convince his dad, and everyone else backstage that Randy needed to be released from his contract and soon.

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