A/N: Doctor Otto is a character created by the late, great Jim Varney. Enjoy.

The year was 3050. The Satellite Of Love drifts lifelessly through space. Inside the ship, it's dusty and barren. The robots, Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow were frozen in ice chambers.

Somewhere in an unknown part of the SOL, was another ice chamber, containing an eighteen year old boy dressed in a dark green jump suit. His name was Logan Ridenbaugh, and he was one of the first crew members to go up in the SOL's launch.

Meanwhile, in his lab on Earth, an evil being known as Dr. Otto Von Schnickickits watches the SOL, with a look of discontent. He was dressed in a large dark cloak and cape, with a large silver collar around his neck. The strangest thing about him was that a hand was growing out of the top of his head. The fingers twitched around in his black hair. "Alright SAMUEL, wake up my new little guinea pig." he said, in an eerie voice.

"Your the boss, ya freak," a voice on the income system said.

A few beeps were heard on the chamber and a flashing was seen over the sign that read 'THAW'. The chamber opened up and smoke poured out.

Logan sat up, stretched and yawned. "Woo, its cold!" he said, holding himself to keep warm.

"Careful dude, don't move around too fast." the voice said. "Your brain might still be partial frozen. We lost three others that way."

Logan looked around, franticly. "Who said that? Joel Robinson?"

"Actually, he survived." the voice said. "I'm talking about the others we besides him and you."

Logan raised an eyebrow. "Survived?" He then shook off the thought. "Who are you? Why can't I see you?"

"That's because I'm just a computer program." he said. "I'm the Super Automated Movie Usher and Entertainment Liaison. SAMUEL for short. And-"

"Greetings, specimen!" Dr. Otto said as he suddenly appeared on a screen before Logan.

SAMUEL sighed. "That's Dr. Otto."

Logan jumped back in surprise and fell out of the chamber. "Whoa!" he cried. He then stood up and scratched his head in confusion. "Wait...Doctor Otto? Where's Doctor Forrester, or TV's Frank?"

"They're dead, that's what happened," Dr. Otto said. "I killed them."

"No, you didn't." SAMUEL said.

"Oh, there you go. Spoiling my fun again!"

Logan stared at Otto's head hand. "Uh... did you know you have a uh...is that a hand sticking out of your head?"

"Do you like it?" Dr. Otto asked. As he did the fingers started to twitch and move. "I just filed my nails this morning."

"I don't." SAMUEL said.

Logan shuddered. "Look I need to contact Gizmonic Institute so I know what's goin' on, k?"

"Oh, Gizmonic no longer exists." Dr. Otto said. "You gonna be part of my research now."

"What research? Joel is supposed to be doin' the research, where is he?"

"Well," said SAMUEL. "He escaped a while back. Then he was replaced by Mike Nelson. Then Forrester died and his mother, Pearl took over. Then Mike escaped after watching one of the movies and the SOL has been inactive since."

"Now you are going to do is watch a few movies for me," said Otto. "Doesn't that sound awful?" Suddenly, Doctor Otto disappeared from the screen.

"I don't have time for this," Logan said sternly. "How long have I been frozen?"

"I don't know, about fifty years or something like that." SAMUEL said.


"Yeah, that sounds about right. But hey, don't worry. You got me."

"So, Gizmonic Institute is gone, along with Forrester? Well…he was a jerk."

"Yeah, I remember reading his files. They're mostly covered with doodles of butterflies with automatic weapons."

"That's Forrester for ya. A real goof ball. Now I have to deal with this nut case!"

"You think that's bad, try being programmed by him. He touched me in areas that I'm ashamed to talk about! Ugh!"

Logan checked around the ship, looking through drawers, closets, computers and came to a conclusion. "Hey, why are most of the parts on this ship missing?"

"They went into those guys." SAMUEL said as a light pointed to four other chambers containing three small robots and one large one.

"Robots? The parts that turn off the movies were ripped out just to make these guys? What was Joel thinking?"

"I don't think he was." SAMUEL said.

Logan sighed. "Well at least I wont be lonely. SAMUEL, activate the thawing process."

"You got it."

The thawing sequence could be heard over the four other chambers. The chambers opened up and out popped four little robots.


In the not too distant future
somewhere in space up above
Logan Ridenbaugh was there, frozen
in the Satellite Of Love
Then suddenly he was thawed out
and was amazed at what he'd seen
Now he has to put up with Doctor Otto
and put a stop to his mind numbination scheme

Doctor Otto: Wahahahahahaha!
I'll send him cheesy movies,
The worst I can find (la-la-la).
He'll have to sit and watch them all,
And I'll monitor his mind (la-la-la).

Chorus: Now keep in mind Logan can't control
Where the movies begin or end (la-la-la)
He'll try to keep his sanity
With the help of his robot friends.

Robot Roll Call:

Cambot! (Action!)
Gypsy! (Oh, my stars!)
Tom Servo! (Whoo it's cold!)
Croooow! (I'm free!)

If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
and other science facts (la-la-la),
Just repeat to yourself, "It's just a show,
I should really just relax..."
for Mystery Science Theater 3000!