"Okay, so let me introduce you to the gang," said SAMUEL. "We have Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow."

"Okay." said Logan. He then approached the bots "Greetings."

"Hey, how's it going?" Gypsy asked.

"You touched me in bad place." Tom said, jokingly.

"You don't have one of those places."

"I bet you're wondering why Mike isn't here." said Logan. "Well he escaped... fifty years ago."

"Yeah, we remember." Crow said.

"Ernest Borgnine is enough to make anyone flee in terror." Tom said.

"Wait, did you say fifty years!?" asked Crow, in a panicked voice.

"Yup," Logan replied. "But don't worry. I'm Logan, I'll be the new officer of the SOL."

"Well Logan, there's one thing you should know." Gypsy said. "Don't touch Tom Servo's underpants collection."

"I have everything from boxers to fig leaves in there in chronological order." Tom said in all seriousness

"Where's all the gum?" Logan said looking at servo's head.

"Crow ate it all." Tom said.

"And swallowed." Crow said. "I messed myself up internally, but I was the one who won the twenty dollars."

Logan lowered his eyebrows. "Very funny. Listen guys, here's what's happened. I was thawed out, it's been fifty years, so Mike and Joel are either dead or old, Pearl is gone, and now we have to deal with this weirdo named Doctor Otto."

"Who's that?" Crow asked.

"GREETINGS AGAIN!" Dr. Otto shouted on the screen. "Sorry I left, my mutant ferrets needed to be walked. They mauled an old lady. HA!"

"That's Otto." said Logan, looking embarrassed.

"Wow, what a freak!" Crow said.

"Yeah, and his head looks like someone is feeling him up," said Tom.

"Now enough Philosophy, let the experiment begin!" Dr. Otto pulled out a movie reel and held it up. "The piece of cinematic trash I hold here is known for being so bad, it's good."

"Wait, wait, slow down," interrupted Logan. "I just got thawed out here!"

"Aww, too bad!" Dr. Otto said. "You'll watch it NOW!"

Logan raised a brow and crossed his arms. "And what if I refuse?"

"That's it! Ferret time!" Dr. Otto yelled. He slammed down on a large red button and suddenly, a dozen little brown mutant ferrets appeared and started to bite everyone.

The robots screamed as the flayed around and cried out in pain. "Do something!" shouted Tom. "Before they get into my underpants collection, those moldy old boxers will be valuable someday!"

Logan stood up on the table. "Back, back!" he cried as he swatted a shoe at the mutant rodents. "Call off your ferrets!"

"Not until you agree to watch my movie and suffer!" Dr. Otto.

"Just do what he says," SAMUEL said.

"Okay, okay!" Logan shouted. Soon, the ferrets stopped biting them and dissapeared.

"Man," said Crow. "What a Dick Weed!"

Logan sighed. "Watching movies sounds fun anyway."

"Fun?" asked Dr. Otto. "Fun? Oh no, my little guinea pigs. This movie is an old science fiction movie from 1990, and it stinks like yesterday's dirty diapers!"

"What? Why show me a bad movie?"

"He thinks if you watch enough of them you'll go mad." Crow said. "That's what Forrester tried to do to Joel, and what Pearl tried to do to Mike."

"And then, I'll show them to an unsuspecting public," said Otto, looking rather evil. "And when they're all drained of their sanity, I'LL RULE THE WORLD!" WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Yeah, you see why I don't want to work with this guy." SAMUEL said. "Okay, he might come back with those ferrets so you better get you butts into that theater."

"Okay, okay," Logan said. "Bossy."

"Now with that being said, maybe we should get you ready." SAMUEL said. "What he chose to start you off with is something called Troll 2, and let me tell you, it is just awful."

Logan smirked. "Can't be that bad."

"Oh, but it is," said Otto. "It made many of my old minions go mad and foam at the mouth. It was very fun to watch them do so. Now...enjoy."

A red flashing light filled the room with a blazing siren. "Oh, we got movie sign!" Crow yelled.

"Hey wait up!" cried Logan as he chased after Tom and Crow.

Soon, they arrived in the theater. The screen was still black and the seats were covered in cobwebs. "Hey, why isn't the movie on?" asked Logan. "And... Eww! This place is filthy."

"Hang on, hang on," SAMUEL said. "Hey Cambot! Get you nonexistent ass in here so we can start. Sorry about the seats."

"Fifty years sure do a lot of things to places." Suddenly a light shoots down and SAMUEL appeared as a hologram of an old fashioned movie usher. "Whoa!"

"Hey what's up." SAMUEL said. "So anyway, I programmed this hologram form for myself."

Logan raised an eyebrow. "An old fashioned movie usher?"

"Yeah, I am in charge of this theater, so why not?"

"Hey, it's new to me too." Tom said.

"Wait, I thought Cambot was in charge." Crow said.

"Oh, I work with him now." SAMUEL replied

"Isn't gypsy watching with us?" asked Logan.

"She never watches these movies." Crow said. "Yeah, I think she's too smart for it."

Logan brushed the dust of his seat and sits down. "I think I'll regret doin' this."

"You talk about it as if you had a choice." SAMUEL said with a grin. "Enjoy."

Then, Cambot flew up to the projector's booth, and began to roll the film, Troll 2.