Thirty more minutes later, the movie had finally come to an end. Tom and crow were at the table, eating a pile of green goop that had a fake Logan head sticking out when Gypsy came in.

"Oh No!" gasped Gypsy in horror at the sight of her co-workers eating her new captain. "You're eating Logan…then your going to eat me, too! OH MY GOD!"

"What?" Crow asked, looking up from the goop at Gypsy. "No we're not!"

Just then, Logan walked into the room. Gypsy sighed in relief. "Hey guys, what's goin' on?" Logan asked. He then spotted the replica of his head that was on top of the green goop on a plate. "Oh ho!" he said, smiling. "What's this?"

Tom looked up from his eating and said, "This is just a pile of lime gelatin with a head based off yours, made out of butterscotch."

Logan's eyes widened in amazement. "Ooh, looks good." He then put his finger in to the gelatin and tasted it. "Tastes good, too. Who made this?"

"I did," answered Crow, eagerly. "But we didn't have any mix, so I improvised."

"With what?"

"Some of that green stuff that drips out of the reactor, downstairs."

Logan stopped chewing at the mention of this. He paused for a few seconds before he finally said, "Meh…" and kept on eating the gelatin.

Just then, the lights on the communicator began to flash. "Hey, we're getting a call from Dr. Otto," said Tom.

"I'll patch it through," said Logan as he pushed a button and turned on the viewing screen.

Immediately, Dr, Otto's eerie face appeared on screen, with an evil toothy smile. "Greetings fools!" he said in a slimy voice. "Did it work? Did that mindless, plot hole filled dribble of a movie break your soul?"

" Nope," Logan answered.

Otto shifted his eyes around in confusion. "What?"

"Don't get me wrong, Doc, it was bad, really, really bad, but I did get a few chuckles out of some scenes. I mean, a kid making out with a girl and popcorn popping around them, Nilbog backwards for Goblin, and don't forget "Oh my God!", hilarious! In fact, I don't know why Joel and Mike left you guys, this is a great gig you got up here!"

Otto sneered at the boy that was practically laughing at him. "Well then, I guess I'll have to pull out all the stops! Things will only get worse from here on out.

" Oh don't worry, I'm ready for ya, and I'm not alone! I got my friends here with me. The Bots, and S.A.M."

"That's right!" S.A.M answered as his holographic movie usher form appeared nextto Logan.

"Yeah!" agreed the three robots.

Logan turned to the robots. "I promise I'll be as good a commanding officer, just as either Joel or Mike ever were." Logan then opened up his arms. "Group hug?"

"Yeah, sure," said Tom. "Come here!"

The three bots and Logan soon joined in for a group hug and smiled as they all said, "Aww…"

S.A.M sighed and said, "I'd join in, but I don't have a body."

Otto then growled in anger at the sweet loving scene he was seeing. "Fine!" he shouted. "Be that way! With your hugging….and…your love…and…Mommy?" Dr. Otto then disappeared from the monitor screen with a whimper.

" So…what now?" asked Logan.

"Well," said Crow. "We do have all this lime Jell-o left."

Suddenly, Tom shouted, "FOOD FIGHT!" picked up a glob of Jell-o and hurled it at Logan's face.

Soon, all the bots and Logan were all tossing Jell-o at each other in a humongous food fight.

S.A.M. tried to pick some up, but his hands went right through it. "Damn…" he said to himself.