Hello everyone, I know it's been a while, and I'm sorry but I'm a very busy guy, and so is my brother, and I apologize that can't get these chapters out as fast as I want them too but hey that's life and school for you. To make up for it, this whole chapter is one big lemon, and possibly the next one, I don't know I'm still thinking about it. Also, just to clear some things, I will fix the earlier chapters once I'm done with this story. So thank you for your time.

Warning Lemon

Anko slowly woke up from the sunlight piercing through the window when she felt a comfortable weight on top of her. She looked down to see Naruto between her well endowed breasts with the girls surrounding her while snuggling up to her.

Naruto started to nuzzle against her breast causing Anko to blush while trying to suppress her moans due to the pleasurable sensation she was feeling caused by her mate when Naruto suddenly kissed one of her breast she let out a small moan escape from her lips. Naruto's fox ears started to twitch at the sound of his mate's pleasurable moan. Naruto slowly woke up to see Anko's blushing face, "Morning Dango-hime, you're looking beautiful."

"Morning darling, comfy?" asked Anko gently scratching one of Naruto's fox ears.

Naruto was confused at her question when he gently lifted himself up realizing that he was on top of Anko who was only wearing her fishnet shirt that was completely transparent giving him a good view of Anko's sexy upper body, and her mini-skirt slightly lifted revealing her black panties. Her ears were down with glassy eyes while supporting a light blush giving her a cute expression on her face with her tails wrapped around Naruto's waist. Naruto realizing that he was sleeping on top of Anko and thought that she was angry at him, "Anko-hime I'm sorry! I didn't mean-"

Anko interrupted Naruto's rant by gently placing her finger on his lips and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him back between her breasts, "I'm not angry at you, quite the opposite, I'm happy. Besides I was just asking to see if you were comfy", said Anko smiling.

"Would you be mad at me if I said 'yes'?"

"Not really, I'd probably encourage you to do it more often", said Anko rubbing her breast against Naruto's face making him purr in content. Naruto started to gently kiss Anko's right breast while rubbing her left breast. Anko moaned at the pleasurable sensation her mate was giving her when she felt Naruto's hard boner rubbing against her crotch, Ah! "My, is that a hidden weapon, or you that happy to see me?"

"It's because of you and your erotic moaning", said Naruto rubbing Anko's breast, "So soft", said Naruto sucking on one of Anko's nipples through her fishnet shirt making Anko moan even louder.

"Someone's enjoying themselves", said Kurenai pressing her breast against the back of Naruto's head "Is this how you plan to wake us up from now on Naruto-kun?"

"Only if you want me to", said Naruto purring with Kurenai rubbing her breast against him. Naruto saw that Kurenai was wearing a fishnet shirt similar to Anko's that showed off her upper body, and a red thong, "My, Kurenai-hime, I didn't know you had such daring clothes."

"I thought you might like it", purred Kurenai as she continued to rub her breast against Naruto's head, "But you know what might feel better?", said Kurenai with a mischievous smirk, "Is if we do this", Kurenai pressed against Naruto's back with his head being sandwiched between Anko's and Kurenai's breast with their nipples rubbing against each other making both women moan in pleasure.

"No fair, we want to join too", whined Hinata with Kira taking off her shirt and bra, "If it's pleasuring Foxy-kun, I'm always ready", said an enthusiastic Kira. Hinata followed Kira's example and took off her top and bra revealing her large bust, "Go ahead girls, show how much we love our beloved mate", said Anko as Kurenai lifted herself off of Anko and Naruto with Hinata and Kira sandwiching Naruto's head between their breasts making Naruto purr in content.

Naruto then started sucking on Kira's breast making Kira moan in pleasure, Ah! "Foxy-kun, please, suck harder! More! I want to feel more!" AH!

Naruto complied with his mates request making Kira throw her head back in pleasure. Hinata lay back on the bed where Anko was laying with Naruto between her breasts and Kira on top of Naruto as he continued to suck on her breast. Kurenai and Anko pulled down Naruto's pants revealing his boxers with a tent sticking up making Anko drool in anticipation.

"See something you like?" asked Kurenai taking Naruto's boxers off revealing his hard cock.

"Yes I do", said Anko taking off her fishnet shirt with Kurenai doing the same.

"Trust me, if feels better once you ride him", said Kurenai stroking Naruto's cock while taking a few licks to the head.

"Can't wait", said Anko licking Naruto's cock with Kurenai as they kissed each other passionately with Naruto's cock between their lips. Kurenai let Anko take Naruto's member into her mouth enjoying her mate's flavor while she decided to lick Naruto's shaft whenever Anko raised herself. 'So delicious, so big, I want more! I want to taste his cum!' thought Anko increasing her pace making Naruto thrust upwards into Anko's mouth.

'Damn! Kurenai-hime's and Anko-hime's tongue feels so good! I can't hold on! I'm-' AH!

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted as he thrust upwards deep into Anko's mouth releasing his cum inside her mouth. Anko tried to swallow as much as possible, but let go of his cock as Naruto's cum splashed onto her face and breasts, "So much, so thick", moaned Anko in a dream-like state while gathering some cum from her breast and licking it from her fingers.

"Hey now, don't be greedy and share with your harem sisters", said Kurenai kissing Anko while getting some cum from Anko's mouth. Hinata and Kira let go of Naruto's head and helped clean Anko's breast making Anko moan in Kurenai's kiss.

Naruto watch his mates have an erotic moment making him hard again that didn't go unnoticed by Anko who was gently stroking his cock. Kurenai and Anko broke the kiss when Hinata spontaneously kissed Anko as well making both girls moan, "I think the more appropriate term would be 'harem lovers'", said Kira kissing Anko after Hinata's turn.

"Anko-chan, since you haven't mated with Naruto-kun yet, we'll go and take a shower, and leave the two of you alone for a while. But after that, you have to share, deal?" asked Kira with Hinata and Kurenai nodding in agreement since they've already mated with Naruto once, while Anko didn't get her chance due to the Chunin Exam's Second Test starting right after she was marked. Kurenai, Kira, and Hinata went to the bathroom before Anko could respond leaving Naruto and Anko alone while looking at the bathroom door.

"It looks like we get to spend some quality time together Dango-hime", said Naruto grabbing Anko from behind and rubbing her large breast, "You look really beautiful."

"No I don't, I probably look like a mess", moaned Anko while blushing at his complement.

"That's not true, you always look beautiful", said Naruto kissing Anko passionately, "And your lips taste so sweet, it's addicting."

Moan "Darling, you're being mean, saying embarrassing stuff like that while rubbing my breasts", said Anko with a cute pout on her lips.

Chuckle "Sorry, I can't help it if it's true, they're just so soft and wonderful", said Naruto gently pinching Anko's nipples making Anko moan louder, "Oh, could your wonderful breasts be my hime's weak spot?"

"More please keep rubbing them", moaned Anko as Naruto's hands roamed over her body trying to remember every curve, "To think that I'm engaged to one of the most beautiful woman in the village, and is quite the temptress."

"Then I'll seduce you every night until I tempt you to make love to me", said Anko rubbing Naruto's whiskered cheek, "Or you could just ask me", purred Naruto.

"Where's the fun in that?" said Anko in a seductive tone while Naruto kissed her passionately as he laid her down. Anko broke the kiss taking Naruto's shirt off making him completely nude. He rubbed both of Anko's breast making her moan in pleasure again as he sucked on her nipple while rubbing her other breast with his free hand traveled down her tone stomach and up her skirt rubbing her moist pussy hidden behind her black panties increasing Anko's moans.

"Your panties are soaked Anko-hime. Did you get like this while I rubbed your breast?"

"D-Darling, it's-Ah!-It's e-embarrassing! AH! It feels s-so good", moaned Anko when Naruto suddenly stopped making Anko moan in disappointment. Naruto grabbed Anko's skirt and panties pulling them down Anko's long legs. Once Naruto pulled them off, he started kissing Anko's feet, and up her legs until he stopped and gently parted Anko's legs revealing her moist pussy. Anko was blushing at the feeling of Naruto's breath against her moist folds.

Naruto slowly started licking making Anko moan arching her back at the sudden feeling of Naruto's tongue. Naruto kept licking Anko's moist folds being encouraged by Anko's moans, Ah "Darling, please don't stop! Don't stop! More! More!" AHH!

Anko grabbed Naruto's head trying to make him lick deeper into her folds. Anko could feel she was close to reaching her orgasm when Naruto suddenly started playing around with her clit. Anko's moans increased in volume as she arched her back again with Naruto taking advantage and massaged her firm butt. Anko's leg started to spasm signaling that she was close when Naruto gently bit on Anko's clit making her scream in pleasure just as she came in Naruto's waiting mouth.

'Anko-hime taste sweet like Dango', thought Naruto enjoying his mate's taste, 'I was right, she is addicting.'

Naruto finished scooping up all of Anko's cum as he kissed her pussy one final time before he lifted himself up and went over to kiss Anko. Anko's and Naruto's tongue twirled with Anko tasting her own cum inside Naruto's mouth. Naruto broke the kiss with Anko having a glazed look in her eyes, "Ready for the main event Anko-hime?"

Anko nodded her head as Naruto placed one of Anko's legs over his shoulder as he positioned himself at Anko's entrance. Anko moaned at the sudden feeling of Naruto slowly entering her as he continued to stretch her until he realize that he felt something missing as he looked at Anko, who had a worried look on her face, "I guess you were bound to find out. I once dated this guy who I thought he really liked me and I ended up giving him my virginity. It turns out that all he wanted to do was have sex with me. The next day he was boasting about how he 'tamed the snake woman'. I felt so ashamed and disgusted with myself that I…I- I'm sorry-" Mmph

Anko was cut off by Naruto kissing her as he rubbed her breasts. Anko moaned into the kiss just as Naruto's tongue invaded her mouth with Anko deepening the kiss as their tongues danced and twirled around each other. This continued for several minutes with Naruto doing gentle thrusts making Anko moan when Naruto broke the kiss, "Do you really think that I would care if you were a virgin or not Anko-hime? I love you just the way you are, virgin or not. Besides it feels really good being inside you, so tight", moaned Naruto burying himself deep inside Anko making her gasp at the sudden feeling, "Well, you're definitely bigger than he was, and more gentle."

"Ever since I rescued you the first time I saw just how much a wonderful person you've become, and I always hoped that I would meet someone like you. To think I would end up with the very person I admired for so long", said Anko when suddenly gasped when Naruto's cock touched her in a sensitive spot causing Naruto to suddenly stop thinking he hurt his hime.

"Sorry, I'm not use to having sex, and the only experience I have wasn't the most pleasant either", said Anko with Naruto thrusting into her while Anko moaned at the pleasurable sensation, "It's alright, we'll take it slow", said Naruto as both lovers shared another intimate kiss.

'It's starting to feel so good!' thought Anko as Naruto slowly increasing his speed. Anko started moaning louder encouraging Naruto to thrust faster as he bent down to kiss Anko to muffle her moaning. Anko was lost at the pleasure coursing through her with her mate passionately kissing her, 'I never knew making love could feel so wonderful! It's like my whole body has become so sensitive! Even Naruto-koi's tongue feels so good!' AHH! "Darling, right there, keep thrusting at that same spot! Ah! AH! More! I want to feel that thick cock inside me! AH! I want you to fill my pussy up with your thick cum! Pound me until I can't walk right!"

"My, my someone likes to talk a little dirty", said Naruto in a sultry voice halting his movements making Anko grind into him trying to feel the pleasurable sensation again, "Darling, please keep going! Don't tease me! I'm sorry, I won't talk dirty anymore!"

"It's not that hime, I like it", said Naruto smiling, "I just want to know what position you prefer?"

"W-What?" blushed Anko.

"Missionary position is fun and all, but I also want to know what you like", said Naruto smiling.

"W-Well…um…can I be on top?"

Naruto instantly switched their position so Anko was on top straddling him while his hands roamed all over Anko's back stopping at Anko's butt, "So firm", purred Naruto as Anko slowly lifted herself up while moaning in content. Naruto gave Anko's butt a firm squeeze just as Anko increased her speed making her moan louder than before.

Naruto's left hand then traveled up from Anko's firm butt and started to trace the underside of one of her tails sending pleasurable shivers along Anko's spine increasing her speed once again as she rode Naruto. Naruto groaned in pleasure thrusting upwards matching Anko's speed making Anko ride him harder than before, Groan "That's it hime! More! More! As hard as you want!"

"D-Darling I'm…I'm…I'm cum-" AHH

Anko screamed in pleasure as she came coating Naruto's cock in her pussy juice. Naruto lifted himself up hugging Anko thrusting into her with all his might prolonging Anko's orgasm. After several strokes Naruto couldn't hold on much longer, "H-Hime…I…I can't hold on much longer!"

"Inside me! Cum inside me!"

"Hime! Hime! HIME!"


Naruto and Anko panted heavily both lovers held onto each other as Naruto came inside Anko mixing their love juice with both lovers basking in the afterglow of their activity, "So much cum is inside me. It feels so good", purred Anko shivering in pleasure.

"Are you okay Dango-hime? You're shaking like a leaf", asked a worried Naruto.

"Don't worry darling, it's just that I've never came that hard before. Not even that bastard made me feel this good" AHH, panted Anko as another pleasurable jolt went up her spine when Naruto gently stroke one of tails again causing her to have another orgasm.

Groan "You really squeezing me hard Dango-hime, almost like you're trying to milk me dry."

"Is that bad? After all, you're still hard as a rock" said Anko grinding herself against Naruto's cock causing Naruto to cum inside Anko again, Groan "Sorry looks like I'm also a little sensitive."

"It's alright, I love the feeling of you being inside me", purred Anko as they both kissed with Naruto laying Anko down.

End Lemon


Both lovers broke their kiss to see Kurenai, Hinata, and Kira staring at them while blushing at the scene, "I told you he felt wonderful after you rode him", said Kurenai.

"We couldn't take a shower after hearing Anko-chan's erotic moaning. We wanted to join in too", said Kira.

Anko and Naruto just stared at each other laughing lightly at what Kira just said, "What do you say darling, shall we take a 'bath' together?" asked Anko in a sultry voice.

"Sure, if this is what we're going to do every day, I can't wait for our honeymoon."

"Neither can we Naruto-kun", said Hinata.