Yin and Yang

(i'll warn you all now, i'm using parts of the manga for the script here, and if it sounds bad, it's because i'm new to Naruto fic's as i've stated before. this story begins where Sasuke is creating his own group to go after Itachi, and where Naruto and Sakura are being breifed by Tsunande about Sasuke's actions. i Do hope it's alright... ;)

Naruto woke up feeling worse than he ever had. He sat up, cursing the dead Akatsuki members in his head. The Rasen Shuriken wore him out so easily still.

"Damn..." He muttered as he got up. He moved to the bathroom to wash his face, reluctantly thankfull for the break Tsunade had given the two teams.

As he splashed cold water on his face, he couldn't help but wonder what Sasuke was doing now. Naruto smiled as he dried his face with the rough towel hanging near by. It was kind of ironic that the three old-friends had been trained by one of the Three Ninja's each.

Naruto then moved to the kitchen for his 'breakfast', when someone started knocking on his door. to his surprise, Sakura was standing there, looking a mite flustered.

"What'cha here for so early, Sakura? We do have the day off, remember?"

"Umm, Naruto, it's afternoon already..." Sakura said, sighing at this helplessness. "Anyhow, get dressed, Tsunande want's to see us." She sat on the railing outside his door as Naruto closed it, pouting slightly at the answer to his unaksed question. It seemed he'd NEVER have a date with Sakura...

"So, all we need to do is find Uchiha Itachi, right?" Naruto asked. Tsunade nodded.

"Exactly, but once you find him, what will you do?"

"one platoon wont work, obviously." Kakashi said. Naruto looked over.


"Well, our only choice would be to capture Itachi, because if we kill him, Sasuke wont have a target anymore." Sakura explained. "But to do that, we need several platoons deployed at the same time. "

"Right. But one platoon with two teams would be all that was needed in reality. Three would make it to easy for two people to spot." Kakashi added. "Not to mention keeping intouch would be a bit difficult."

"You DO need a lot more technique to capture than to kill, and communication is vital in these situations, so you'll want teams who have been on missions together before." Jiraya said.

"Quite right." Kakashi smiled. "I agree entierly, that's why i've already come up with a team. Come on in, guys!"

Naruto looked around at the team Kakashi had gathered and Tsunade had aproved of. Yamato, Sakura, himself, Sai, Hinata, Shino, Kiba/ Akamaru, and Kakashi himself. It seemed all good and well for him, He'd never been with Hinata before, but he was sure that it'd be fine.

In no time, they were all gathered on a roof top, covered in white cloaks.

"Right, we'll start our search using a 5 kilometer radius, with this roof as the center. If we don't get anything, we'll just relocate, and repeate, until we find a clue." Kakashi said. Sakura imeadietly freaked out.

"5KILOMETERS? But our equipment wont work if we spilt up that far! AND there would be more danger to us if we're alone! what if something happens to one of us? We should go in groups of two at the least..."

"Sakura.. Chill cout, relax." Yamato said, smiling. A moment later, Kakashi had summoned his dogs, eight in all.

"No need to worry." Pakkun said. "Your voices will reach our ears just as fast as any wireless connection. Not to mention we can sniff out danger well in advance to back the closest person up." Sakura stood, lost for words, while Naruto smiled.

"Hey, Pakkun!"

"Al right!" Kakashi stood, raising his voice slightly. "Here's how the patrols will work. Each person will have two ninja hounds with them as body guards."

"Eh? Two? But why..." Sakura muttered.

"Be nice, okay?" Kakashi smiled. Two dogs came up to Sakura, one wagging his tail.

"I'll go with Sakura!" He declaired. his partner huffed as Sakura looked at them in surprise. Two more went up to Shino, one declairing he'd go with him, the other seeming to think it over. Sai looked a this two new partners, calculating what he should do.

"Hello." He said, and was met with a growl.

"Hey wait, what about me?" Naruto asked, noting that six dogs were now gone.

" Since your jinchuuriki, they'll be after you. If the Akatsuki attack you first, you'll go with Yamato for back-up, and Hinata because of her scouting abilities. Bull will come along as well, since he's loud." Bull let out a gruff bark, and Hinata blushed.

"L-let's do our best, okay Naruto?"

"Right!" Naruto grinned.

"To finsih," Kakashi said, "Since Kiba has Akamaru, i'll take one as well." He said, looking at Pakkun on his shoulder.

"So we're all set?" Kiba asked, Akamaru panting at his side.

"Right, remember, trailing Sasuke's sent is priority. The Akatsuki come second. It doesnt' matter whitch target you find, the mission is to determine their location and report back here." Kakashi said.

"Right!" and they were off in tiny blurs.

In the meantime, both the Akatsuki and the Hebi were on the move.