Perverted Naruto VII – Pervert Begins

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Sometime shortly before the Fourth Great Ninja World War - Ino can't believe it.

Ino was waiting in the Hokage's office. The reason for this? Ino was going on a mission and she was currently waiting for her partner in said mission. That in itself wasn't particularly strange, she went on missions all the time. What was slightly strange was it was only a two-person mission. Even that though wasn't enough for her to class it as strange. What was strange was it was a two-person team being sent on a borderline S rank mission.

That in itself was super out of ordinary, A and S rank missions were normally taken by full squads due to their difficulty and the chance for loss of life. Add to the fact she was pretty certain she was far from ready for S-rank missions. She could handle A-rank missions in a team but she wasn't going to kid herself into thinking she could handle them alone if her teammate was injured or dead.

The last strange thing about the mission was she was going to be teamed up with one Naruto Uzumaki. This was strange because apparently, he was planning on taking the mission himself. The reason she had been assigned to go with him was apparently his interrogation skills were not great when dealing with people of the male gender.

'How would his interrogation only work on women? Torture is torture. If you're brutal enough for one gender you are brutal enough for the other.' Ino pondered.

Then again, she wasn't a torture expert either. Being a Yamanaka had its benefits. Jump inside someone's head, strip away their defences and feast upon the information.

Ino's dad most likely would have been shocked and proud if he had known just how talented his daughter was at the mind arts. Penetrating someone's mind was in fact not an easy thing. Alas, Inoichi did not know this because every time he would start training his daughter he would get images of things she wanted to do to the Uchiha boy. He wen then break down sobbing about no boy ever touching his little princess.

Ino herself had never actually had all that much to do with Naruto. He had kind of just sprung up out of nowhere, arriving just in time to be sorted into a genin team, without even taking the exam. She knew he was fairly handsome, gorgeous if she would ever admit it to herself, but seriously lacking the bad boy menace of Sasuke. He was so happy and outgoing. How would she ever be the one to sooth the soul of such a man?

She had interacted with him in a group setting numerous times since then, but never really ever had to deal with him alone. She did find him to be a bit of a puzzle though. Whenever he was around his fellow teammates always seemed to act strange... well stranger than normal. Sakura seemed to cling even tighter to Sasuke and yet, her heart didn't seem to be truly in it.

Sasuke himself tried to pretend he was his usual dark broody self, but the subtle glances at Naruto and the confused look in his eyes gave away that he wasn't. Ino had wished she could get inside Sasuke's head in these moments to figure out what was going on. It's mostly a good thing she never did. Sasuke's thoughts in Naruto would have mentally scarred her for life.

Before she could get to know him more personally he had been whipped off by Jiraiya-sama again on a training trip to help him prepare for people that were after him. Sakura had mentioned it had been inferred to her that he may have had some kind of bloodline people were after.

Upon his return, things had gotten crazy. Missions had seemed to ramp up for all of Konoha's ninja and it seemed Team 7 were always getting sent on important missions. From saving and returning the Kazekage to Suna, to capturing a spy working in Orochimaru's organisation.

With all of this going on she still had no time to really get to know Naruto, so once she had found out she was going on a mission with him as his partner she had gone to Sakura to ask a few questions about him and find out if there was anything she needed to know.

The conversation she had with Sakura about Naruto was... strange at best. It almost like a combination of warning her about him, praising him and then getting mad at him for some reason.

'Hey Sakura, I need some advice. I have a mission coming up with Naruto and I don't really know much about him. Is there anything I should be aware of? Any things I should avoid?'

Sakura seemed to be quiet for a few moments looking deep in thought.

'Be wary of him.' She stated.

Ino was silent for a few moments waiting for a follow-up to the statement. When none was forthcoming she started to get worried.

'Is there a chance he will hurt me?'

A giggle burst from Sakura's lips.

'Hurt you? Oh god no! Definitely won't hurt you...' She trailed off, starting to mumble slightly. 'You'd probably even like it.'

Ino had managed to make out what Sakura was saying mostly by reading her lips.

'What does she mean that I'll like it?' She thought to herself.

'Hey, Sakura! What do you mean?' She spoke loudly, jolting Sakura out of her own little world.

'Oh, don't worry about it. He's a great guy. Strong, handsome, dominating...' Sakura trailed off as a bit of drool started to leak out the corner or her mouth.

This shocked Ino. Sakura was still in love with Sasuke right? Why was she drooling over this Naruto?

'Sakura!' Ino yelled, once again breaking Sakura out of her dream world. When Sakura had snapped out of it Ino continued. 'You're still in love with Sasuke aren't you?'

This seemed to shock Sakura some before her eyes hardened.

'Of course I am!' She stated vehemently. 'Who would fall in love with Naruto that no good scoundrel! Even if he is...'

As Sakura started to ramble on, Ino had decided that she wasn't going to get much useful information out of her and had decided to leave her to her sudden and constant mood shifts between wistful sighing and full-blown fist-clenching anger.

As she thought back on her conversation with Sakura she came to the conclusion that Naruto was a playboy, Sakura was most likely in love with him or at least at war with her own feelings for him and Sasuke, and lastly, Sakura was pretty damn crazy.

The information she had gotten and put together though put her in a good mood. With the right nudges, she could have Sakura abandon Sasuke altogether and pursue Naruto leaving him all to herself. With some subtle convincing by herself during this mission she could get Naruto pursuing Sakura himself for the knockout blow.

She wasn't all that worried about Naruto though. She had handled playboys before and they all ended up the same way. Wrapped around her finger, doing what she wanted, but not actually getting anywhere. What was one more playboy for her to deal with?

Ino awoke from her sleep with a pleasant glow. The mission had gone perfectly. Naruto was hella strong and she had gotten the information they needed swiftly. They were now on their way back to Konoha and had just stayed at a local inn the night before the final leg home. She was about to get out of bed to start her morning when she felt something shift beside her.

Wide-eyed Ino slowly looked to her side to see a widely grinning Naruto looking at her. Her mind shut down as she tried to think of something to say.

'Whaaaat...?' Was the first word to tumble out her mouth.

'Noooo.' She said as she couldn't believe who was in bed with her at the moment.

Looking over at Naruto again she realised he had sat up and the sheet had fallen down, just covering his lap. His chest was bare and from what she could tell he was naked below the sheet.

'How the...?' She tried to get out but she was still in shock.

'Noooo.' This had never happened before. She was the one in control. Looking down at herself she saw that the sheet had fallen down for her as well. She was also naked like Naruto and with the sheet falling down was giving him a generous look at her assets. The look on his face seemed to tell her he was pleased with the view.

'Whaaaaat...?' She really couldn't believe it. There wasn't even any alcohol involved as they were still technically on the mission. He had somehow managed to talk her into sleeping with him.

'Noooo.' She still struggled to believe that she had been talked into it. She was the one normally wrapping people around her fingers. It's not that she hadn't enjoyed it, she had, immensely. She just struggled to believe he had talked her into it so easily.

Her musings were interrupted by Naruto when he started speaking, giving her a little fright as she had been so lost in thought.

'So, this morning view is great! It's inspired a kind of raging inferno in my heart!'

The smugness in his voice both give away what he meant by the view, she had never actually covered her chest. Glancing at the sheet covering him she could also tell what he meant by raging inferno.

Sighing to herself she realised she couldn't complain. Last night had been amazing and she wasn't going to let him take control of everything. She moved the sheet out of the way and straddled him before leaning in to whisper in his ear.

'Let's see if we can't... take care of your fire problem.'

Shortly after the Fourth Great Ninja War - Sasuke's fan girl dilemma.

Naruto watched Sasuke in amusement. Though maybe amusement didn't do it justice considering this was one of the funniest things he had ever seen. Sasuke was in her new form, that of the opposite gender, surrounded by six of her fangirls.

Sasuke was looking uncomfortable, which in itself was different to his normal interaction with his fangirls. He normally had a look of disinterest on his face so this new look amused Naruto greatly. He figured the reason was that once Sasuke announced that his female form wasn't a prank but a firm life choice, the fangirls would shred him to pieces. Or decide that was ok and still continue to pursue him.

Still, Naruto decided to help her out. She was cute as a button in this form and shagged like a machine when you got her worked up. No need to let the fangirls tear her up. If only he had a way to confirm which of the fangirls would go the violent route and which would go the sexy route. He could dig the sexy route.

Gathering everyone's attention to his presence with a loud cough Naruto decided it would be best if he explained it to them. A hands-on demonstration would be best, for him anyway.

'Ladies, please! Sasuke was always a man of few words. She is now a lady of few words. Perhaps a more... visual explanation is in order.'

Sasuke immediately shot him a confused look that was doused in quite a lot of distrust before she quietly hissed through her teeth at him.

'What are you talking about? What do you mean visual?'

A shit eating grin appeared on his face as he leads Sasuke away while the fangirls followed.

'Why my dear Sasuke, it's time for you to learn the joys of exhibitionism! As an added bonus it might just get rid of some of your fangirls.'

If anything, Naruto's shit-eating grin got bigger as Sasuke's face paled.

A few hours later

Naruto and Sasuke were leaving Naruto's apartment. They had a meeting about a future meeting they couldn't miss. Naruto's shit-eating grin had pretty much taken over his face it had grown so large. Sasuke herself, surprisingly, looked pretty content with a slight blush covering her cheeks.

The same could not be said for what was left inside Naruto's apartment. Naruto's bedroom was huge, he had wanted it that way. The bed in the middle was also massive allowing many people to sleep on it.

That wasn't the case at the moment. The people on the bed were unconscious, not sleeping. Sprawled across the bed naked and sweaty laid many a fangirl. Worn out beyond belief by the monster they had dealt with.

Nothing bad had happened to them of course. Quite the opposite in fact. They had all watched Naruto's 'demonstration' of how Sasuke was now a girl. Some had started drooling, some had fainted dead against the wall with a trickle of blood flowing from their noses, some had even watched with such intensity some people could have sworn love hearts had formed in their eyes.

By the time Naruto had started wrapping up with Sasuke for the first time none of the girls could even remember Sasuke as a guy. And why would they? They didn't have to fight each other anymore. Naruto wouldn't make them choose. He would choose them all. And so did the fangirls become ensnared with Naruto, never to darken Sasuke's presence again.

They vaguely could hear their new targets voice floating on the wind.

'Man Sasuke, I can't believe you were turning that down all these years! No wonder you're a chick now.'

'God damn you Naruto!'

Before the Fourth Great Ninja War – The Saddest Day of Naruto's Life.

Tears fell from Naruto's eyes, snot flowed from his nose freely, giant sobs made their way out of his throat. He couldn't help it though. This was one of the saddest days of his life. Something he had worked so hard for had to be taken from him. He had put more effort into it than anything before in his life and now with his own two hands, he would need to remove it.

Just the thoughts of it going away caused a renewed round of sobbing and wailing. So much so that it was hard to continue to write the seal he was in the process of writing. To think something as simple as the small seal he was writing here would take away his greatest weapon.

Naruto has to seal away his all-powerful eye technique.

It had become too dangerous to leave. The temptation too great not to use it constantly. It had nearly caused him serious injuries numerous times too weak ass little punks who had attractive female companions or too attractive females in their own right.

Why not just turn it off you ask? He couldn't. The temptation was always there and let it be said that no red-blooded male can deny the allure of a great set of tits, or maybe a fantastic ass, or even the treasure that lay between their legs.

If this had been the only reason however he could have lived with it. What were a few wounds when he had the Kurama to heal him up. That perverted old fox loved that shit as well for some reason.

No, the reason to put the nail in the coffin was a certain little terrier of the Hyuuga variety. One Hanabi Hyuuga to be precise. She was on to him for sure. It has most likely been his fault. Well not most likely it was for certain it had been his fault.

The problem was he wasn't looking at her, she was still a few football seasons away from being ripe, it was because he was looking at her sister. This normally would have been no problem, he looked at lots of woman with sisters, but a few points had come together to conspire against him.

The first being that he stared at Hinata whenever she was around... a lot. What could he say? She had a magnificent set of breasts. Large, firm and perky. There weren't too many comparable sets around for him to check out.

The second being that from what he could gather, Hinata was a closet pervert. She hid it well but to his well-trained eye could always spot of a lady who was into some cool and weird shit. It wasn't actually that subtle if you actually pictured her as a sexual being, to which most people didn't. The first clue was she was always looking at his crotch with her Byakugan on and blushing. If that wasn't a dead giveaway he didn't know what was. While this could have just been a young girl curious about the opposite sex it was the second clue that had him realise she was at heart, a pervert. Not of the Jiraiya or himself quality, but a quite closet type with a kink or two.

The second clue was that whenever he started checking her out with his eyes she would always, firstly start blushing, secondly start rubbing her legs together before finally fainting away with a small perverted grin in her face. The dear sweet Hinata that everyone seemed to treasure was actually an exhibitionist.

Now, this in itself wouldn't have been an issue except it happened every time he was around with the same result. Hinabi had also been around for more than a few of these events and had decided to find out what was causing these fainting spells in her sister.

Thus, she had become the little terrier that would track him all over. It seemed she had her Byakugan on numerous times he had been around and her sister had passed out. She had noticed the chakra flow to his eyes every time the event had occurred. Now she was on to him, following him everywhere and preventing him from activating his eyes.

But the draw of the eyes power was too strong, he would be able to hold on without activating them. The Hanabi would finally put it all together in her head and he would be exposed. His reputation in tatters and would make it that much harder to succeed in his life goals. To nail all the hot females in the world!

Thus, as his hand finished writing and he applied the new seals to his eyes he curled up in a fetal position on the flaw, letting out heartbreaking sobs that would forever haunt whoever had heard them.

Hanabi had decided to follow Naruto around. Her sister was always fainting around him for some reason. She guessed she liked him or something. He was actually, really cute. So Hanabi had come to the conclusion she would follow him around and study his habits. This would help her in the chase in the future. Her assets would never be as large as he sisters so she needed the extra help if she wanted to get him to look at her.

She was never really sure why her father would push her sister or her towards him muttering something about 'Uzumaki chakra with the Byakugan. Babies of doom. The plan will be complete.', but at least he was pushing her towards someone cute who seemed fun.

And thus, Naruto sealed away his greatest treasure, never to be seen in the world again, all on a paranoid thought.