Perfect Darkness

Summary: Discusses the origins of Tsunami's ZODIAC and how Akatsuki Ushimitsu and Suna Shukaku of Dark Enigma got their powers. Sequel to Behind Blue Eyes by ArtisticSai and prequel to The Guardians: Beginnings by Guardian's Light. Pairings: NaruSaku, ItachiOC (Flashbacks only)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or W.I.T.C.H. ZODIAC belongs to Guardian's Light, and so does Akatsuki Ushimitsu post-name change. Saito (Akatsuki's original name) belongs to ArtisticSai. Yoshino Ushimitsu is mine though. Bleach ideas belong to Tite Kubo.

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'Thinking/Inner Sakura'




Memories and Celestials

A young girl lay dead on the ground. The cause was the extraction of her bijuu, the Eight Tailed Yamata no Orochi. Surrounding her inert body were the remaining members of Akatsuki, Pain, Konan, Hoshigaki Kisame, Zetsu, Tobi, and Uchiha Itachi.

"Nice work everybody. That's the eighth bijuu. Only one more remains. Kyuubi," Pain said with a hint of arrogance in his eyes.

The Akatsuki currently had eight bijuu in their possession. Itachi was remembering the hardest one that they had.

The One-tailed Shukaku. What a case that was to try and capture. Not only had Suna no Sasori and Deidara alerted everyone in Sunagakure, but they had also been attacked by Teams Kakashi and Gai, the finest two teams in Konohagakure. In the end, they managed to capture the Shukaku, but at the cost of Sasori.

The rest of the jinchuuriki were pretty straight forward, as they were either exiled or not important enough to try and get back. And by important, they were not Kage like Shukaku's host. Gaara, was it?

Now they had the One-tailed Shukaku, the Two-tailed Nekomata, the Three-tailed Isonade, the Four-tailed Sokou, the Five-tailed Houkou, the Six-tailed Raijuu, the Seven-tailed Kaku, and the Eight-tailed Yamata no Orochi.

The only bijuu remaining was the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

'Great,' thought Itachi. 'Another Kage. Why do the toughest ones always have to be carried by Kage?'

"Itachi-san. You seem preoccupied," said Pain.

"Oh? I guess I am a little bit hesitant about going up against the Hokage. He's gotten a lot stronger since we first met him. If I had used my own body instead of Yuura's to fight during the Shukaku incident, I would have been dead."

The truth was that Itachi was thinking about the wife and newborn son he had lost fifteen years ago. What was her name? Ushimitsu Yoshino? Yes. And their son, Saito, was it?

Itachi had just gotten back from fighting Team Kakashi + Chiyo. He was exhausted. He was just barely in to Amegakure when he passed out.

When He had come to, he noticed… well, absolutely nothing. He cursed himself for using his Mangekyou Sharingan too much. He activated his Sharingan and took in his surroundings.

The house was a small, one room dwelling with just enough luxuries to live a nice, quiet life.

'No surprises there,'thought Itachi.'Ever since Pain took command of Amega for Akatsuki, this is what every house is… except the hideout of course.'

Then he saw the woman. She was the most beautiful woman Itachi had ever seen. She had long yellow hair and a nice figure, but her defining element was that she had more in the upper regions than Tsunade.

Itachi had finally married the woman of his dreams, Ushimitsu Yoshino, and they had a son, Saito. Desperate to keep the child out of the clutches of Akatsuki, Itachi had sent the two to Konoha to start a new life. It had been difficult at first, from what he had heard.

Finally he received a letter from Konoha stating that Yoshino had died fighting Hidan and Kakuzu. Too bad he couldn't kill them. Nara Shikamaru and his team had already done that with the help of Kakashi Hatake.

He did not know whether or not his son survived, but he was determined to find out.

He did not remember all the details of this expedition. What he did remember was encountering both the Kyuubi brat and his foolish little brother, Sasuke. He never found his son because of the fight he had at the Uchiha Compound. The one where he almost killed Sasuke.

Itachi left the whole of Akatsuki in awe as he left the room without even taking care of the body.

The Celestial chamber had been empty for seven years. That's how long it had been since Akatsuki had captured a bijuu. Now it was filled by the top eight Celestial Beings.

"You're late!" a voice boomed in the darkness. "The bijuu was captured twelve hours ago and you just now show up? You should be glad that this was the last meeting in seven years or else you would have missed it."

"My apologies, Sentaro-sama. I was delayed," said the second ranked Celestial Being in existence, Konan of the Akatsuki.

"Doing what?" asked Sentaro, the leader of the Celestials.

"I was getting rid of someone else's proverbial luggage, as it were."

"The Uchiha kid is still trying to find his son?" Sentaro was less annoyed than Konan had expected him to be. He was wise, and she knew it. He had lived for almost ten thousand of her years.

"Well, do you have anything to report?" asked Sentaro.

"My Lord, the Akatsuki have begun the operation to capture the final piece. Itachi and Tobi are leading the assault," Konan said with a smile.

"Be wary of that Tobi. He was our adversary for a while. He stopped the takeover of the world," said Sentaro. "See Cibuwi over there? He is the third strongest Celestial in existence. He fell in love with a Hyuga over two centuries ago. They had a child together. Cibuwi named the kid Uchiha Madara. This spirit is what possesses Tobi. He summoned the Kyuubi to Konoha in order to put it out of our reach."

"You mean Tobi is… Madara? How is that possible?" asked Konan.

"Remember how Orochimaru was able to obtain near immortality through body switching? Well Madara had a different approach. When a person dies, their soul chain is cut, separating the soul from the body. Madara found a way to reconnect the soul chain before he turned into a creature known as a Hollow. This body is perhaps Madara's sixth? The body itself is of a boy who died 37 years ago. Uchiha Obito. Madara connected his soul chain to Obito's body, thereby allowing him to live inside the body of a true Uchiha. About 23 years ago, he killed his best friend, Warunago, thus obtaining the Mangekyou Sharingan… in BOTH of his eyes."

"Thanks. I will take my leave," said Konan.

"Then this meeting is OVER!" said Sentaro.

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