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Chapter 5: The Storm Breaks

Dawn. The one thing that all the Konoha Ninja, Fire Samurai, and Spring Ninja had feared. It was time for Akatsuki to strike. Yoshi and Saito kept silent vigil on the path leading to Konoha, as it was the only way in according to Naruto. Finally, after 5 minutes, Saito spotted movement out of the corner of his Sharingan eye.

Looking at the offending movement, he paled. At least a thousand men were running headlong toward the gate. Sending a Kage Bunshin to warn the others, Saito began to radio to Yoshi to make sure he was ready. Of course, knowing the Namikaze Clan, that was hardly necessary, but all the same, Saito liked to be careful.

"Yoshi, prepare the archers to unleash a volley. I want to buy our ground troops some time to get ready."

"Copy that Saito. Will do," was Yoshi's response.

He saw Yoshi rallying his archers to fight and started doing the same thing with his own. Soon, all the archers were ready to fire.

As soon as the army came into view, the archers unleashed. Razing a line of civilians-turned-militia intent on destroying Konoha, the archers nocked another volley of arrows and fired.

Soon, however, this was not enough to keep Akatsuki's makeshift army at bay, and it was time for the ground forces to take over. The first ground attack came when the ninja corps used chakra-enhanced jumps to leap above the samurai and fling their projectiles at the oncoming enemy. Dozens of men and women were razed by kunai after kunai after shuriken.

After all that, the full force of the makeshift army plowed into the Konoha ground force. The samurai at the front used a method of drawing their weapons that was able to bring down two lines at once. After that, the true battle began.

Saito noticed it first. The other samurai and ninja were quick to catch on. Several figures had broken off from the main army. They all were wearing cloaks with red clouds.

"That must be Akatsuki," said Saito into his radio. "Radio your father and have him prepare for a surprise attack."

"There's no need," came Naruto's voice through the radio. "I've already prepared for this. Just make sure that the army doesn't get inside the village."

"Will do, Hokage-sama," said Saito.

Going back to flinging kunai, he scored a direct hit on a man who looked like he was going to kill one of the genin on his squad. He then grabbed that genin with a Kage Bunshin and after admonishing him for being out of formation, dispelled the clone and got back to it.

The plan for the samurai was relatively simple. After a small battle, the sword wielders would retreat, and the axe wielders would jump over them and enter the fray, giving the swords a reprieve. After a couple of minutes, the process began anew, with the swords taking over for the axes. Using this method of fighting, the samurai had no casualties whatsoever, the only near casualty being the out-of-formation genin.

All that changed, however, when one of the samurai burst into black flames out of nowhere. None of the other samurai or ninja knew what was going on except for Saito, and only because he was an Uchiha.

Another samurai was incinerated. Saito radioed all the ground troops. "Be careful. Uchiha Madara is systematically using Amaterasu on our troops," he said. "Act accordingly, and if someone catches fire, move."

Over in the trees, Madara and Itachi were standing, looking exactly like the samurai that had just fallen under the Amaterasu. Not that anyone was likely to know what had happened to the fallen samurai.

"Hey, Kisame," said Itachi. "You better lob a kunai and get someone before the operation starts."

"I know, I know," said a voice behind the trees. A second later, a kunai went flying and hit a samurai square in the eyes. As the samurai fell, Kisame's image shimmered and the shark was replaced with the same samurai.

"I told you this would work," said Madara. "Itachi. Go kill the leader. He's that guy using the twin blade."

"On my way," huffed Itachi, and his samurai form jumped into the fray.

Hachigawa Kenryū had seen better days. He wasn't exactly sure what would make him puke first, the blood or the smell. Still, he fought on, hacking the enemy time after time. Not wanting to waste any cuts, he had stayed at the front even when the axes took over. Still, he was tiring out.

Wielding a double-bladed sword was not the easiest thing in the world. For starters, certain kinds of attacks would be guaranteed to harm the user as well as the opponent. Second, because of that, the user tended to be left open. Kenryū was the leader of the Royal Guard because he was able to master this dangerous art.

Having just finished off three men, he was surprised when another three came through. He was able to take the down no problem. After doing that, he made a victory stab and impaled an innocent Konoha village woman in the chest.

As she stood there dying, Kenryū looked at her and said, "Sorry for killing you."

She then turned and said, "No big deal, she was already dead," and drove the other end of Ken's blade into his own heart. The last thing he saw as he died was the woman transforming into someone who looked vaguely like Uchiha Itachi. The last thing he thought was, 'I thought Sasuke said he was dead.'

As he collapsed, the woman transformed, at first into Itachi's original body, and before anyone could see anything, into the samurai leader that had just been killed.

"Good work, Hachigawa-sama," said a samurai that had just come running from the trees. "Now get inside, you need to recuperate. And Amaterasu the remains."

Itachi did just that. After he was satisfied that he was the only Hachigawa Kenryū in sight, he went inside the village with the other two samurai that lent him a hand before releasing his transformation. The others released theirs as well.

"OK, we're inside," said Madara. "Now all we have to do is find the Hokage and kill him before Pain gets inside."

"But how are we going to do that?" asked both Itachi and Kisame at the same time.

"Years ago, when Sasuke formed Team Eagle after your death, Itachi, I placed a tracking device on him. We need only follow it to its source and we will find Naruto. After that, we kill him."

"But how do we make him believe that we are samurai?"

"That will fall upon you, Itachi. You need to say something that convinces Naruto that the battle goes ill," explained Madara. "After that, take that blade, and kill him. Then you assume his identity and go to Pain willingly, and when he tries to extract the fox, he won't be able to, and his plans will be ruined."

Quickly assuming their samurai forms, Itachi, Kisame, and Madara left to track down Sasuke.

Naruto was listening to the battle for some time. He knew that things could not be going well, since he only had a short time to scrounge up troops. He was hoping that the message he had just sent to Gaara would make it and the Sand Ninja were on their way, because if not, they were doomed.

The only good news was that Akatsuki had not yet broken through the wall. If they had, Naruto would soon be dead, and he knew it.

There was a flicker of motion from the village interior. Sasuke, preparing for the worst, activated his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and scanned the area, hoping to Tsukiyomi anyone that got in his path.

As it turned out, Sasuke did not have to use his genjutsu, as it was simply Hachigawa Kenryū and two of his men.

"Naruto-sama," said Ken. "The battle goes ill for us. We need some reinforcements from your group."

"Very well," said Naruto. "Gai, Kurenai, Koyuki! Take several ninja and bolster the main force. We can't let Akatsuki get in!"

"Too late," said Ken, taking his sword and thrusting it toward Naruto. It would have killed Naruto had it not been for a block by Sasuke's Kusanagi.

"Well, well," said Sasuke. "Madara's a filthy liar. Aren't you?"

The samurai on the left immediately released his transformation, having been found out.

"And you, Kisame," he said pointing to the samurai on the left. "Always traveling with this guy aren't you? Though I admit I don't know how you got your sword to transform."

Kisame released as well.

"And as for you," Sasuke said to Hachigawa. "I thought you had died of some disease… Itachi."

Itachi has been found out. Now what will Naruto do? Will he attack, or submit to Madara's goal?

The truth will be revealed and Itachi's life will be explained.

Next time: Itachi vs. Sasuke and Naruto!

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