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7- The consequence

With Tong

He spent the prior two days packing all his stuff, he even received a few boxes with his stuff that was left behind in Meilin's apartment, but what amazed him was that she didn't throw his stuff inside, she folded his clothes and saved them so they wouldn't get wrinkled, she even separated the clean clothes from the dirty. She cared for the last piece of him that she had.
At least she wasn't angry enough to send me the ashes of my stuff!

I bet she already gave away, if not destroyed the clothes and make up I bought her…

He also had to spend the last two days telling everyone about their cancelled wedding, opting to tell them the truth, that he'd betrayed her, and he couldn't make amends, no matter how much he wanted to.

He thought it would be easy to start making the phone calls, but it was far worse than he even imagined. He had dialled and hung up seventy times, before he managed to make the first call; before he finally accepted that there was no going back.

He still had to make three phone calls, but of those three, one would be easy; the others were the hardest – Touya and Syaoran. He knew from the start he would be on the receiving end of their wrath and fury.

He called Sakura, endured over an hour of her screams; not even Meilin's family had been so hard on him, not even Chiharu or Tomoyo - but he got bashed by the most cheerful woman he knew also the more petite of them all.
Who would have thought she could be so loud and scary?
She could rival Meilin! I hope Syaoran never does that to her, or he won't live to tell the tale!
He laughed to that thought but soon it died down remembering something she had said.


"You asshole, jerk bastard... You are lucky Mei didn't hurt you, because if it was me, I'd castrate you! In fact maybe that will be my goodbye present to you!" She screamed on the phone, he had to remove the phone receiver or he would go death.

"I know I deserve everything that will happen to me, but -"

"But what? if you didn't want to marry her you should have gone and break it of with her when she said it. But no... you had to rise her hope up and then send them crashing down."

"I know you don't but b-"

"Believe you? As if. You had to cheat on her with that bitch that is even low to you. All you had to do is have your pants zipped up, it's not like you and she didn't sleep together..."


"But you had to go and bed that thing that is so disgusting, on so may levels. You just had to say NO."


"Shut the hell up, I don't want to hear your voice, it angers me."


"It's Kinomoto to you. And not only are you a bastard but you are also dead brain if you don't understand the simplest orders."


"SHUT UP! I don't want to hear what you have to say in your defence, because won't make any difference. you screwed up, BIG TIME." She took a deep breath.
"And not only that, you destroyed her. you crushed her, and now you are running of to another country to that again!"

"It's not like that even if you don't believe me I do love her!"

"Who loves doesn't cheat. You go far away from us. I don't want to hear you or see you any time soon."

"I know!"

"Do you really? DO you have any idea what you did? Do you? Do you know why she doesn't forgive you?"

"No..." - he said in a meek voice.

"If you knew you wouldn't have done it. She had gone through that before. So now you bastard destroyed all the hard work we had. I hope you are happy with yourself!"

"I didn't know..."

"Of course not you are an idiot... An idiot that made her suffer... But don't worry, you destroyed her, we'll fix it... I just want you out of everyone's life!"


"I'll tell Syaoran!"


"I'm not doing this for you I just don't want my Christmas party to be ruined, more than she already is!"


"You have to tell my brother, and since you are still breathing, I guess you haven't!" And she hung up on him.

"Oh crap."

End of Flashback

He still cringed, remembering her harsh words; he never knew she had it in her
So I guess being aggressive is a family trait!

That was what he was doing now, after sleeping over a nights' sleep, at 9 am of the last day he was going to be on Japan.

He grabbed the phone and dialled the number he knew was the last one he would make, maybe forever.

"Hello!" Said the rough voice of Toya Kinomoto, who just had woken up.

"I'm just calling to inform you that the wedding is off!" He said quickly, like taking off a band-aid.

"Say what?" He said, waking up.

"The wedding is off and I'll be on the 2 o'clock plane to London if you want to do something to me!" And he hung up, gulping.

He grabbed his bags and boxes put them inside the elevator. One of the boxes holding the door, he got back inside to grab the last suitcase; he closed the door, entered the elevator and pressed down, not glancing back once. The doorman had already called a cab and helped him pack everything inside.

"Good bye, Mr. Kai!"

"If Miss Li comes by tell her there is nothing of hers there."

"'Kay sir." He slightly bowed to one of the kindest people he had a pleasure to open the door to.

He got inside the taxi and took of once again without looking back.

"Where to?"

"The airport. And step on it!"

On his way there he passed through her house, and unconsciously he closed his eyes has if not seeing it, but when he open them, he glanced back with the hope of catching a glimpse of her, no such luck she wasn't there.

But during the last stretch to the airport he could have sworn he saw her with Tomoyo coming out of a shop and she was radiating of happiness.

He was so lost in thoughts about what he had thought he seen that he didn't noticed when he did the check in and when he was told to sit down and wait for his call.

At least she got over it! And now I wait for Toya, I'm sure he will make an appearance.


"You asked her to what?" Touya asked, outraged.

"Marry me, Touya!" He said with a smirk, he no longer had to worry about Meilin seeing it.


"It was the only natural thing to do, I've loved her for years now."

"But you two only dated 6 months!" He said, trying to control his rage.

"So?" He asked not seeing his point.

"SO WHAT? IT'S TOO DAMN EARLY!" He yelled letting it out all before he would punch the life out of Meilin's boy- fiancée.


"Because it was ONLY 6 months!"

"Touya, get over yourself, me and her will get married on the day we had our second date, the day we started dating! Why are you so angry? It can't only be because of the short amount of time we've been dating, is it?"

"No, it's because you aren't fair to her!"

"What?" He asked, not seeing what he was getting at.

"You'll never be faithful. You love flirting and believe it or not when you do it you hurt her!"

"I can stop it!"

"Can you really?" The look he gave Tong told him he didn't believe in him
"I think in the end you'll end up hurting her and when you-"

"I love her!" He said.

"Sometimes love isn't enough…You changed her!"

"No I-"

"You did, she never wore that much make up or those short clothes."

"Changing is not bad!"

"But when you love , you love everything without the need to change!"

"I love everything about her!"

"And still you changed her, and still you flirt with and you still hurt her!"

"What is it to you!" He said, getting angry

"Let's put things this way; the day you break her, I'll break you. Because she doesn't deserve a trash like you!"

End of flashback

He returned from this walk on memory lane, because he felt an immense pain on his left cheek.

"Hello Touya!"

"How dare you even speak to me?" He growled, trying to control his wrath but failing miserably.

"Because I know I deserve it, and everything you have store for me!"

"Yeah you do. You piece of crap. You broke her and now is my turn to break you!"

"Do your worse!" He said, standing up and facing him
"Because I'm sure it won't hurt as much as letting her go!" Touya was shocked by his confession.


But he still punched in square in the face. Tong's nose begun bleeding.

"Letting her go and she catching you in bed with another woman are two different things!" – he spat.

"You were right. I'm not worth of her time, no one is!" – he said cleaning his nose to his shirt sleeve.

"You're damn right I was. I've warned you not to hurt her and what do you do?"

"I hurt her. C'mon Toya give me all you got! I know I deserve t!" – he waited for a few minutes with his eyes closed for his hit, his stance didn't show that he would deflect the punch. After awhile he decided to take a peek, and notice that he was just looking at him, his hand was next to his body and his face calmed.

"You ain't worth the effort if you are so willing to be hit by me!2 – Toya turned around and begun walking away.

Unaware to him he let his breath out with relieve and whispered – "You know it was for the best!"

Touya didn't even glance back, and the next thing Tong knew Touya's fist was connecting with his face he could have sworn he felt his cheek bones break, before he fell to the floor 5 feet away from where he had been standing only moments before – "That felt good. Don't ever look for her again!" – And he resumed his away out of the airport leaving a manhandled, bruised and bleeding ex-friend behind.

"I won't!" – He muttered after removing himself from the floor.

"All passengers boarding on flight 1412 to London please board in gate 15!"

"Goodbye Meilin!" – He whispered in the busy airport terminal.

He entered through the gate and board into the plane, when the plane left the grounds of Japan he felt his heart tight. And Meilin during a shopping spree with Tomoyo felt her heart tighten for a few moments and then she felt light like a feather like all her worries had suddenly disappeared.

To be continued

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