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8- Starting Afresh

Christmas Eve Party

Everyone was there but chose to ignore the fact that there won't be a wedding in a week, that Meilin was on the single list again. They tried to act like nothing was wrong has happened, but they couldn't.

They were polite to her, but for a few times she had a gut feeling they look at her with pity but she didn't said anything because the environment was enough awkward has it was. She wanted to enjoy the party, at least for her sake 'cause if Tomoyo or Sakura catch her sited all alone depressing in a corner she was as good as dead. Who would have thought such frail women were so scary.

Even though not everyone was there or happy. Toya had yet to arrive to the party and Syaoran was sulking on a corner like a kid who wanted a candy but couldn't have. She walked up to him

"Hey what's wrong?" – She asked like who asks a baby when he hurts finger.

"He isn't here! He left." – He whined like a kid.

"What are you sulking about?"

"Your fiancée left!" – When she heard that word she flinched, it was like she was stabbed or someone was opening a wound that was barely closed, but her cousin didn't noticed – "You come without him"

Before he could say anything else Sakura appeared behind them.

"Would you quit it?" – She hissed – "You are ruining my party. You might spend the rest of the year all by yourself!"

"You wouldn't?" – He asked scared of the prospective of the cold nights yet to come.

"I would. And come now. I've to tell you something about your friend Tong!" – She almost gagged on the word friend.

"Thank you!" – Meilin mouthed to her. Has she saw Sakura being followed around by Syaoran, Sakura nodded in return? She still could hear her cousin whine even though there was so much noise. What could she say when Syaoran whined he did it loudly.

"What is it you want to tell me about my good friend Tong?" – Meilin saw her cringed at that.

"If you enjoy the party, I might consider telling you later." – She said drawing circles on his chest while she was being embrace by him. He already forgot what she would tell him later since he was lost him her emerald pool.

"Fine!" – He said drowsy, and then he noticed the one person missing, that would send Sakura in a fit – "But you know"

"What?" – She said mesmerized by his amber orbs.

"Your brother still hasn't arrived!"


"Sweetie calm down!" – He gave her a smirk – "Enjoy the party!" – Everyone loved how he used her words and laughed at how embarrassed Sakura was. Without a better place3 to hide her red face she hide it in Syaoran's chest which made him blush from their closeness in public, and begun to blushed with the kissing sounds their friends were making.

After that Meilin lost notion of everything around her, she sat down on the same couch she had been waiting for her lousy cousins to arrive the precious year, and she begun remembering that faithful night, yet again.

Her walk by in memory lane, what had begun with glaring, then pacing and end up in a kissing session. That day she no longer belonged to the single group but this year she was back at it again, only a few days to the day she was suppose to marry now that won't happen anytime soon.

She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice someone approaching her; she only took notice when the said person sat down beside her.

"AIEEE!" – She exclaimed jumping to the air.

"Didn't know you were so easy to scare!"

"I was lost in my memory that was all!" – she said glaring up to him, his chocolate eyes clashing with her ruby ones, and her heart skipped a beat which she blame what he had done to her right now, scaring her.

"Good or bad?" – He asked dismissing her glare.

"A mix between the two!"

"Thinking about the wedding?"

"Shut up, Toya!" – She said standing up not leaving any room for him to say anything else. While walking through the living room she received inquisitive stares from the other guest she didn't do much about it. She got out of the house and to the porch; she stood a little against the door, and then sat down on the steps. And then she heard the door close yet again, she didn't need to look behind to know who it was – "I want to be alone!"

"Alone or out of that room with people looking your away every damn second, assuring you ain't depressing!" – He said in a rough voice.

"That too! Please Toya let me be!" she said sitting down deeper on the steps, try to protect herself from the cold it was.

"So that you can freeze to death. And then having my sister and cousin on my neck for not preventing you for doing something that stupid. He isn't worth it!"

"So I've heard you day that to him and me!" – She let out an exasperated breath – "It never occurred to you that those words could have been the breaking point for us!"

"If that was the reason, then I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen!"

"Save it. What is it that you want for me, since the moment I've known you no one is worth if me? Tell me is there anyone worth of me by your standards?" – She felt a coat being drop on her back, muttered a quiet thank you.

"So you ain't catching a cold!"

"But that isn't the answer to my question!" – She said not looking at him.

He sat down beside her and put a bag on her lap, even though she noticed it there she didn't made any motion to see what it was. – "So aren't you gonna see it?"

"Why not wait with the others for midnight!"

"Because it's already midnight. And I know you'll leave without saying good bye to them!"

She opened the bag even though she didn't felt at ease with him knowing her so well; it was a scary thought when someone knew her that well. From inside the bag she took out a long black velvet box. She opened it and inside there was an white gold chain with a ruby gem in the middle, she was speechless, but she soon found her missing voice – "I can't take it!"

"Don't be silly. I bought it for you!" – He said not taking the gift back for any reason, he had saved up for that gift it had been years now.

"Fine, you put it on me." – She draw her hair aside an unlocked the other necklace she had been wearing. He put it around her neck, and locked it, his fingers passing softly along her silky skin, that send a shivers down her spine. – "Thanks!"

"What necklace were you wearing?"

"An old one. That now will take a rest forever!" – It was also a white gold chain but instead of a ruby it had a locket, Tong had given it to her in White's day – "So how do I look?"

He look into her eyes, the moonlight was right above them he notice a faint sparkle in her eyes, that was growing, and she was glowing – "Beautiful!" – He whispered afraid with the slightest sound she would vanish.

"Thank you for the gift!" – she said looking for the first time he had followed her outside to him, directly to his eyes, she felt drawn to them, and without them noticing they both were leaning into each other, their eyes closed when they were only a inch a apart, and then their lips met in a sweet kiss.

During the kiss they both smiled, their arms locking around each other, it only lasted two seconds before their mind snapping out of the bliss it had been and registering what was going on with the rest of their body, they break apart, still on each other arms, their hearts racing in synch – "I've to go. See you on New Year!" – She said disentangling herself from his arms and running into the night.

"Mei wait-" – he tried saying but it was too late she was already gone – "That didn't go according to the plans!" – He said to himself before returning to the party!

The end

To be continued

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