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Agents In This Chapter

Ethan Hunt, Alias: Gaston Moreau, Codename: Actor

Luther Stickell, Alias: N/A, Codename: The Net Ranger (Ranger)

Lindsey Farris, Alias: Audrey Moreau, Codename: Viper

A commercial flight bound for Heathrow was flying at 35 000 feet, all but one of the first class passengers were asleep, he was reading a paper. A stewardess approached from the back of the plane with a tray of movies. "Excuse me sir would you like to watch a movie."

The man looked up from his paper, "no thank you I prefer the theater."

"Perhaps you would enjoy the cinema of the Caribbean," she asked offering him a tape. The man looked at her funny and took it from her; he then placed the tape in the player and put on his headphones.

Good morning Mr. Hunt, The man you are looking at is Vernon Dursley a British National who runs a firm called Grunnings, he is also a traitor. Through his firm, he has funneled millions of dollars for various terrorist organizations. Your mission should you choose to accept it will be to capture him and his family without being noticed and determine what if anything they know of his activities, after which they are to be properly drugged and released, Dursley of course will be turned over to MI5 after we learn all he knows.

His family is as follows, Petunia Dursley his wife considered a non-threat however she is quite observant and may have additional information about Dursleys associates, next are Dudley Dursley his son and Harry Potter, his nephew. His son and nephew more then likely know nothing however we can find very little information about his nephew and his family. As a secondary objective we would like you to determine why this is however, we would like you to avoid interrogating the children if possible.

Your Team will meet you in Surrey, Luther Stickell can hack into any security system and the company database and Lindsey Farris your new recruit is already onsite posing as a college student living nearby who baby-sits occasionally.

As usual should you or any member of your IM Force be captured the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions; this tape will self-destruct in five seconds.

The player suddenly started smoking the man went back to his paper as if nothing had happened.

Number 5 Privet Drive looked like a completely normal house. According to gossip, a wealthy French industrialist Gaston Moreau had purchased the house for his daughter Audrey to live in while she attended Oxford. Since she had moved there, she had gotten the reputation for being an excellent babysitter who children adored, and rarely if ever had any visitors. It was a generally accepted fact that she was a good girl who wouldn't hurt a fly. Her neighbors might rethink their assumptions if they could see her now in the basement of her house talking with two gentlemen while she cleaned her Colt King Cobra Revolver.

"As you know our primary target is Vernon Dursley, the secondary target being Petunia Dursley and the tertiary targets being Dudley Dursley and Harry Potter," Ethan said as there pictures each went up on the projector set up in the room.

"Now the procedure is as follows Viper will arrive to baby-sit at Five O'clock she will proceed as normal until dinner when she will slip a sedative into the children's drinks. At this point, she will let us into the house and Ranger will have until the Dursleys return at Ten O'clock to break into Dursleys computer. While Ranger's doing this Viper and myself will be searching the house for anything else that relates to his activities as well if we have the time any information pertaining to the secondary objective of why the nephew and his parents are mostly black holes information wise." Ethan paused to take a breath.

"Next at Ten O'clock the Dursleys arrive home. Viper will be waiting for them while Ranger and myself wait in a separate room, once the door is closed Viper hits them with Tranquillizer darts and we bind them both. After that, all that remains is to keep the kids unconscious and to wake the adults for interrogation. Now Mr. Dursley we will be taking with us his dossier says he should break easily so we will more then likely just have to intimidate him a bit. Now since we do not want Mrs. Dursley to remember the interrogation or where her husband disappeared to since she could tip off his cronies we will use an experimental drug on her code named T-2375. This drug will not only make the person more inclined to tell the truth it will also put the person in a state where they are extremely prone to obey suggestions. Because of this, we will have to be careful how we interrogate her or we might make her tell us incorrect information. When we are done with the interrogation we will tell her to forget the interrogation and that she had a fight with her husband and he left her, we will then sedate her and place her and the children in there beds. Finally, we will fake his death and transport him back to headquarters for further interrogation. Curtain goes up at five any questions."

Luther looked up, "do we know what type of computer system Dursley uses."

"I can't be sure since I was only there once when Mrs. Dursley welcomed me to the neighborhood but it appears to be a standard Dell PC with a normal XP operating system. Hardly a challenge for your great skills Oh Mighty Net Ranger sir," Lindsey replies with a mock salute.

" The Mighty Net Ranger I could get use to that," Luther grins back.

"Please, your ego is already too big. Lets get back on topic, any other questions, none, okay get some rest this should be an easy mission but I want everyone on there game tonight."