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Agents In This Chapter

Ethan Hunt, Alias: Gaston Moreau, Vernon Dursley, Codename: Actor

Harry Potter-Hunt, Alias: Harry Potter, Codename: Raven

Luther Stickell, Alias: N/A, Codename: The Net Ranger (Ranger)

Lindsey Farris, Alias: Audrey Moreau, Petunia Dursley, Codename: Viper

Nymphadora Tonks, Alias: N/A, Codename: Chameleon

Dean Thomas, Alias: Dudley Dursley, Codename: Forger

All the residents of the safe house were awake by five the next morning and were in the kitchen by five-thirty, none of them wished to be late for the first day of training. Once they were finished, Ethan cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "We have a few minor things to go over that Luther, Lindsey and I learned last night. For starters, we were notified last night by MI-5 that they've identified a spy in Harry's old neighborhood. The woman goes by the name Arabella Figg and approached an MI-5 agent posing as a real estate agent questioning where the Dursleys were moving to, the agent took the opportunity to place a bug on her and they were able to record this conversation." Ethan took out a tape recorder and pressed play."

"Headmasters Office, Professor I need you to come through now it's an emergency."

"Of course my dear," a male voice replied. "Now then, what seems to be the problem this time."

"The Dursleys have taken little Harry and moved out into the country, we must get him back. Without the Blood Wards anyone could harm him, not to mention without him being visible to other Muggles I doubt that brute of an uncle will restrain himself."

The man waited several seconds before he replied, "you are correct my dear, his uncle would be able to do his work better without other Muggles around I couldn't have planned this better myself, I'll have to give Vernon a bonus this month for excellent thinking."

"What are you talking about your not going to interfere," Arabella sputtered, "I thought you put Harry there for his protection."

The old man laughed, "his protection, as long as he's still alive I couldn't care less. There is no such thing as Blood Wards; I made it up so that no wizards would investigate. The only reason I'm keeping him there is to keep the brat controllable and so that the Goblins don't find out I'm not authorized to access his vault, I have the little monsters convinced that his parents appointed me his guardian. Once the brat defeats Voldemort for the final time he can conveniently die leaving everything to his future wife Ms. Weasley, his 'friends' and of course the man who taught him everything he knows his ever caring Headmaster. Now I'm afraid that you've proven conclusively that you cannot be trusted so I'm afraid this is goodbye, Imperio. You will go upstairs and write a suicide note, you will then wait until I have been gone for an hour and poison yourself. Headmasters Office."

Everyone around the table was seething, that man made some terrorists seem nice by comparison. Ethan waited for everyone to calm down before he continued, " MI-5 moved in before she could kill herself. They reported that she killed herself to the papers, in reality she's locked up at a safe house until we can find a way around what was done to her. Now the information from this conversation has changed things a bit, since she's had more time to talk to her Mother about this society I have an important question for Dora, what do you know about the Goblins?"

Tonks thought for a second, "Well from what my Mother said the Goblins are not trusted or respected much. They don't like wizards much since they see them as arrogant; they're a warrior society that per treaty controls the Wizarding Banks. The last thing she mentioned is that they are extremely greedy and you would have to be insane to try to rip them off."

Ethan looked thoughtful, "what do you think the chances are that they would be willing to work with us confidentially and how likely would it be that they would betray us to the Wizards."

"Well first off I doubt they would betray us since they hate Wizards and while they might be greedy they always uphold their agreements. Now them agreeing would probably depend on one thing, can we make it worth the Goblins while."

"What would they want," Harry asked curiously.

Tonks shrugged, "well they are greedy so we could straight out bribe them, maybe offer to act as intermediaries in the Non Magical world. After all, I doubt they like the fact that they have to ignore a whole market simply because they would be too noticeable. Another idea would be to offer them access to Non Magical made products, my mom said they don't work around magic but from the sound of it, they haven't done much research into it. There may be other things they may be interested in, perhaps simply getting one over on the wizards. Personally though if you want to be sure that they won't talk I would bring Harry along in disguise and ask to see his Account Manager. Once Harry's identity is confirmed, as a wealthy client he's entitled to demand an oath of secrecy for your conversation."

"Okay, I think we may have our first training mission we'll iron out the details this afternoon, now since we're all done eating lets get started on your training." Ethan rose from his seat and led them to a basement room that had training mats set out.

For the next few hours Ethan, Luther and Lindsey led the kids through the art of meditation, by lunch time none of them had made a lot of progress except learning to relax a bit but as Lindsey said, meditation was a complex skill that they were not expected to learn in a day.