Voyage of Destiny, Book 1

New Life, Old Life

By: GypsyDruid & IceFlame55


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Spoilers: Nothing too specific, though there will be references to episodes of both Buffy and Voyager. If you've watched the shows, you may or may not notice them. If you haven't, then it doesn't matter anyway.

Rated: NC-17/FR21/MA. ADULTS Only! Femslash, Threesomes, Foursomes, kinkiness, you name it, we'll probably at least attempt to write it in.

Anything I've missed (disclaimer related) I can't think of it at the moment, but it still applies.

A/N: A few changes have been made to Voyager in this series to suit my own purposes. For example, Ro Laren (ST: TNG) is aboard as a Lt. Cmd. under Tuvok. Her defection to the Marquis was a carefully planned deception to infiltrate the ranks. B'Elanna & Seven became friends a lot sooner than in the show. There are others, some minor, some not so much. If you spot them, more power to you, but yes, they were intentional.

A/N 2: Speech patterns communicator (italics), 'mental speech'(italics), thoughts (italics w/o ''), Voyager Speaking is bolded

Special Thanks to Katrina & Llachlan. Though we've made up a lot and used concepts from various fics that we've read, their series "Wonders of the House Presba" (ST: Voyager) really contributed a lot to the making of this story. If you wanna read this series, here's the link The Slayers get a new life. In return, Janeway gets to relive her old one.


Admiral Kathryn Janeway of the United Federation of Planets looked up at the Boreth Monastery. She had been visiting here every year since Voyager's final return five years ago to honor her lost friends and comrades. Kathryn had finally brought the Federation Scoutship Voyager home to Federation space in a desperate plunge into a wormhole to escape the crossfire of escalating war between the two new enemies that were almost as vicious as the Borg and Species 8472, but in the process, she had lost Harry Kim, Tom Paris, and B'Elanna Torres. Ah, B'Elanna. Her friend and sometime bedmate.

Thoughts of B'Elanna led her to thoughts of Seven of Nine. The ex-Borg was the one who held Kathryn's heart, and B'Elanna had known it, but the captain hadn't been able to set aside her preconceived notions of what a captain should be to her crew. Kathryn and B'Elanna had held each other up while Kathryn loved Seven from afar, and B'Elanna worked through her many issues with Tom Paris. Their on again, off again affair had come to an end when B'Elanna married the helmsman, and Kathryn had been named the Godmother of their daughter. Now, Seven was married to her former First Officer, Chakotay, and living in Arizona while working at the Daystrom Institute. They got together once a week to keep in touch, but it wasn't the same.

"Are we going in, Mama Kate?" asked the little girl at her side. Miral Paris was a beautiful child and, despite her initial reservations, Kathryn loved the girl as if she were her own.

"We are, little one." Kathryn smiled down at her.

Taking the child's hand, she nodded past the Temple guards, who recognized her from previous visits, and entered the Temple.

"Umm, Mama Kate, this ain't right." Miral stated simply, looking around.

Kathryn had to agree. Instead of the inner chamber of the Temple, Kathryn found herself looking around her Ready Room of Voyager.

"Ah, mon capitán, we've been waiting for you."

Kathryn closed her eyes. She prayed to Kahless. She prayed to the Prophets of Bajor. She prayed to any and every deity she could think of that she wasn't hearing THAT voice.

"Ah, Kathy, don't be like that." Q pouted. "You know you love me."

"Q." She said in a low, dangerous voice that sent shivers down even his spine. "I am here to honor lost friends. Why are you bothering me?"

"I'm sorry, Captain Janeway, but I asked him get you." A young brunette stepped into view from behind Q. "I need your help."

Kathryn studied the girl for a quiet moment. She didn't look like a member of the Q Continuum. "Who are you?"

"In another dimension, my name is Dawn Summers." The girl said. "My sister is fighting a war. She will win, but it will cost her. She'll be betrayed and cast out by her family, even me. She'll be mortally wounded, but she will eventually recover. In the end, she and others like her will be hunted by the very people that she's fighting to protect."

"What does this have to do with me?" Kathryn demanded. "Why is Q here, and why should I believe anything he's involved with?"

"The enemy that they are fighting, doesn't just impact their dimension, but all of time and space." Q told her, unusually serious. "It dates back to the beginning of time and space. It is the opposite of creation, and at this moment, it is bent on destroying the only Line that was created to be the first and best life of defense against this enemy. The Continuum has been watching this enemy, as have other celestial groups. Its power rises and falls with the birth of every new dimension, and recently regained enough power to try to destroy the Line again. Fortunately, it has found itself up against the greatest Champion ever to be born from that Line, and it is she that Dawn needs help with. Dawn here is not merely the young girl you see before you. Her origins also predate the Universe. She is called The Key Between Dimensions. Her sentience gained an understanding of the concept of 'Time' when, at one point in time, the portion of her essence that existed in their dimension was being hunted and needed protecting. She was sent to this Warrior as her sister, and that Warrior gave her life to keep her safe."

"This is not a trick, Captain." Dawn added when she still looked doubtful. "No games, no hidden agendas. The First can be defeated, but never destroyed. If Humanity manages to eliminate the Slayer Line, there will be nothing to stop it from fulfilling it's plans."

"I know that she'll never leave before The First is defeated, but I can get her out before Humanity turns on them, but I need your help to do it. If events play out as they should, Buffy will lose faith in Humanity, and her family, long before the Humans turn on her. I need you to help her fight the First Evil, and make sure certain events don't happen." Dawn told her. "To answer your other questions, Q is not the only one here." She pointed behind her and Kathryn turned to see Miral talking to a large Klingon Warrior while trying to capture several pulsing dots of lights. "Kahless is involved because he was enraged at the idea of honorable warriors being slaughtered for no reason and he wished to merge their bloodline with the Klingon Race. The Bajoran Prophets are here also, but they haven't told me their reason. The Vulcan Holy Ones is also dipped their 'logical' fingers in this. I bet if I saw one of them, they'd be in the Vulcan version of 'tweed'." Janway suddenly smiled as the girl rolled her eyes expressively. "Q is involved because the outcome of this is serious enough to make even the Q Continuum stand up and take notice. Besides, I need Q to get you to Sunnydale and for your payment."

"My payment?" Kathryn said, startled. "What would I be getting out of this?"

"We've heard your wishes to do it over again, and possibly bring more of your crew home." Q told her. "I can send you back, with your current memories intact, without temporal repercussions. You can do it again and make different choices. We're offering you a second chance in the Delta Quadrant."

"What about the TimeKeepers?"

"They're the ones that suggested it. The catch to it is that you can't use the same method to return home. You'll know what will happen if you attempt to find that wormhole. You'll be flying right back in the middle of that battle, and it would all be for nothing, so it's off limits. They also have a vested interest in the protection of this Line." Dawn told her. "The First is trying to gain enough power to revert everything back to the beginning where it's power is the greatest. Becoming corporeal is the first step, and the most important. Although Buffy will defeat it, the repercussions will reveal all the secrets to the public, and there will be a massive witch-hunt. Humanity will accomplish what The First couldn't. It will wipe out the Slayer Line."


"The Slayer Line is what we're trying to save. You can ask Giles for more specifics when you get there." Dawn told her. "Please, Captain, will you help me save my sister?"

After glancing over to be sure that Miral was fully occupied, Kathryn moved over to the viewport where she used to look at the warp field while thinking. She thought about the pros and cons of what they were asking, and the reward that they were offering. A chance to do it again, and make different choices. Maybe bring more of her people home, like B'Elanna. She wasn't delusional enough to know that those possible choices would necessarily be better then the original ones, but at least with her current knowledge, she'd have a decided advantage that she hadn't had the first time. But, she still had one concern. "What about Miral?"

This time it was Kahless that answered. "She will still be born to my lost daughter. She will be the first of a new generation of warriors to bring honor to her House name."

"If I do this, how will it help your sister?"

"Some time after the final battle, before the witch-hunt begins, the current Slayers will be given a choice to stay and take their chances or leave the dimension. Some will chose to leave, because it is impossible for them to kill a human without serious repercussions. They will be taken to a safe place and put in your path in the Delta Quadrant."

"You're telling me an awful lot." Kathryn suddenly turned to Dawn. "I usually don't get this much information when one of you godly types need help."

Dawn grinned. "Well, first of all, I'm not a 'godly type', and I'll tell you anything I want to. Second, you won't remember everything after you leave here, but it will come back to you in increments when you need it the most."

Kathryn's brow rose as she smirked conspiratorially at the girl, oddly unperturbed about losing the memories. A spark had flickered to life deep inside of her that she thought gone forever. "I'll do it."