Disclaimer: None of the stories that appear in "Fun with CT" actually happened in the actual Crimson Twilight world. These are random bits of events born of the author poking fun at himself and things around him.

As a minor note, don't worry, the actual CT is always in progress.

We orphans

Baelthran's was unusually full for the evening. With the raydric army having been pushed back, it was a time for celebration. There were plenty of bars in central Prontera for people to celebrate in but the once obscure Baelthran's was experiencing a sudden influx of customers. Many of them were there just to catch a glimpse of his most famous customers. The paladin, Makaelthos Solcry and his friends sat by the bar, each one of them having ordered their favorites; Morroc wine for Makaelthos, Payon spirits for Eliarainne and Kreizen, Geffen wine for Trenzein and water for the relatively cheap Silmeia and Seihanine. There was no talk of war for this night. Nobody wanted to be reminded that tomorrow, they had to clean up the remaining enemies. For tonight, it was time for good drinks (except for the high priestess and the sniper who wouldn't even make an exception for the occasion to order something that cost something) and enjoyment of familiar company. Feeling chatty, Baelthran decided to join them. He had to find a topic that didn't provoke a flashback though. With Makaelthos around, that was going to be difficult.

"Everyone's certainly come a long way! You all look a lot different ever since this siege!" Baelthran exclaimed. Well that was safe enough. Makaelthos nodded in reply. No flashback in sight. Kreizen raised his tankard.

"Damn right! We routed them like they were glass dolls! One of the best times I've had!" Kreizen answered! Feeling confident, Baelthran continued.

"And here I am serving Prontera's finest! My pop, Baeldran over at Juno would be proud I'm doing so well here. Not as proud as your folks, I'll bet!"

The mood died so fast, the Lord of Death would have blushed if it was around. Makaelthos started swirling his wine. "Yes, they would have been." He said. Baelthran started berating himself. How could he have said something so careless? Damn it all. Now he had to get this done. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry, Sir Makaelthos. I wouldn't have mentioned it if I knew your parents were dead." He hastily added.

Makaelthos shook his head. "It's alright. My parents died before I could even remember them properly. Kallifen was as close a father as I could get and, well, he's dead too."

The resulting gloom around the paladin threatened to freeze the wine he was holding. Panicked, Baelthran turned towards Eliarainne. "What about you, Rainne? I'm sure this victory will prove to your father how great the knights are!" He forced a grin. He just had to get out of this black hole of gloom the paladin was generating.

The lord knight shrugged. "Actually he's my uncle. I found out that my real father is the blood knight and then I killed him shortly after that. At least my mother is who the official records say she is. But that means she still died during childbirth."

Baelthran didn't even answer. He turned to Silmeia. Almost immediately he regretted it. It was too late, sensing the barkeep's eyes on her, Silmeia started. "My parents were killed in Glastheim when Lystra and I were little." She explained "Speaking for Agranias, he did tell me that his mother also died during childbirth and his father was essentially Mei'then Sovivor, who's also dead."

"Well I'm sorry for your losses." Baelthran mumbled. He wasn't going to look at Trenzein or the others but it was too late. By the time, Silmeia mentioned her parents, the effect was akin to a landslide of dead parent stories. Trenzein didn't even need any prodding.

"Dad was killed by a bunch of wizard separatists. My mom died after killing every one of them. What about you, Sei?" Trenzein asked. Baelthran shook his head. So it was self-perpetuating now. It even made the usually quiet Seihanine talk about herself.

"Mother died giving birth to me while my father died next to your father, Zein." She answered. Kreizen nodded to confirm the story.

Baelthran handed the sniper a new glass of water. The last one had frozen solid after Seihanine accidentally held it close to Makaelthos. "So you're all orphans. What a strange fate you all share." He said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Throwing his frozen wine glass away, Trenzein suddenly spoke up. "You know what? I'll bet my cloak that we all have some forgotten memories of a time when we all knew each other in an orphanage!"

Everyone was quiet after that. Taking a sip from her glass, it was Seihanine who answered first.

"Trenzein, that's lame."

Khaesilya, who was standing behind Makaelthos all the time suddenly raised her hand.

"I was born from the great sacred pool where all sohees come from. It's still alive."