Prontera's market district was especially crowded for the day. It was two more days before the annual mid-year tournament. Various people from all the corners of Rune-Midgard were arriving to prove their skills and win the prize money. With the tide of potential customers rolling in, the entrepreneurs of Prontera were poised for business. Merchants had their wares lined up while blacksmiths brought out their finest works. Visiting knights would shop for their equipment and the forgers were more than eager to supply.

Kreizen Xalascent's smithy was no exemption. Though his shop was a small, squat building around the outskirts of the market district but people sought him out specifically. He needed no crier, his weapons and armor advertised themselves. Seihanine Xalascent was not surprised to hear the loud clanging of hammer against anvil at the crack of dawn when she checked up on him. Sure enough, she found her brother working on something by his emperium anvil. "Ho, Sei, you're pretty early." He remarked without turning.

Seihanine sighed in response. "Speak for yourself, my brother. What are you working on this time?"

Kreizen continued pounding. Even he felt it rude to talk to people with your back turned but he didn't dare turn his back on his work now. "Just a bit of armor a customer commissioned me to enhance. Five units of elunium! Can you believe it? I had my doubts it could handle that many but the money was good..."

"So have you accomplished it?" Seihanine asked. She never doubted her brother's ability to forge. She didn't have to look at the works of others to know that he was one of the greatest, if not the greatest.

Kreizen wiped the sweat from his brow and grinned. "I sure did! Five units of solid elunium to provide great protection! I doubt any blacksmith can do better!" He was finished. In pride, he held out the piece.

Seihanine stared at the white, triangular piece of cloth. "Those are panties, my brother." She remarked. Where five units of elunium could possibly go on the piece of women's underwear, she didn't want to know.

"Not just any panties; they're especially armored panties that are ready to take an axe head on. I believe he also wanted these enchanted with the essence of a savage so I recommended Trenzein to him."

"Him, Kreizen? Your customer is a man?"

The blacksmith nodded as if everything still made perfect sense. Then he smote his palm with a fist. "Oh, that's right! I did promise to enhance your headgear, Sei! Now where is it…ah, here it is!"

Kreizen opened a small closet near his forge and took out what appeared to be an apple with an arrow stuck to it. Seihanine did not know why the apple had stopped rotting ever since she stuck that arrow to it but she didn't really care. Whatever improved her aim was alright. The blacksmith held the piece of fruit with a pair of tongs and stuck it inside his forge, ready to enhance its armor.

A/N: For those who might have difficulty understanding, enhancing armor simply means upgrading it. A unit of elunium means a 1 to the def so 5 units enhancement means a 5 to the armor. Enchanted with savage essence means it is slotted and compounded with the savage card.