Title: Forsaken Angel

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst

Pairing: Betelgeuse/Lydia

Summery: On Lydia 's 18th birthday she learns about her true heritage and the power she now possess, unfortunately someone else knows about her powers and will do anything to get control of them. Can Betelgeuse save her in time or will she lose her very soul?

Warning: Violence, gore, and sex. Later on in the story, may be OOC you tell me.

Disclaimer: I do not own Beetlejuice; I wish I did, but no such luck.

God, your putting pressure on me 1woof1, grrrr lol no it's cool, I like it when people tell me what they want it makes things more…amusing, it is because of that review that I decided to have Lydia and Betelgeuse meet in this chapter instead of the fourth, but they won't be getting that physical until later chapter maybe the fifth for now it will just be about possession and minor touching.

I am trying something new which you are all familiar with, but I have never done it in my writing. I will be changing POV more often that is why there are more line and I will now have thought in italic thanks

Hope you like it.

So with out further ado I give you chapter three.


Chapter Three-We meet again


Silently following her Father around the cellar, Lydia took note as to how tense he still was as he searched through all the cobweb covered items in frustration as if he did not want to show Lydia what was hidden in the dark abyss. Just when she was about to tell her Father it was fine and what ever he wanted to show her could wait, he stepped in front of her holding what appeared to be a jewelry box. Confused she took the box only to nearly drop it as she felt movement upon her finger, peering closer she gasped noticing the figurines were changing and moving constantly. Staring at her Father in shock he began to explain the purpose of leading her down there.

"It belonged to your Mother, she said on your eighteen birthday you will enquire about her and told me to give this to you. I was hoping that you would have forgotten or not know to ask me about it, obviously you remember." Charles stated calmly as Lydia's eyes turned dark purple as she concentrated on her Father's words. "Your Mother was a witch, of sort; she did not die in a fire but disappeared." Charles said as Lydia's violet eyes widen in realization at the through that her Mother may still be alive till a new thought crossed her mind.

"Is that why I could see ghost?" Lydia asked in curiosity, trying to grasp her new found situation.

"I presume so, your Mother told me that all the answer to your question will be in this box, I can't explain anymore than this." Charles said sadly as Lydia's eyes soften as she stared at her Father's dejected form before pulling him into a small hug.

"Thanks Daddy," Lydia whispered softly before disappearing up the stair not noticing how badly he shook or his words of caution at the danger that awaited her.


Silently entering her room and gliding over towards the bed, Lydia sat upon it delicately placing the box her side. Sighing, she slowly stretched anxious yet excited at what it may contain. Letting her curiosity overcome her Lydia slowly opened the lid only to find a small ring atop a scroll. Tilting her head to the side in confusion Lydia slowly lifted the ring observing how a shadow was moving to and fro within the binding, as if in a trace Lydia gently placed the ring on her ring fingerand began turning it three times before she was blinded by a light that filled the entire room when the light finally left Lydia was gone.


Twin moon's shined down upon the valley of the dead lighting a path through the dark streets as a tall man with crazy blond hair and a black and white striped suit stormed into an old run-down bar, walking right past the whores that lined the wall and went straight to the bar. Slowly walking over to the livid man the bartender just rolled his one eye as he stared at Betelgeuse in slight annoyance before demanding to know what he wanted. Growling in the back of his thought Betelgeuse glared at the pudgy man in front of him, taking in the stained clothes and missing eye before his wide shoulder sagged and he sighed deeply.

"Give me a shot of the strongest drink you got," Betelgeuse muttered before turning around taking in the usual crowd that gathered here, from the trashy hookers to the ugly bikers, rolling his jade eyes in annoyance he turned back toward the bar only to see a small lean boy with short ebony hair in front of him ordering a beer.

"It's been awhile Bee, I heard you got caught trying to force a breather into being your wife." The man teases only to slide away from the insane glee dancing in Betelgeuse's emerald eyes only to fade.

"It's none of your business," Betelgeuse snarled as the man's leg began to shake, but a smirk was still on his face.

"If it was me, I would have had her begging me to stay, I guess you really are not the ghost with the most like they say," The man said as Betelgeuse got up from his seat taking a step closer to the shaking man.

"Care to repeat that Joey," Betelgeuse hissed harshly as he went to grab Joey by the scuff of his overcoat only to hear a shout of pain from behind them. Turning around in confusion, Betelgeuse and Joey watch as a small beautiful girl jumped over the body of the fallen man only to be grabbed by his comrade.

"Leave me alone!" The girl screamed as she tried to pull her arm out of his grab having no clue the effect her words had on a certain poltergeist. Turning around Joey elbowed Betelgeuse smirking.

"She's hot; I wondered when she got here." He said as Betelgeuse quietly whispered 'Lydia' before quickly stalking over to the man. "Wonder what his problem is now?" Joey asked as he took a sip from his beer watching the scene unfold


Stalking over to the biker Betelgeuse quickly grabbed the man by his jacket slamming his fist into the man's clueless face. Screaming in pain before falling to the ground the man's comrade charged at Betelgeuse only to have a giant snake appear before him, freezing in fear the snake smirk before lashing out at him digging his fangs deep into shoulders causing blood to spray on the whores who quickly left in disgust. Shocked the other men grabbed their friend on the floor before quickly rushing to leave the building, seeing the men run away Betelgeuse smiled viciously as he appeared in front of them leaning against the doorway with his armed crossed.

"Where do you think you're going Bub," Betelgeuse asked as he slowly began to approach the cowering men. Suddenly three chairs pulled forward causing the men to fall into them. "You see the girl you were messing with is MINE, and if you hope to live the rest of your death peacefully I'd advise you never go near her again." Betelgeuse growled as the men franticly nodded their heads before Betelgeuse blasted them out of the building, sighing he turned to look at Lydia only to find the room empty except the bartender and Joey. Turning red with rage he turned toward his friend before he exploded. "Where did she go?" Betelgeuse screamed as Joey fell out of his chair in fear quickly pointing toward the back door. Not a second later he was gone.


Jumping over a fallen tree log the petite girl continued running through the forest only to hear a sudden growl from behind her. Gasping she began to flee faster hoping to get away from the monster that was chasing after her, seeing a clearing to the right Lydia began turn only to have the man of her nightmare and dreams appear in front of her. Screaming Lydia tried to stop only to have the man slam her to the ground, quickly saddling her round hips.

"Do you have any clue how long I was lock in that waiting room!" Betelgeuse roared in anger as Lydia's vision began to blear. Slowly raising her hand to her face Lydia could feel something wet slide down her face. "Lyds?" Betelgeuse asked concerned by the blood streaming down her face, only to stop. 'Blood? She should not be able to bleed unless,' Betelgeuse thought only to gasp softly. "You're still alive, but how…how did you get here?" Betelgeuse questioned as Lydia's world became black.


"It has been nearly ten hours since I brought her here," Betelgeuse muttered to himself as he began to pace to kitchen not even bothering to eat the bugs that were fearfully scurrying around him hoping to et to safety before he saw them. Growling in frustration Betelgeuse quickly walked over to the cabinet nearly tearing it off its hinges as he searched for any type of alcohol, a few minutes later Betelgeuse almost purring in delight when he found a bottle of Vodka sitting in the way back. Without getting a glass Betelgeuse began to down the whole bottle without a care licking his lips as if just return from the desert, finally finishing the bottle Betelgeuse began searching for more nearly tearing the house apart in the process. Four bottles of Vodka and Whiskey later Betelgeuse was lounging on the couch with his hand over his eyes resting not hearing the scuffle of bare feet against the floor or the sound of the bedroom door opening.

X x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X

Lydia silently walked into the living room nearly jumping in delight when she noticed that he was not there. Creeping toward the door Lydia suddenly felt something sharp stab her foot, screaming slightly she quickly looked down only to see the glass from a broken bottle inserted into the arch of her foot watching as the blood slowly dropped off her foot and onto the carpet below forming a black spot. Transfixed at watching the blood, Lydia failed to notice Betelgeuse rise up from the couch until she was grabbed by her shoulders and slammed against the wall. She wrinkled her nose at the smell of the alcohol on his breath before she looked up into his narrowed jade eyes.

"Just were do ya think ya going?" Betelgeuse slurred as he pressed his large body against Lydia's smaller staring intensely at her lush lips.

"That's none of your concern," Lydia stated bravely only to wince at the bruising grip at her shoulders, her once brave eyes now wide with fear.

"Do you think your better than me cause you were the only breather I could not get!" Betelgeuse snarled angrily as Lydia tried to get away.

"I just want to go home," Lydia cried as she tried to push Betelgeuse off her only to have him grab both her wrist in one hand.

"What I'm not good enough for you, you think you can leave me again?" Betelgeuse hissed as leaned over pressing his lips against Lydia's rosy one. Freezing, Lydia stared into Betelgeuse closed eyes in shock only to see him crumble to the floor. Sighing in relief and concern Lydia slowly started to drag him to the bedroom careful of the cut on her foot, knowing she would not leave this place until she was positive Betelgeuse was alright.


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