"Watch your step…perfect. Now are you sure you can't see anything?"

Chloe laughed. "Ollie! I haven't been able to see a thing since you put this blindfold on me! I'm only glad that it's velvet. Very soft on the eyes."

"Yes. Well I couldn't have anything harming those eyes, because beautiful ones they are. OK, sit right here…"

Oliver was busy leading her around as he spoke, and now helped her to sit. Chloe ran her hand along the very plush fabric of what felt like the arm of a chair. Ollie loved to surprise her and had kidnapped her on more than one occasion. But never anything this elaborate. He had shown up at the Planet at 11:45, blindfolded her and led her away with only a whispered "you're coming with me." Since no one tried to stop them, she assumed that at least her editor was in on the plan. Oliver then loaded her into what she could only assume was a limo, with the back being so spacious and Ollie simply telling the driver they were ready.

"Now are you ready for me to take the blindfold off?" Oliver was kneeling in front of her, his hands resting on her knees.

"Yes! Definitely yes." Chloe said, barley containing her laughter.

"Are you sure? Do you really want me to take the blindfold off?" he continued to tease.

"Yes!" Chloe played along even though she was about to explode with curiosity.

"OK. But do you really, really, really-"

"Ollie!" Chloe punched his shoulders lightly with her fists.

Oliver laughed out loud. "All right, all right. The blindfold…is…coming off."

She felt his arms brush past her ears as he untied the knot at the back of her head. She blinked twice as her eyes adjusted to the light and was surprised to find that she was seated in a plush armchair aboard a private jet. She looked questioningly at Oliver as he settled into a chair next to her, obviously well pleased with himself.

"I told you I had a big surprise planned for you for Valentine's Day, and this is part of it."

Chloe raised her eyebrows in anticipation, then narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "But Valentine's day isn't until tomorrow." she pointed out.

"Yes it is. But…" Oliver paused for dramatic effect. "But Valentine's Day begins in exactly five hours—in Rome!"

Chloe's mouth dropped open then she squealed in delight. She hadn't been to Rome since her father came back to the states a year previous. "We're going to Rome?"

"I knew you wanted to go back someday, so I decided someday was today." Oliver smiled. Chloe's eyes were sparkling in that way he adored when she was especially happy.

"Wait a minute. I don't have any clothes!" she exclaimed suddenly.

"Oh don't worry about that." Oliver was quick to reassure her. "I called Lois and had her pack for you."

"Lois packed for me? Ollie, are you sure that was a good idea?"

Oliver chuckled at his girlfriend's chagrined tone. "Probably not. But who cares. If she messed something up we'll shopping. Now you just sit back, relax, and let me take care of everything."

He was leaning over the arm of his chair toward hers, and Chloe leaned toward him in kind, accepting his kiss lovingly. "Thank you, honey."

"Mmmm." Ollie kissed her again. "You're welcome, baby. But the best is yet to come!"

"So, have you thoroughly enjoyed today?"

Chloe smiled over her glass of wine (having made and exception to her usual non-alcoholic drink in the spirit of the occasion). "Do you even have to ask? Being able to just fly away with you to Italy and spend the day walking through Rome with you, and this amazing dinner…everything I want—any whim at all—at my fingertips? It felt decadent. Almost sinful."

Oliver smiled in return. "No sin in enjoying the finest money can buy every once in awhile. Especially when I enjoy spoiling you so much."

"Well, I don't think I'd have any trouble living like this all the time." Chloe said.

Oliver smiled wider, and his eyes grew tender. "In that case, I have one more surprise for you. Let's take a walk, shall we?"

Walking through the streets in the night air, her hand tucked safely in Ollie's, Chloe found it hard to think of a time in which she had been more content. Spending the day with him in Rome was proving to be far beyond anything she had imagined almost three years before. Being with him in general far exceeded anything she imagined back then. She couldn't have foreseen how quickly they would fall, how completely they would devote themselves to each other. How utterly perfect they were together. How the work it took to sustain a relationship didn't seem as hard because they were both committed to it from the very beginning.

She was drawn from her reverie when she realized they had stopped walking. Looking around, she saw that they were standing in the middle of the square. He was holding her hand and when she looked up, he was looking down at her adoringly. An adoration that matched her own gaze she was sure.

Tears filled her eyes. At some point during their relationship, Chloe and Oliver talked about their experiences in Rome that year and how they each struggled with their blossoming feelings for the other. Chloe had told him about this very daydream.

"You remembered." she whispered.

Oliver nodded tenderly, and then his look grew serious.

"Chloe. I love you."

"I know. You tell me all the time." she laughed softly. "And I love you."

"I know. You tell me all the time." Oliver said cheekily and Chloe laughed again. "I love you more than I've ever loved any other woman. Maybe I never even really loved them. What I feel for you, Chloe is so far beyond those feelings-that's the only conclusion I can make. You are the only woman I've ever loved."

"Oh, Ollie." Chloe sniffed.

"And that's how I know that I have to have you in my life forever."

As he spoke, Oliver reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. He opened it, and inside was a tasteful princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. Chloe's hands flew to her mouth and she gasped softly.

"Oh my god!" she murmured and the tears trickled down her cheeks. He dropped to one knee, and reached for her left hand. He looked up into her eyes, and his own shown with all the love and desire she knew he carried inside.

"I already talked to your father, and he's given us his blessing." Oliver said. "So now I ask you…Chloe Sullivan? Will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Chloe whispered. Her smile threatened to split her face. "Yes!"

Oliver kissed her hand in response then slid the ring onto her trembling finger. He barely had time to fully stand before she was in his arms, their faces inches apart. He nuzzled her nose with his own for just a moment before he kissed her, and Chloe thought two things.

Number one, he hadn't missed a thing when it came to remembering the details of her daydream. And number two, she was wrong before.

Right then, in that moment with her fiancée in her arms she was the most content she had ever been.