Author's note: This story is continuning from First Encounter, but you should be able to read it with out having read that. Sorry about jumping about so much in this chapter.

Second Encounter

Chapter 1

A man in tattered clothes was tied to the top of a cage weaved out of sticks, trying to figure out how he had gotten up there in the first place.

Hm, there was woods, and a net, and some little people…..

That was it! He was captured by a munchkin tribe while he was walking through the forest. Well, why was he walking through the forest anyway?

Oh, look. There was a girl in here too. She was sitting right below him, so he couldn't see her face and she couldn't see him right now. She had some really dark hair, and some weird clothes. Where did she get that jacket? He shook his head at his erratic thought pattern, that was where he had got his name. Glitch.

He was pulled back to the present as her locket was dropped the hundred or so feet to the ground and she yelled about it.

"You guys are out of your tiny little minds!" she loudly called after the munchkins that had been speaking to her.

Glitch quietly watched as she sighed at her lost trinket and started to look around the cage.

Uh-oh. Um, she was looking at him with a really bright blue set of eyes. He adverted his own as best as he could. Man, was that a piercing gaze if he ever saw one.

"What are you doing-"

He nervously cut in, "Up here?" she nodded and the tattered man took his cue to continue, "Well, the little- ANKLE-BITERS!" He yelled in the direction of the far off culprits. "They thought it would be funny to keep me hanging around."

Glitch glanced down at her. Maybe she would help him? It was worth a try.

"Loosen that rope and I might have the last laugh." he said with a friendly grin.

The strangely dressed girl looked at the rope, then back at him, but didn't move to undo it. Obviously thinking twice about helping him.

He said he knew the way to Central City and would guide her there. Normally she would never trust someone she didn't know, but this was different, she didn't know anyone here and she really wanted to find her parents and go back to her boring life.

And so, DG had unknotted the rope tied to the bar and the strange man was lowered to the floor. As he had caught his balance and slid off the coil around his thin waist she noticed he had a zipper in the middle of his head. Once asked about it, he had told her the sorceress Azkadilla had removed his brain because of what he had known. What a crazy place….

"The name's Glitch, I'm called that because sometimes my synapses don't fire right." He smiled, then his face went oddly blank, "sometimes my synapses don't fire right." he smiled again.

Now she raised her eyebrow, was he ok? "You just said that"

Confusion swept his features "Did I? Well, there I go, glitching again!"

"Well I'm DG." she said offering her hand for a handshake. Glitch jerked his head and shook it a few times like a dog ridding itself of water.

Ok then. She lowered her hand.

After swinging out of the cage and climbing quickly down the small ladder they ran through the forest as quietly as they could.

Glitch was pondering what had happened when she had introduced herself. Instead of hearing her voice, he had heard the sing-sing voice of a child.