Chapter 11

As they made their way into yet another forest, DG's thoughts were swirling with all of the sudden information she had just been told. Her parents weren't her parents. They were robots programmed to raise her and keep her safe and oblivious. She frowned and ran her fingers over the new circular mark on her hand. The had said her real mother, the lady with the beautiful lavender eyes that had kept appearing in her dream, had left it for her. To help her.

Was her mother really so weak she had to give her away?

"I wonder why my mother abandoned me." She found herself saying aloud.

"Maybe not her fault" Raw answers quietly from behind her "She was weak. Maybe sick."

The twenty annual old furrowed her brow. What if she is still sick? What if she dies before I can meet her?


Glitch shhs the seer quickly. Really! Did he want to make DG worry?

"Nah, I'm sure she's fine" he says cheerfully, glancing at the girl in front of him, " Probably waiting somewhere for DG with a warm cup of Mug Lug" The headcase grins to himself, remembering, for the moment, the rich, brothy, golden brown soup that would always make one's day a little better.

He blinks when he realized that she was looking at him with a puzzled expression. Oh! She probably didn't know what Mug Lug was. Or maybe didn't remember….That's right, she is from here…. He gives a small chuckle.

"It's a soup. Something wonderful from my world….." Glitch explains with a slightly goofy grin.

"Lets pick up the pace." The serious blonde man suddenly cuts in, "I want some space between us and the longcoats"

The headcase sighs. That ex-tin man was always wanting to be on the move.

"You know, Cain, I understand why you're afraid of the dark." the tattered man says as he tags along behind the group, "What with being locked up for all of those years. But come on! Relax!" Glitch pauses to look around at the forest happily with his arms wide to the side, "It's a beautiful day. There's a rainbow in the sky. And we're nearly at the pot of gold." noticing that the rest of the group had left him behind, he runs after them. "Wait for me!"


"We're not in central city yet." Cain states out loud as they continue the trek through the thick forest, flicking away a few annoying mosquitoes buzzing around his head with the back of his hand.

"You know what your problem is Cain?" the chatty inventor starts, 'You're always fighting the tide. Always making yes or no and good or bad.'" he gestures to his left and right separately as if he was making invisible categories, "I've been thinking. If mystic man really does have all the answers then maybe after he has helped DG find her mom, he could help me refill my noggin," He smiles happily then gestures to the viewer beside him, "Give raw here some spine…... And maybe do something for you about your lousy attitude!" he pointedly raises his voice.

"Or maybe he can put a zipper where it'll do some good." the blonde mutters as he steps over a fallen log covered in moss, not even missing a beat.

"Hey! I heard that Tin Man!" Glitch fusses loudly with a bit of a pout like a small child.

"Good." Cain retorts smugly, glancing over his shoulder to the headcase behind him, "Maybe you will take a hint and shut that trap of yours for a while."

DG sighs, honestly they were starting to act like children now…...well Glitch is kinda childlike to begin with, but still... She could feel a slight pain in her temple from the beginnings of a headache and the bickering was not helping the situation at all.

"Come on guys," she begs, "Please don't fight. I know we are all tired and a bit annoyed maybe."

Raw tilts his head, watching her with soft eyes "Perhaps rest awhile?"

She smiles at him, relieved that she wasn't the first one to suggest that, but happy he did.

"Yeah, Cain, a small rest would be nice" she says as the blonde turns to face her.

He frowns, clearly not liking the idea of another break after the long one they had in the Robot Village just a couple of hours ago. He opens his mouth to say something, probably against the idea, but pauses as the bright blue eyes watches him hopefully.

Sighing in defeat, he nods "Alright Alright.. let's take a break."

"Thank you" DG smiles at the Tin Man, who just shrugs it off and mutters about 'checking the area' before moving off in the brush. She finds a fallen log nearby that was only slightly covered in moss and sits down. She closes her eyes and rubs her temple. When a warm hand lays on top of hers, she jumps in surprise.

"Raw sorry" the viewer apologies, not meaning to scare her, "Raw helps pain" He offers and holds his hand up again.

"It's just a little headache Raw, I'm fine" DG tells him.


Glitch flomps down on the ground, frowning when something sharp and hard dug into his ribs. Sitting up, he pulls out the fist sized dirt covered heart he had unearthed back in the Village.

What did I forget? I feel like it was important. He frowns at the glittering thing, turning it back and forth in the semi shade of the trees.

''Ambrose!" a woman's voice filled with fear and worry screamed

A stabbing pain erupts in the side of his head suddenly and he grasps his head with a whimper and curls in on himself.

"Count backwards from 100….99…." a man's cold voice filled his head.

He clutches his head harder, nails digging into his scalp as the pain increases. Pitiful cries of pain passed his lips without him even realizing


Faintly, he thought he heard some one else talking, a soft voice, a worried voice. A nice voice…...


Blessed darkness takes him over.

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