Who Wants to Race Me?

DISCLAIMER/WRITER'S NOTE: After what seems like an eternity, chapter eight is finally up! I thank you for your great patience, and rest assured that this chapter and the next two will be written with my best efforts! SpongeBob SquarePants is owned by Stephen Hillenburg, Nickelodeon, and United Plankton, Ltd. Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Yuji Naka, Sega, and Sonic Team.


"Righty-o, then. Shall we head off to kick butt?" asked Sandy hopefully.

"Hold it right there, you beautiful thing of a squirrel," cut off Spongebob.

Sandy turned her head toward Sonic. "Did that boy just flirt with me?"

"Hey, you're asking the wrong person," Sonic shook his hands.

"I believe that there is someone we've forgotten about. MR. K!" shouted the overzealous sponge.

"Arr, boy! Ye don't have t' shout!"

"Well Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and I are heading off to prevent the villains from proceeding in their scheme for world domination! Are you coming?"



"I already told ye, boy! I got a sore back!"

"C'mon Mr. Krabs, please?"







"Argh! I'm telling ye no! AND THAT'S FINAL!"

With much annoyance, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Spongebob, and Sandy departed the tree dome, each wearing their own method of breathing. (Air necklaces for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles; air helmet for Sandy. Obviously, Spongebob doesn't need anything because he can breathe underwater.) The five ran at their own top speed, excluding Sonic who had to slow down a bit to let the other four catch up. "Time for a little payback," grimaced Sandy as she followed the others to the bucket of evil. Sonic, being in front, jumped three inches in the air, stretched out his right leg, and kicked open the doors to the Chum Bucket, after which he slid on the floor. If this were in a video game, the word "Radical!" would appear on-screen.

"Alright, where are those creeps? I can't wait to crush their feeble bones with my spiked knuckles!" said the one bearing the spiked knuckles.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! You fools! Did you really think you could get in here without dying first?!" said a familiar voice.

"Plankton! Where are you? Come out to where I can see you clearly!" commanded a determined sponge, oddly enough straying from his usual childish nature.

"Oh, someone will come out alright, but it won't be me!"

As soon as the evil microscopic villain said this, from the left door came two hundred robots; one hundred water-proof Egg Pawns and one hundred of Plankton's robots! The red and gray robots stood their ground, eyeing our heroes menacingly. "DESTROY THEM! STOP AT NOTHING UNTIL ALL FIVE BODIES ARE IN TINY LITTLE PIECES!"

The robotic army began to walk towards the heroes, each robot having their own weapon pointed forward. "What's this? Two hundred robots all being commanded to kill us? This can only mean one thing…I'm gonna have lots of fun disassembling circuitry!" laughed the extremely violent echidna. Knuckles acted first as he lunged to the mob of artificial soldiers. He grabbed one robot with his hands, and spun himself around, using the Egg Pawn he grabbed as a weapon.

Next, Sonic entered the fray as he used his homing attack at an amazing pace, destroying about a dozen of Plankton's robots in a matter of three seconds! The teenaged blue rodent then spun around in the air, making a small blue tornado which picked up six robots, and threw all of them in different directions, destroying even more mechanized monsters!

Tails began to rotate his tails at a dizzy speed, turned around and ran backwards to destroy a row of seven robots. When this happened, several robots surrounded Tails, thinking that he was done for. However, Tails was prepared for such an event, and jumped into the air. He then used his tails as a helicopter to escape the incoming fleet. He then swooped down, grabbed one of Plankton's robots, and dropped it on a rather large hoard of robots, which made all of the robots in a nearby radius explode.

The Egg Pawns looked at the sponge in confusion. How could this little sea creature possibly take care of itself? Nevertheless, they followed the orders issued by Plankton. Spongebob took a step back, but his eyes had a kind of air that said, "Bring it on!" The Egg Pawns dashed towards the porous freak, but as they did, Spongebob somersaulted to where the Egg Pawns were, grabbed one, jumped in the air, spun around several times, and threw the robot to a group of Plankton's robots. Spongebob landed on the metallic floor, using his arms as helicopter propellers to descend slowly, and pushed both of his arms back which destroyed two other robots.

Sandy herself was having quite a time using her karate skills to destroy several robots. She imitated Knuckles' drill drive, but did it sideways which acted like the Digger from Atlantis. The action destroyed about twenty robots at the same time. Sandy spun like a top, which destroyed a few more robots, and when she finished, she grabbed an Egg Pawn, did a back flip, and used the crimson robot like a bowling ball, knocking over a lot more robots.

Abruptly enough to surprise someone of non-hero status, countless robots surrounded the Sonic Heroes. Sonic grinned mischievously as he whispered something to his two best friends. Both nodded their heads. In a single, swift motion, Tails grabbed Sonic's feet, Knuckles did the same to Tails' feet, spun around several times, let go of Tails while Tails let go of Sonic, and with that, Tails kicked Sonic's behind into the air as Sonic cried, "BLAST AWAY!" as the three speedsters flew across the Chum Bucket, colliding off of everything in sight, which destroyed about half of the robots that remained. All three landed on their feet and exhaled as if nothing happened.

Spongebob and Sandy stared at these three superheroes in shock. They then noticed a small group of robots were closing in on them. They then attempted to imitate the cooperative attack they had just seen…in a quite laughable manner. Spongebob attempted to throw Sandy in the air, but tripped and slid across the floor instead, sweeping many robots off their feet. Sandy, being thrown just about three inches in the air attempted to regain her balance when she realized that a robot was flying right at her! She grabbed the robot, threw it at Spongebob unintentionally, and then made Spongebob launch into a wall. He bounced off of it, rebounded off of Sandy, and in a choppy movement, the two ocean dwellers were uncontrollably bouncing off everything in sight which actually succeeded in destroying a considerable amount of robots.

While the heroes fought the manmade army however, two certain villains and two certain captives watched a small monitor to see five harmless-looking anthropomorphic creatures totally massacring two hundred battle robots. Eggman watched in horror. "Wow! Those five wimps are totally destroying our creations! I expected this out of Sonic and even Tails and Knuckles, but that sponge and squirrel! Needless to say, I'm impressed. Should we call reinforcements?" the crazed doctor asked the small creature.

"Na, I'm just enjoying the show, and besides, I still have my secret weapon!"

"It will never work!" Amy protested. "Sonic and his friends will stop you!"

"Yeah! What she said!" added Patrick.

The two geniuses looked at each other, and then burst into fits of maniacal laughter. "'Sonic and his friends will stop you!' Ha! That's classic!" Plankton mocked, trying to hold back his laugher.

"Hey, how did you even get that crab to expect Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles anyway?" asked Amy.

"Well, since both of you are about to die anyway, I might as well tell you. It all just happened a few hours ago…"

"Oh goody! A flashback!" Patrick yipped in enjoyment.


Plankton approached a modest, pink, anchor-shaped house in a small robot to allow himself to reach the doorbell. Using a robotic hand, he rang the yellow bell. In a few minutes, the door opened to reveal an elderly female crab wearing a purple blouse. "Hello there, gorgeous. Remember me?" asked Plankton.

The crab leaned forward to get a better look at the green creature even though she wore blue spectacles. "Oh…it's you again. Come to steal the formula again, have you?"

"No, whatever gave you that idea? The fact that I just came up with a devilish plan to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula and just showed up at your doorstep just moments after on the exact same day later is just an amusing coincidence!"

"Yeah right. Sorry, Plankton, but you'll never get the formula out of me!"

"I didn't come to ask you about the formula at all, my dear. I merely came to ask you to tell your son that three visitors, each one bearing a different primary color shall come to his establishment to partake in a race that that little yellow fry cook just convinced him in doing."

"Which son? The incredibly handsome, generous, and successful one or the stingy little cheap one?"

"Err…the second one."

"Nice try, Plankton, but there's no way I'm telling me son that!"

"I've got chocolate mints," Plankton stated, as he held up a green box with green-wrapped cuboid mints inside.

"Well, you talked me into it," said the crab, whisking away the box and heading off to the Krusty Krab.

"Wow. That was easier than I thought!" said Plankton to himself.

"That was it? Boy does that crab fall short of a challenge!" companied Eggman.

"Who cares? I tricked her, didn't I?"


Little did the two villains know that while they were conversing, the door behind them had just burst open. The smell of burned silicon swept the room.

"Ugh! Do you ever clean this place, Plankton?" complained Amy.

"Shut up. Five heroes are about to burst into the room right about…"

"…NOW!" shouted Spongebob, as the previously said statement came to reality.

"AMY!" exclaimed Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

"SONIC!" Amy yelled in an obsessed voice.

"PATRICK!" shouted Spongebob and Sandy.

"SPONGEBOB!" yipped Patrick.

There was a short silence until Eggman said in a hateful tone, "SONIC."

Sonic stepped forward. "Well, eggy, it looks like you lose again!"

"Not quite, warthog. Take a look at your pink friend. As you can see, she is dangling helplessly above a large cauldron of boiling oil. Make any sudden movements or else your girlfriend gets fried and so does the starfish!" Eggman threatened.

"She's not my girlfriend!"

"Whatever. However, I may consider changing my mind IF you hand me all of your Chaos Emeralds and the secret formula for the Krabby Patty."

"Hmm…give you the emeralds to help you do evil or my friends get fried. Well, Amy was always a pain in the butt…"

"SONIC!" Amy screamed in a scared voice.

"Oh, what the heck? I'm not giving up any Emeralds or letting you cook my friends, doc!"

"No emeralds? Well then, down your friends go!" Eggman pulled a lever and the rope let go of Amy and Patrick, making them plummet to their doom! "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" yelled Amy and Patrick in a bloody tone.

But before they knew what hit them, they were both in Sonic's arms, being whisked away to safety! "Oh Sonic! You're so romantic, I could kiss you!" Amy flirted as she moved her lips toward Sonic's. Sonic just stood there and tenderly pushed Amy's head back, away from his face.

"Don't push your luck, Ames."

Eggman and Plankton just stared at Sonic, mouths open. "What's up, doc? Did you forget how fast I am?"

Plankton whispered into Eggman's ear, "I think we should be getting out of here," realizing that the win-to-lose ratio was not in their favor.

"Not yet, Planky!" Eggman protested. "That two-tailed freak is still endangered, Sonic!" Eggman pulled out a remote in his left pocket and put his thumb on the single button on the device. "Make any sudden movements or your friend terminates! All I have to do is push this little button!"

Sonic smirked, "Yeah...if you can push it before I grab it!"

Eggman grinned nervously, still holding the remote. He lifted his index finger to dramatically push said button, but the moment he did, Sonic, in a flash of blue, swiped the remote away from Eggman. Sonic chuckled in that fashion that only he could chuckle, lobbing the remote in his hand. "Okay...now we're in trouble!"

Eggman quickly pressed a button on a second remote he carried in his right pocket, and immediately came his Egg Walker in its hover mode. Eggman and Plankton quickly jumped in, blasted a hole in the Chum Bucket ceiling, and flew out of the bucket of evil.

"Well, I guess we win!" proclaimed Spongebob, putting his arms on his sides.

"Not yet, Spongebob," Sonic protested, "We still need to stop those crazy doctors at most. We can't just let them escape! Come on, guys! We're not done yet!"

The seven heroes attempted to exit the villains' base until suddenly Amy tapped Sonic's shoulder rapidly. "What?!" Sonic asked, annoyed.

Amy motioned her finger towards her lips nervously, trying to point out that she couldn't breathe out side of the Chum Bucket! "MMFF!" buzzed Amy, her lips clenched tightly together.

"Hold on...how are we supposed to get her out of here if she can't breathe?!" asked Spongebob.

"Wait a minute...my fourth air necklace! Do you guys think that'll work?" asked Tails.

"Yeah, but remember it's faulty? It only lasts five minutes!" warned Knuckles.

"It'll have to do," Tails decided.

"No, Tails. Give it to me. I'll give Amy my air necklace. I'll never forgive myself if anyone...even Amy...gets hurt," Sonic put his head down.

Amy shook her head no. She very well knew Sonic couldn't last five seconds underwater without an air supply and she didn't want him to get hurt. "Amy, don't be stupid. I need to protect you!" Sonic reminded.

All of a sudden, Amy jabbed Sonic's face, proving her persistence! "Ouch! All right, fine! Take the faulty air necklace!" Sonic shouted angrily, rubbing his hand against his now slightly red cheek.

Sonic left the Chum Bucket and returned nine seconds later with the air necklace, quickly clamping it on Amy's dress. Amy quickly took in a deep breath, and exhaled in relief. "Thanks for trusting me, Sonic. Now let's get those two idiots!"

The heroes finally left the deserted restaurant to see Eggman's hovercraft far out of sight. "They're too far away! We'll never catch up to them!" thought Sandy.

"Never say never," Sonic laughed. "C'mon guys, grab hold of my arms," the blue hedgehog directed. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy grabbed onto Sonic's right arm, and Spongebob, Patrick, and Sandy grabbed onto Sonic's left arm. "Hold on tight," Sonic warned. Before the arm holders knew what was happening, Sonic launched his feet in the air, rotated them at a super sonic speed, and left his standing spot. The six passengers screamed half in fear and half in excitement as Sonic ran at a blistering speed, quickly catching up with the hovercraft.

Plankton looked behind him to see Sonic and his friends quickly catching up with him and Eggman. Quickly, Plankton faced Eggman and warned, "Eggman, we've got company!"

Eggman looked in his rear view mirrors. "You've gotta be kidding me." Eggman hunched forward. "I'm gonna try to lose 'em," stated Eggman as he began to make his hovercraft go in sharp zigzags. Sonic observed this action, and imitated it in a more graceful fashion. "Drat," spat Eggman. "Plankton, use the Volkan Cannon to zap that hedgehog and his friends out of existence!"

Plankton laughed, "With pleasure!" Plankton hopped to where the Volkan Cannon stood and began firing its missiles toward Sonic, but he just dashed diagonally, completely missing the blasts. Plankton tried again, but didn't even get close to shooting him.

Now it was Sonic's turn to attack. He jumped into the air, his passengers still hanging on, and fired Knuckles toward the hovercraft. "Excuse me. Coming through," taunted Knuckles as he blew a rather large dent into the craft before returning to Sonic. Sonic then sent both Tails and Sandy to the front side of the hovercraft as they shattered the craft's window upon impact and returned to run behind Sonic.

Plankton growled, "Eggman, we need more firepower!"

"You don't have to tell me twice! Let's try this!" Eggman yelled as he shot a rather large set of homing lasers out the back end of the craft toward Sonic. But the hedgehog only began to run faster, hopped directly over the lasers, and landed on the craft, the lasers still following him! "See ya!" taunted Sonic as he hopped off the craft and the lasers totally shattered the craft's armor.

"I'm growing rather tiresome of always losing! Take this, Sonic!" Eggman blurted out, as a box on the side of the craft shot two magazines of firecrackers alternately. Sonic however, was traveling too fast to be hit by simple firecrackers. They simply exploded behind his feet, Sonic chuckling. Sonic decided to send an attack of his own while this was happening as he fired Amy towards the craft. She gripped to the back of the craft and smashed it several times with her Piko Piko Hammer before bounding back to where Sonic was running.

Eggman, by now, was extremely annoyed as was Plankton. "I cannot afford to fail this time! Farewell, Sonic!" Eggman yelled maniacally as he blasted his final weapon: an enormous laser that had radius slightly larger than the craft itself!

For a second, it looked as if it was going to collide into Sonic, but at the last second, Sonic hopped high into the air and blasted Spongebob and Patrick to the left and right side of the craft. Flying at a great speed, the two best friends let out an extended, super fun-filled, "WHEEEEE!"

The invertebrates hit their target precisely, springing two leaks in the craft's gasoline tank! Plankton tapped Eggman's shoulder. "Hey buddy? I think we're in trouble!"

"Oh, you think?!" Eggman complained as the craft slowly sank to the ocean floor.

Sonic was certain that even with two leaks, it would be a while before the craft ran out of gas, so as his final attack, he ran at his top speed, rolled into a ball creating a spin dash, rolled directly below the villain's vehicle and leaped all the way through the craft, creating a gigantic cavity at the back of the vessel. To add the finishing touch to this victory, Sonic shouted to the two villains, "See ya, metal heads!" as he hopped off of the destructing walker.

The second the craft ran out of gas, Sonic and his friends surrounded the now-destroyed craft. "You lose, Eggman!" exclaimed Sonic and Sandy.

Suddenly Plankton perked up. "Not so fast fellas! I still have my secret weapon, and now you shall all pay!" Plankton threatened as he took a remote out of the glove compartment of the craft. He pressed a very large red button.


Nothing seemed to happen. Plankton pressed it again.


Plankton was getting annoyed as he began tapping the button at a very fast speed, creating many beeps. "What's going on, Plankton?" asked Eggman.

"My secret weapon! It's not at the Chum Bucket!"

Dun dun dun! Things just got really exciting! What happened to Plankton's secret weapon? You'll just have to wait until the next chapter comes out. Until then, so long, reader!