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Welcome to the Witch World?

Chapter 1- Scurrilous Scoundrel

A strange yet familiar aura catches your attention once more as you exited the forest. You had just finished your daily stroll and wanted to return home before nightfall. Desperate, you decided to quicken your pace a bit before it got too dark outside. Unfortunately, nighttime came just a little faster than you would have liked. In fact, it got dark just a little too fast.

You often had a propensity to go back into the forest whenever the sky suddenly darkened. The fact that it was happening again made you feel uneasy with the current situation at hand. Every time you returned to the heart of the forest, the sky would become as bright as it was before and wouldn't return to its resilient raven until the next day. At that time, you were usually stranded and all alone in the middle of the forest wondering, 'what the heck just happened?'.

Yet this time, something strange was going on. Some sedulous steel suddenly sprung in your green eyes. This was it! Something was sure to happen this time. You quickly ran along the dirty road, indifferent to the fact that your gossamer (light, thin) garments are becoming slightly scratched and scarred by sharp branches that stuck out from the trunks of the trees.

At long last you have arrived at the heart of the forest, only to find that nothing lies beyond. Taking a quick look around, you see that the trees have become abnormally amorphous (in other words, the background surrounding said girl is getting all fuzzy and blurry). "I don't seem to be losing consciousness," you say, or are you? No, silly, of course not.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a different place. The path is made of stone, and you are still alone. You're not quite sure what happened, but instinct is telling you to explore. With nothing else to do, you start walking at a perfect pace, your footsteps reverberating as you take each steady step. Apparently someone hears you walk and he decides to show himself and get you to talk.

"Who're you?" he asks while observing your current appearance.

"I'm Sakura, a human, and I say that because you don't look like one," you say with nervousness evident in your voice.

"Hn. I'm a wizard," he replies.

You halt in your footsteps.

"You're a what?" you ask, clearly shocked.

"Don't make me say it again," he replies, "and you said you were a human?" I nodded in response.

It was as if the whole world had stopped. Was this for real? Could you be in the place that you've always wanted to be in when you were just a young adventurer? You pondered on what you have heard for a moment. Then with slight hesitation you come up with a decision. You decided to ask the fellow just one simple question.

"Where am I?" you ask.

The wizard smirked before replying, "Welcome to the Wizarding World. You've probably about the whole story since you seem to show some stuff about the place."

"Could it be-" you start, but he goes,

"Shut up! Don't even think about saying his name!" he hissed

"So instead he is known as-" you started.

"That's right. The Reprobate," he starts, "he hates humans like you, even though it has been rumored that he happens to be one himself. You're in danger. You'll need someone to stick with you."

He smirked again. Those smirks of his were really starting to bother you.

"Hn. You're the only one who can end this," he spat out in a cold voice.

"I'll stay by your side until the day comes when you meet him face-to-face."

Should you trust him? Hmm…

"Alright…I guess. Umm…lead the way," you hesitantly say.

He dashes off, and you follow

This was going to be some journey…

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