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Chapter 3: What About..?

Okay a couple notes to help you guys get what's going to be happening in this chappie:

If Sakura's thoughts are in this text, then she's thinking to herself; NOT to her inner whereas this text implies that she is talking with her inner and finally this means that inner sakura is speaking whenever they're having their own conversations.

Also, I'm going to be putting the fic. to a normal Point Of View with a little bit of my POV here and there. My point of view alone seems to be a bit..creepy, but if I get enough requests then I'll change it back again to just my POV ;

Sakura and Sasuke were left in the room alone once more.

'What now?' Sakura wondered.

"Looks like we'll have to go to Kakashi's next," Sasuke said, which answered Sakura's question from before.

'Ooh! A mind reader! This could get interesting-'

'Don't even get started there!' Sakura roared.

"If you're done staring, then let's get going," Sasuke said in a monotone voice.

"Oh! Umm o-okay then," Sakura said while she started to get up. There was a light blush showing on her pale cheeks, but Sasuke didn't seem to notice. The blush went away, however, when he realized the bored tone that he used on her.

'Sheesh! Impatient much?' she silently thought to herself.

Once she was up Sasuke abruptly grabbed her arm. It hurt quite a bit, but before she could even protest about the pain the world around her became black once more.

A few moments passed, but that's when Sakura realized she hadn't passed out. She had shut her eyes out of habit. It seemed that the two of you were travelling through the darkness, yet you see a couple of blurred images every now and then


bits of blue


bits of purple


bits of green and orange

Before Sakura's mind could completely process what the sights that she was seeing could possibly have been, she found herself standing on top of something rough.

"Huh? Wha-"

"Hn. Looks like you're used to fast travelling then. I guess that's not all too surprising," Sasuke suddenly said.

"What are you-"

"Like I said: you've gotten used to fast travelling. There really isn't a name for the type of travelling we do here in Konoha."


Sasuke sighed in frustration while putting a hand through his silky raven locks.

"Yes. Konoha. That's the name of this world. It's my home and also yours."

Sakura stared at him in confusion. 'My home too? I don't remember living here-'

Sasuke decided to add that knowing smirk of his. "Of course. You were in the human world this whole time. Did you know that you lived here before? In fact, you were very eager to learn more about your people while living in the human world."

Now Sakura was hopelessly lost.

"I...I have no idea what you're talking about, Sasuke."

Sasuke stared at her with hard, steel black eyes. "No," he said. His bangs hung low, now covering most of his face. "No. You don't know then." Then he started jumping from tree to tree.


Sakura watched him retreat with wide, green eyes.

'Oh no! What did I do?'

'Oh I dunno? Made him mad?' Sakura's inner said, interrupting the poor ninja's troubled mind.

'Thanks for stating the obvious.' Sakura mentally dully replied while sweatdropping.


When she realized that Sasuke hadn't stopped and was even further away from her than before, she immediately cut off her chat with her inner before she became too lost in her own thoughts with her and started chasing after him.

She leaped off of a branch and landed perfectly on the next.

Her eyes widened a bit.

'How did I do that?'

She did the same thing, but this time, she leapt twice.

'Whoa! I…I can actually do this'

With determination fueling those viridian orbs, Sakura began leaping from branch to branch as Sasuke was currently doing. Soon, she was going so fast that the scenery around her was a complete hodgepodge of various different blurred colors.

Within what seemed to be a few minutes, she spotted a black blotch a few ways ahead of her.

'Sasuke,' Sakura thought at once, and she immediately forced more pressure into her legs.

Pretty soon she had managed to make her way towards the black blotch.



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It wasn't Sasuke.

Sakura was sent flying back through the trees. She hit each tree so hard that they all ended up breaking. When she was finally starting to slow down, her back roughly hit against one of the other trees.

She coughed up some blood; then she blacked out.


Meanwhile, Sasuke was still flying through the trees.

'Why? Why can't she understand that she's from here, from Konoha! Why did she have to lose her memories like that?'

Right after that thought made its way to his head, he suddenly realized that he was going way too fast.

'Damn it! There's no way she'll be able to keep up with me. After all, she's still pretty new to all of this.'

He came to an abrupt halt and looked back, only to find no Sakura in sight.



'What was that?'

Sasuke's well-trained ears picked up the sound of someone coughing and sort of gagging.



A boy with long blond hair stood in front of Sakura.

"That was too easy! Hm!"

"Quiet, Deidera! In case you haven't noticed that Uchiha brat is not that far behind!"

"Whatever," the one named Deidera said. "Let's get moving if you're so worried then! Hm!"

"That's more-"

"Who said anything about going anywhere?" a voice said.


Sasuke Uchiha stood on a branch giving his ultimate death glare to the two who had knocked out the poor cherry blossom. His sharingan was activated and the tomoes were rapidly spinning.

Deidera's assistant, Sasori, was KO'd right away, but as for Deidera…


"Hm!" That little trick won't work on me again!"

Sasuke scowled at Deidera's remark.

'Again?! What is he talking-'

That's when it hit him.

'Shit! Itachi must've used his sharingan against him and now he knows how to counter it..'

"Well now it's time for you to die! Hm!" Deidera said and he threw two paper birds towards Sasuke.

Sasuke saw this coming however, and quickly disappeared, reappearing behind Deidera in a matter of a few seconds.

He smirked at Deidera's shocked expression. "You were saying?"

Sasuke took out a kunai with an exploding tag on it. He hastily pushed Deidera off of the branch. Deidera lost his balance and started falling off of the tree. He tried to grab his partner, Sasori, with him, but his attempt failed. Instead, he ended up dragging Sasori with him, so now they were both falling.

As Sasuke watched them both falling, he threw the kunai that he was holding down towards their direction. He carried Sakura in his arms, carrying her bridal style, and started leaping from tree to tree again as fast as his legs could take him.

At that moment, a huge explosion could be heard a few yards back. Sasuke barely managed to escape the it.

Leaves flew everywhere, and got all over his hair.

When he thought they were both far enough, he carefully put Sakura down and sat down next to her unconscious form.

He had one leg down and the other one bent. His right arm was over his bent leg while he used his free arm to help support his weight on the branch.

He sighed before deciding to take a very light nap.

'Itachi is going to kill me..'

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