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Tuesday, April 7, 246

Written After Duty

This morning I saw Beka leave in a dress. I gaped at her; thank the gods she didn't see me. Seeing that gixie out of uniform is shocking but what gets me more is seeing her in a dress. It's odd.

Ulsa made me go to the Court of Rogue with her, along with other men that she hand picked for their looks rather than ability. But that's beside the point. Something was weird at Court. Everyone seemed tense. The air was thicker, the rogues weren't as laid back as they once were. Eyes flickered around as though trying to spot something that was causing the tension.

I knew what it was by the look on people's faces. They were decided whether or not their King was being honest about Crookshank's great grandson. I looked at the man and rolled my eyes. There was no way that man could have killed anyone –even a child – unless he fell on top of him. But still, in their eyes I could see the doubt; the rogues are beginning to distrust their King.

My gaze darted between Dawull and Ulsa. Which of the two are going to try to overthrow Kayfer for good? I thought about it and I decided that I didn't wish for either of them to take Kayfer's place. Someone else needed that position.

I have yet to discover who would be best suited for such a job.

Yes, I'm aware of how short this is. It's not my best either but I wanted to do a quick update before I left. The next chapter will explain a little more about what happened at the Court of Rogue. It will also be much longer...much much longer. Please don't hate me.