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It had been a couple of weeks since the Department of Mysteries and Sirius fell though the Veil. Harry just laid down for another trouble filled sleep with nightmares of all those close to him dying. But tonight was going to be different.


Harry woke up in a sewer like place without any water. "Where am I" Harry asked no one

He then noticed a green glow coming from one of the hallways and felt a pull towards it. He got up and walked towards it. When he got there, he saw a huge cage whose doors were sealed shut with a seal in the center. Then a big pair of glowing green eyes opened up and said "Hello Itachi"

"My name isn't Itachi, its Harry, Harry Potter" said Harry

"It seems your memories are still sealed up. We will just have to take care of that" it said as a scaly, snake like tail shot out of the cage and touched Harry's head before he had a chance to react

Green chakra surrounded Harry for a few moments before the tail retreated back into the cage. "What the hell was that Orochi" yelled Itachi

"Good to see you back to yourself Itachi" said Orochi in her human form with long blank hair, green eyes, pale skin, and wearing a green kimono

"What is going on" asked Itachi

"It appears there is an unknown third ability to the Mangekyo. It looks like it can open portals to different dimensions" said Orochi

"I'm in a different dimension" asked Itachi

"Yes" said Orochi

"So how did I get here" asked Itachi

"It would be easier if you watch the memories you had before I unsealed yours. Then we will talk" said Orochi

"Alright" said Itachi

A big screen TV appeared on the wall with a recliner in front of it. Itachi sat down in front of the TV and started watching it. The memories started with Voldemort killing Lily and trying to kill Harry. Then it shows the ten years of abuse under the Dursleys. Then with Harry finding out he is a wizard and his first year at Hogwarts with the Philosopher's Stone. The second year with the Chamber of Secrets, the third year with Sirius Black, the fourth year with the Triwizard Tournament, and last year with the Department of Mysteries.

"Are all those memories mine" asked Itachi after he got up

"Except for the first one, yes" said Orochi

"Where did the first one come from then" asked Itachi

"That was the last memory of the person you replaced, Harry Potter" said Orochi

"Replaced" asked Itachi

"Yes, it seems Voldemort actually killed Harry Potter but the backlash of it killed him and destroyed the house. Then you came out of the portal as a one year old baby with all your memories and abilities sealed in a lighting bolt shaped seal along with some of my chakra sealed into your eyes. So when Hagrid came to get him, he thought you were him and took you" said Orochi

"Why" asked Itachi

"Well you two look almost alike when you use my chakra with black hair and green eyes" said Orochi

"So how do you explain all those visions I had the last two years and how that guy got into my head with you here" asked Itachi

"The visions I don't know how you got. But I couldn't protect your mind since I was completely cut off from you and put to sleep. But on the good side I was awoken by that guy's repeated attacks and just now broken though to contact you" said Orochi

"So I guess I got the ability to talk to snakes from you as well" said Itachi

"Of course" said Orochi

"Ok, but why was I so bad with girls and ignored that cute red haired one" whined Itachi

"Aww my little Itachi is finally noticing girls" said Orochi wiping a fake tear from her eye

At Itachi's embarrassed and angry expression Orochi continued "I think you ignored her because of her six older brothers including one that was your friend"

"Why am I even friends with those two anyways? Ron will probably try to get rid of me for power like Shisui did and Hermione will follow him so not to be alone again" said Itachi

"I afraid that is all the time we have for now since it is morning and you will be waking up soon. But before you go I want to tell you that all of your shinobi equipment you had on you was sealed into your ANBU tattoo. Just wipe blood across it for it to come out" said Orochi

"Alright, thank you Orochi, good bye" said Itachi as he faded away and woke up

He got up and out of bed and got dressed and sat down at his desk thinking "Time to write some letters to those four girls to apologize for my actions"

He got out some parchment, a quill, and some ink and started to write the first letter:

Dear Cho,

I want to apologize for the way I treated you last year during our date. It was not that I wanted to leave you for Hermione but I really wanted to get the interview with Rita done. The only time she was available was at that time and would only listen to us because of some blackmail Hermione had on her. I'm sorry and hope we can talk about it and be friends when we get back to Hogwarts.



He folded it up and put it in an envelope and put it aside and started to write his next letter:

Dear Padma and Parvati,

I been going over all my memories and wanted to apologize for what happen at the Yule Ball. I should have paid more attention to you, Parvati, than Cho during the dance. I am also sorry for the horrible time you had Padma. If I never asked Parvati to ask you to go to the ball with Ron, you would have had a much better time than you did. I hope you'll accept my apologies and that we can be friends when we go back to Hogwarts.



He folded it up too and put it in an envelope and put it with the other and started to write his last letter:

Dear Ginny,

I sorry that I never acknowledged the feelings you had for me for all these years. I did notice them and had the same feelings for you but was afraid of what your brothers would do.

It started as a crush when I first saw you on the platform and thought how cute you looked. It wasn't until after I saved you from the Chamber that I realized that I loved you. During my third year I wanted to tell but was afraid of how your brothers would react, especially Ron. When the Yule Ball came up, you were the first person that came to my mind. But I didn't want Ron to get mad at me again since I just made up with him. When Ron said I could ask you and I found out you were going with Neville, I was heartbroken thinking I lost my only chance to go out with you.

Last year, when we coming back from Hog's Head, Hermione said that you were going out with Michael Corner as the reason he and his friends came, I thought I lost my chance with you. So I tried going out with Cho and that turned out to be a disaster. I was happy that you broke up with him and also could tell you were lying to Ron about dating Dean.

This summer I have been going over all my memories and thinking about that prophecy that we foolishly went after and came to the conclusion that I have to stand up for myself. I don't care what other people think, I know that I love you and want to be with you before someone else takes you away from me. I really don't care what your brothers think.

I hope you still have the same feelings for me and we can talk about it on the train to Hogwarts.



Itachi put his quill down and said out load "I can't believe I just wrote that"

"You did write it Itachi and it came from the heart" said Orochi

"I guess that is one good thing about being here. I don't have to act like I'm emotionless" said Itachi

He put the letter in an envelope and got the others and wrote the receiver's names on them. Then he went over to Hedwig who just got back from her nightly hunting and tied them to her talon asking "Are you readying to make a delivery girl"

Hedwig nodded her head and Itachi said "Make sure you deliver Ginny's last and that no one but her reads it"

Hedwig nods her head again and took off though the window.

"Now to see what equipment I have and its condition" said Itachi walking over to the mirror


Hedwig flew into her window and dropped the letter in front of Cho and flew back out. "I wonder who this could be from" thought Cho as she opened it up

"It's from Harry" exclaimed Cho

She read the letter and threw it away yelling "Does he except me to believe that"

Padma and Parvati

Hedwig flew in and Padma asked "Whose owl is that"

"That's Harry's owl" exclaimed Parvati

"Wonder why he would be writing us" she asked

Hedwig dropped the letter in between them and took off again. Parvati pick it up and opened and held it so both of them could read it. After they finished reading it, they put it down and Parvati said "Wow that was nice of him"

"Better late then never I guess" said Padma


Hedwig flew into her room and landed on her desk and Ginny said "Hello Hedwig. Ron isn't here, he is in the kitchen"

Hedwig shook her head and held up her talon. "You mean it's for me" asked a stunned Ginny

Hedwig just nodded her head and Ginny took the letter thinking "Harry actually sent me a letter"

Ron then walked in and saw Hedwig and the letter in Ginny's hand and yelled "What are you doing with my mail Ginny"

Hedwig flew over to Ron and started pecking him on the head until he ran out screaming. She then flew over to the dresser and landed and kept an eye on the door. "Thank you Hedwig" said Ginny as she opened the letter

She started reading the letter and by the time she finished it, she had tears running down her face. She hugged the letter to her chest thinking "He really has noticed me these past years and does love me"

Then her tears stop and angry look appears on her face thinking "And it's all my brother's fault we haven't gotten together yet, especially Ron"

After she got her emotions under control she hid the letter where no one could find it and Hedwig flew out the window back home.


Itachi stood in front of the mirror and bit his finger and swiped some blood across his ANBU tattoo. In a puff of smoke he was in his ANBU armor. "Well everything looks ok. Let's see: armor, check, katana, check, mask, check, kunai, check, and shrunken, check. It appears everything is in order" said Itachi

"Hmm, I can probably use the duplication spell on my kunai and shrunken so I will have some when I'm not wearing my armor. I'm also going to need an extra pouch that I can quickly draw my wand from" he thought

Then Hedwig flew into the room and landed on his desk and hooted to get his attention. Itachi sealed his armor back into his tattoo and walked over to Hedwig and asked "How did it go? Did you have any trouble?"

Hedwig nodded her head and Itachi asked "Was it from Ron"

Hedwig nodded her head again and he asked "What did you do to him"

Hedwig moved her head like she was pecking something and Itachi said "You pecked him until he left"

Hedwig nodded her head happily and Itachi went over pet her saying "Good girl"

He looked over at the clock and saw it was almost time for breakfast and walked over to the door thinking "Time to show my 'loving' relatives whose boss"

Merry Christmas