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Itachi walked past the wall three times thinking 'I need to hide something' and a door appeared. They went through the door and came into a large room full of junk.

"Wow, a thousand years' worth of junk" said Parvati

"There could be some real antiques in here" said Padma with a huff

"Let's just find the item and destroy it" said Itachi

He quickly described what the diadem looked like and they all spilt up to look for it. While they were searching for it, Itachi felt his Kage Bunshin dispel. He went over all the information from the impromptu meeting.

"So they are hiding the younger years in the dormitories and allowing the older years to fight" thought Itachi

"The professors are preparing the castle's defenses" he thought

"But it looks like they are sending all the Slytherins to their dorm and not allowing any of them to fight" he thought

"I found it" shouted Padma

Everyone ran over to where Padma was and saw the diadem was on a bust. Itachi took out the Sword of Gryffindor and slashed at it. It let out a piecing scream as the diadem fell out the bust in two pieces.

"What a waste" said Padma with a sigh?

"Let's get out of here" said Itachi

"I think the battle has already begun" he added

They all ran out of the Room of Requirements and stood in the hallway.

"Stay safe and take out any targets of opportunity" ordered Itachi

"We just need to wait until Tom shows himself so I can kill him" he said

The four girls nodded their heads as Itachi hugged and kissed each one of them before they all disappeared.

Gabrielle ran along the hallways looking for the traitor. She eventually found him fighting a Death Eater. A dark smile appeared on her face as she transformed.

Bill had just finished taking out a Death Eater when he screamed out in pain and fell to the floor from having his legs slashed. He looked up and saw a transformed Gabrielle standing over him.

"Gabrielle" exclaimed Bill in shock

"Hello traitor" said Gabrielle

"You have a lot of nerve showing your face here after what you did to my sister" she said

"I had no choice" shouted Bill

"There were too many of them to fight" he said

"Then you should have went down fighting like my parents did" shouted Gabrielle slamming her talon down on Bill's lower body

Bill let out a howl of pain at that.

"I would love to put you through all the pain that my sister went through, but I don't have the time" said Gabrielle

"This will have to do" she said

She grinded her talon into Bill's body before she slashed his neck with her claws. She then created a large fireball and threw at Bill's body destroying it.

Ginny ran down the hallways killing any Death Eaters she came across. Along the way she came across Fred and George fighting a group of Death Eaters. She was about to help them when she saw Percy join them saying he quit the Ministry.

"So Percy finally saw the light" thought Ginny

She saw Fred get distracted by Percy's attempt at a joke and quickly joined in.

"Don't take your eyes off the enemy" shouted Ginny killing the nearby Death Eaters with kunai

"Ginny" exclaimed her three brothers

"I'm glad that you finally saw reason and came back Percy" said Ginny smiling

"What are you doing here" asked Percy

"Killing Death Eaters" said Ginny

She then disappeared in a Shunshin.

She arrived at the Great Hall and found Bellatrix Lestrange. She began to sneak up behind her when she saw her mother challenge Bellatrix but was quickly killed. While Bellatrix was busy laughing over her mother's body, Ginny appeared behind her and killed her.

"How foolish" thought Ginny?

"But it did give me the distraction needed to kill Bellatrix" she thought

Itachi ran down to the dungeons and saw many of the older Slytherins had sneaked out.

"Just as I thought" thought Itachi

Itachi took out a kunai and threw it before doing some hand seals and thinking "Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu"

The kunai multiplied into hundreds and killed all of the next generation of Death Eaters.

Padma and Parvati ran though Hogwarts killing any Death Eaters they came across while helping out their friends. They eventually came to the Entrance Hall and saw everyone else was already there.

"Report" ordered Itachi

"I took care of the traitor" said Gabrielle with a dark smile

"Percy finally saw the light and joined Fred and George in the fighting" said Ginny

"I also took Bellatrix after my mother foolishly challenged her and was killed" she said

"We just took out any Death Eaters we saw and helped our friends" said Parvati with Padma nodding her head in agreement

"I took care of the next generation of Death Eaters" said Itachi

"Tom hasn't made his appearance yet" asked Ginny

"No" said Itachi shaking his head

"I guess we need to make his losses more visible" he said

They went outside and saw the battle going on. The magical races that lived on the grounds of Hogwarts were fighting the dark creatures that Voldemort brought. While the Acromantula were just killing anything that moved.

"He has to be here somewhere" said Itachi

He created multiple Kage Bunshins and had them go search the grounds.

"Stay safe" said Itachi

The four girls nodded as they all disappeared.

Ginny and Gabrielle started using Katon jutsu to take out the dark creatures and Acromantula while Padma and Parvati ran towards the lake. They jumped up and landed on top of the lake shocking everyone with them standing on top of it. They then both starting doing hand seals.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu" shouted Padma

"Raiton: Jibashi" shouted Parvati

A water dragon rose out of the lake and coiled around them as Parvati shot lighting into it. The electrified water dragon shot forward and hit the mass of dark creatures. They were all blown back and paralyzed allowing the magical races to finish them off.

Itachi's Kage Bunshins eventually found Voldemort in the Boathouse.

"I found him" said Itachi

"Good luck" said all four girls

Itachi went down to the Boathouse and sealed away his armor before going inside. Inside he saw that Voldemort was alone on the other side of the Boathouse.

"Harry Potter" said Voldemort

"I knew you would seek me out to protect your friends" he said

"Hello Tom" said Itachi

"My name is Lord Voldemort" shouted Tom

He then calmed down before saying "I'm going to kill you Harry Potter"

"Then no one will question my power ever again" he said

"I remember you saying that before" said Itachi

"And we both know how that ended" he added smiling

"Yes, I do" said Voldemort

"But there is nowhere for you to run this time" he said

"And there is no one to hide behind anymore" he added

"Avada Kedavra" shouted Voldemort

Itachi just smirked as he used Kawarimi with Voldemort. Voldemort's eyes widen as he was struck dead by his own killing curse.

"All too easy" said Itachi

He unsealed his armor and chopped off Voldemort's head with his sword before taking both the body and head back to Hogwarts. He stood before the doors to the Entrance Hall and threw down Voldemort's body and head.

"Voldemort is no more" shouted Itachi

He then destroyed Voldemort's body and head with a Katon jutsu.

"It's over" shouted Itachi

The magical races and people of Hogwarts cheered while what remained of Voldemort's army ran away.

"You did it" exclaimed Ginny as the four girls hugged him

"How did you do it" asked Padma

"I used Kawarimi on him and he was struck dead by his own curse" said Itachi

"You used the equivalent of the Levitation Charm to kill him" exclaimed Parvati

"Yes" said Itachi nodding his head

All four girls started laughing at that.

"Let's go" said Itachi

He changed into a phoenix and they all grabbed onto him before flaming away.

The next morning during breakfast, Itachi held his head and shut his eyes in pain as new information and power entered them.

"What's wrong" asked Gabrielle worried

"I know how I got here now" said Itachi

"I also know how to use it to get back to Konoha" he said

"We want to come with you" said Ginny determined with the other nodding their heads looking determined as well

"Of course" said Itachi

"But there are some things we need to do first" he said

Itachi went to Diagon Ally and bought three expanded trunks. He filled the first one with potion ingredients in unbreakable vials that were also charmed to keep the ingredients fresh. The second trunk was filled with potions in unbreakable vials charmed to keep fresh as well.

He took the third trunk to Gringotts and had it connected to the Potter and Black vaults. The goblins added the Delacour vault as well since Gabrielle is the last of her family.

Padma, Parvati, and Gabrielle went with Ginny to say good bye to her family. She told them that they were leaving Britain with Harry to explore the world.

They all met back up at Grimmauld Place as the four girls stood around Itachi.

"Are you ready" asked Itachi

They all nodded their heads as Ginny and Gabrielle grabbed Itachi's left arm while Padma and Parvati grabbed his right.

"Kamui" said Itachi

They then all disappeared into a vortex.