Full Summary:

Ruthie gets drunk at a party & wakes up next to a boy she doesn't know. Two months later, she finds out she's pregnant. Is she alone? Or are there other victims?


Ruthie was just having fun that Saturday night. Martin had taken her to a party at a friend's house. Ruthie got way too drunk way too fast. She was dancing with some older man that she didn't know but thought he might be a senior. Martin had been in the backyard with his girlfriend. Ruthie's dance partner led her off the floor and upstairs to a room. He laid her on the bed and locked the door.

When the party was over, Martin went and looked for Ruthie but couldn't find her. Thinking she had gone home with another friend, he went home as well. But Ruthie hadn't gone home. Her dance partner had her upstairs. He had undressed her, undressed himself and had moved under the covers. He also got on top of Ruthie and raped her over and over again.

The next morning when Ruthie woke up, she was lying next to a man she didn't remember meeting nor did she know who he was. She got up and got dressed. Her parents would be gone until Monday at least so she had the whole house to herself. She grabbed her purse and keys and went home. She took a shower and got dressed. She went downstairs and made some breakfast. She was eating breakfast when Martin came over….