I still can't believe that the first fanfiction I'm ever going to publish is a Calvin and Hobbes fic pouts. Well, This idea has been bugging me for a while so I'm finally going to stop procrastinating and write it down .

Disclaimer: I'm not close to being funny enough to own Calvin and Hobbes.

"You know what I really hate!", said Calvin to the empty air.

"I hate it when grown-ups say that I'm too young to understand or that I'll know when I'm older. When they say that it usually means that they don't know or they don't want to answer. I mean, seriously, if they don't know, why don't they just say so!"

Calvin huffed in an exasperated manner.

Just then, Hobbes walked into the room, pen and paper in hand.

"Hey Calvin. What's 2+8?"

"You'll know when your older", Calvin replied promptly.

There we go. My first (really short) fic. Please review cuz if you do I'll know I have some talent and I'll write some more (not necessarily Calvin and Hobbes) but if you don't I'll suppose I suck and I won't write anything and I'll get depressed so push on the pretty button, ok! Thx