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Calvin walked through the front door and took of his rain coat, flinging it at the floor. He then proceeded to walk to his room, ignoring the dark glare sent at his back by his mother who had just come in, her arms loaded with grocery bags.

Up in his room, Calvin found Hobbes sitting at he desk, pouring over his homework. He cast a suspicious look at the room. Nothing seemed to be out of order . Hobbes must have decided to de his homework out of the sheer goodness of his heart.

Calvin grinned widely.

"Hey thanks old buddy!", he said.

"No problem", replied Hobbes casually as he turned to face him, his elbow going to rest on the desk behind him.

"How was shopping. Did you bring tuna", he inquired.

"Shopping was interesting. I realized that..."

"Interesting as in I got lots of tuna but they changed the colors of the cans... right", said Hobbes as he barred his wickedly sharp teeth at Calvin in a threatening manner.

Calvin rolled his eyes. He had become desensitized to such threats. It came with being the best friend of a man-eating beast for as long as he could remember.

"Yes Hobbes I got the tuna, but that's..."

"Good", interrupted his furry friend once more. "I was starting to get worried."

"Can I please finish what I'm saying", asked Calvin, annoyed.

"Let me think about it", said Hobbes pensively.

Calvin glared.

"Oh alright. You can", he agreed grudgingly.

"Great! Well, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted", here he gave a pointed glare at his innocent (for a tiger) looking friend, "I helped Mom do the shopping"

Hobbes snorted. Calvin gave his a dark look.

"As I was saying, I helped mom do the shopping and then I sat in the cart. The thing is, after she- I mean we- finished putting everything into plastic bags, I didn't have any room to sit anymore. In fact, we had to get an extra basket cuz there wasn't enough room to put everything. It happened to all the other shoppers too. I wonder why things always take more place after we've bagged them, no matter how meticulously we place them?"

"Couldn't tell you", Hobbes replied, taking on a haughty air. "We tiger don't use plastic bags. We rip the meat directly from the bones of our unfortunate victims."

Calvin made a face. "You know what, I think I'll stick to PB&J sandwiches", he said before exiting the room.

"If Mom throws out one more of my comics though, I may convert in my eating habits. I swear, the things are disappearing from my very bedroom", he said ferociously from the hallway.

Hobbes waited till his footsteps had gone away and grinned sheepishly at the empty air.

"Good thing he didn't find out that I'm the one who takes them yet", he said to himself.

He took a comic book out from behind Calvin's math book and, after casting a furtive look out the door to make sure he wouldn't be caught, stated to read.

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