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Peering into the open locker the petite blond with dark circles under her blue eyes sighed quietly as she shut the door waiting to hear the click of the lock before turning around and leaning up against the cool metal. Today was to be one of the hardest of her life. She'd known that the night before when she'd slipped under her floral blanket, she'd accepted the fact when she'd stepped off the bus earlier this morning and gazed up at the brick building of Woodsboro High School, and now she felt it with ever fiber of her being. Yes today was going to be the day that she was finally going to tell the only boy she'd ever had more than a fleeting feeling of lust for the shameful secret that she had been harboring for the last two months. Yes today was the day that Casey Becker had decided that she had to tell her boyfriend of the last seven months that she no longer wanted to be with him, that she was now happily with another and more importantly that he no longer had any ties to her. The last part was the one that caused Casey's knees to buckle every time she thought about it and sent her running for the nearest bathroom as quickly as her wobbly legs would carry her.

The ringing of the school bell signally the changes of classes caused Casey to jump in her seat. Glaring at the doorway Casey slumped further down in her seat, she had no desire lie the other sixteen year olds around her to hurry out of the room. In fact if she could spend the rest of the day in that very seat than that's what she would do but one look at the teacher's questioning glance told her that wasn't an option. Gathering up the ratty book she'd been assigned for this years English Lit class Casey slid it into her backpack and headed towards the door. It was now or never time and the thought of what was about to happen once again pushed the temptation to head for the nearest restroom up in her throat. Fighting down the feeling Casey swung her brand new pink back on to her back and started down to fight her way through the crowded hallway and to her locker.

This was it, no turning back now she couldn't, not with Stuart Macher striding across the grassy courtyard and right towards her. She thought about running but watching his body move towards her with that look of pure happiness on his face was just to overwhelming to turn away from. How she loved to watch him, the way his profound body seemed to move to it's own beat, and more importantly how at this very moment it was moving with no other intention in mind than to reach her own. Taking a subconscious step towards Stu, Casey soon found her arms wrapped around his neck, her lips pressed passionately into his own with no recollection of how they got there and not caring.

"Hey babe!" Pulling away from the blond, that even he himself would admit too, he was hopelessly in love with Stu gazed down into the bright blue eyes that were shining up at him. He loved those eyes, the way there was so much emotion in them, and the way he knew she felt the same way he did just by a fleeting glance into. Smirking like the goofy fun loving person he was Stu moved his right hand from it's place behind Casey's back to the front of her flat stomach. "And hello to you too baby!" Taking his eyes away from Casey's t-shirt clad stomach he looked back into Casey's now tear filled ones. "Casey...Baby what's wrong?"

"Lord why does he have to be so perfect? Why does he have to care? Why can't he be like every other guy in the world and room from the room screaming at the thought of being a parent?" Casey's mind raced as she watched Stu greet the growing child she was carrying. She hatted how happy he looked with his hand on her stomach, hatted how sick the thought of taking that happiness away from him made he, but more importantly she hatted how she knew she could no longer go on letting him believe that it was in fact his. Taking a deep breath Casey pulled her hands down from their present resting place around Stu's neck and whipped her eyes clear. "I think we need to talk..." Letting her voice fade away she scanned the congested courtyard for a secluded place before settling on a tree at the far end. Taking Stu's hand she started away slowly silently praying that they never reached the tree.

Following behind his girlfriend Stu had a look of pure confusion on his face. He couldn't understand what was wrong with Casey, she never cried that was one of the qualities he loved about her. The way she was as fun loving and happy go lucky as himself. It was great having someone he could just goofy off with, make out with, and didn't have the annoying teenage drama problems that most the girls at Woodsboro High seemed to have. Not that Stu wouldn't do all he could to comfort her with any problems she might be facing. How could he not? Not only was she the woman he loved but she was giving him the family he had always dreamed of having.

Stopping under the oak tree Stu leaned up against the rough barked base and grabbed hold of Casey's eyes, turning her gently so she was now facing him. Moving his hands slowly to cup her face softly, Stu moved his thumbs lightly over her smooth skin as he peered deeply into her eyes in an attempt to figure out what all of this was about. "Baby tell me what's wrong?"

Closing her eyes Casey allowed herself to enjoy the feel of Stu's gently touch one last time before his question forced her to once again face reality. Taking in a deep breath she opened her eyes and focused intently on the collar of Stu's blue button up shirt, making sure to keep her eyes away from his for fear that he would she how much this was hurting her. "I...I..." Closing her eyes Casey sucked in a deep breath before letting it out in a rush of words. "Stu I think we should break up."

To be continued...