The hard, muscular body of Billy Loomis pressed hard into the much smaller, softer frame of his female counterpart as he held her tightly, his tongue probing the inside of her mouth as a small groan escaped between their locked lips. The situation had been slowly heating up between the two of them but as he knew it would Billy felt the all to familiar press of his girlfriend's hand on his chest, forcing him away. Taking a deep breath to help calm the flare of frustration that was growing inside him Billy looked down at the brunette now pulling completely away from him. "Sid?" Breathing out the name in a huff Billy once again took a deep breath before opening his now closed eyes to look down at the visible shaking form of Sidney Prescott. "Sid, baby I'm sorry."

Stooping down to be eye level with the now sitting Sidney, Billy captured her face gently between his hands and moved his thumbs over her eyes in an attempt to brush away the tears that were threating to flow down her cheeks. Giving out a groan of frustration Billy let his hands hall from the brunette's face and let them run through hit own dark hair. This whole walking on egg shells deal was getting to him, not because he hatted seeing his girlfriend of over a year upset but because every time they were any sort of physical situation that involved more than a friendly hug or kiss on the cheek Sidney pushed him away. He could live with the no sex thing but the feeling of being completely repulsive to his own girlfriend was what caused his blood to boil. Reaching out once more Billy took hold of Sidney's small hands, squeezing them gently since he wasn't sure what to say that wouldn't make the situation anymore awkward than it already was.

Forcing herself to get a control of the tears that had been threating to fall for days and had picked the worst timing to make their appearance Sidney lifted her head slowly to look into the eyes of her long time boyfriend. "I...I'm sorry Billy.' I was all that Sidney could come with for the time being. She hated how her body reacted every time an intimate touch passed between the two of them but she couldn't help it. She couldn't help that the feel of Billy's hands on her body brought back the image of her mother's horrible death but it did and as many times as she told herself that Billy's touches were completely different than those that her mother felt doing the last moments of her life she couldn't get a complete grip on the fact and stop herself from pulling away from the man she knew would never hurt her.

Letting out a sigh of exasperation Sidney pushed herself from the couch in one quick movement, forcing Billy once again away from her in an attempt to keep his balance before following her lead and standing up. Resting his hand lightly on Sidney's shoulder Billy turned her to face him slowly. "Court's really getting to you huh?" He knew it had been a rough week for her, the fact that there was now talk of putting her on the stand was evident enough of that, but he still felt the need to ask her hoping she would understand that he was here for her in more than the physical sense.

Gazing up at the taller figure Sidney nodded her head meekly at his question, even though she was upset over the case and that was the reason behind pushing him away she didn't feel like talking about it but it was wonderful to know that she had someone who was there for her no matter what. "Can you just hold me for a moment?" Without waiting for an answer Sidney moved slowly into Billy's embrace, her arms wrapping around his well toned frame and holding on tightly. Billy was her lifeline, her anchor that for the last few months had been keeping her from breaking completely and letting the dark suicidal thoughts that prayed on her mind from taking complete control. What would I ever do with out him?

To be continued...