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Dress Fittings

Sakura Haruno was creeping around her cousin's fiancée's house. Sakura sighed finding nothing and headed back to the couple's room.

As she stood by the door getting ready to knock, she heard a moan causing the pink haired Kunoichi to go pink.

"Kiba, we've discussed this, –moan- it doesn't fit!" Sakura heard her cousin, Ami, say.

Ami had long, beautiful, silky, brown hair, and bright emerald orbs.

"Well, we can try? Can't we?" said Ami's fiancée, Kiba, say before grunting.

"Yeah –moan- I guess," said Ami breathing heavily.

'They aren't having sex are they?' thought Sakura. Another moan drifted out from the crack under the door, and right after that a grunt. 'Enough's enough!' thought Sakura before she threw open the bedroom door.

Ami and Kiba were in the middle of the room. Kiba was pulling white, silk strings were attached to a white corset. Said corset was on one Ami Haruno soon to be Inuzuka.

The corset was a perfect fit for the brown haired Kunoichi, until it got to her breasts. Her breasts were being squished down and she was having trouble breathing. The corset looked like it was for A36 breasts, Ami however was C36.

"What're you doing?" questioned Sakura, a large blush on her face as the couple stared at her oddly.

"Being suffocated by his mother's old corset for the wedding," said Ami, Sakura then fell down anime style.

The End

AFF: This is my 1st one shot! I hope u liked it: )