The Reason I started liking You

Do you know the reason I started liking you Sasuke-kun?

It happened during the evening. Sakura was being chased by bullies. Most of the time Ino was there to make sure the bullies didn't touch her but today Ino was sick. Sakura couldn't possibly beat them. She ran as fast as she could.

She ran for a very long time. Eventually, she couldn't hear their voices so she stopped to catch her breath. When she was breathing normally again, she looked around. She didn't know anything around her, she was lost. She crouched down. It was getting darker and she didn't know what to do. She started to cry.

She didn't notice the boy standing in front of her until some time had passed. She looked up. It was Sasuke-kun! Sakura was worried.

'Sasuke-kun…he never talks to anyone and seems kind of mean.' Sasuke silently put his hand out. Sakura stared at it, and then she slowly took it. He pulled her up. Then he turned around and started to run. Sasuke was a fast runner and Sakura could barely keep up.

'Where's he taking me?' Sakura thought as she ran as fast as she could.

Then, they suddenly stopped. Sakura looked around. They were standing in front of her house. Sasuke dropped a candy into her hand. Sakura looked at it. It was a pink lollypop. She looked up to thank him but he was gone.

"Was I just dreaming…?" Sakura asked herself. Then she looked down at her candy. She held it close to her chest, face blushing a little and smiled.

She ran into her house, Sasuke watching her from behind. He smiled, then ran off.