Disclaimer: I will only say this once because I am tired of typing disclaimers. Square Enix and Disney along with a lot of other people that created this game own Kingdom Hearts. I am just a fan. P.S. nothing in this fan fic is factual, it is random ideas that I threw around for the sake of the game being childish. I wanted it to be more suitable for people over the age of two-pun intended.

Chapter 1: Disney Castle

Riku walked down the long hallway with Sora right beside him. A year had passed since they recieved the letter from Mickey. But they had finally managed to get off Destiny Islands. At sixteen and seventeen years old they had changed in appearance. Sora was now even with Riku as far as heighth and the lack of a haircut had made Sora's unruly hair grow to his shoulders. His eyes were still soft with kindness and innocence shadowed by his ability to release the captured hearts of the heartless and return the souls of the nobodies to the realm of darkness. Riku's intense, ocean-blue eyes had wamred in the past year. Sora's kindness poured from his own blue eyes whereas Riku's soft kindness was more secluded. Riku's untamed, unusually silver hair was now to the middle of his back.

Sora walked with his hands in his pockets deciding to wear a fitted outfit, no thanks to Kairi's talents with a sowing machine, the same as the one the three witches had made for him a year ago. Riku now wore a black muscle shirt and baggy, black pants. Sora often commented that him wearing all black he might get confused as a heartless.

Riku stopped at the door to the library and lightly knocked on the door. After a few minutes Mickey himself opened the door, he jumped to hug Riku who responded with a hug and set him down then Mickey led them inside saying a sharp hello to Sora. Sora and Riku sat down in two small chairs seated in front of the desk where Minnie and Mickey were now seated. Riku looked around the room while Sora smiled kindly to Minnie who giggled, "It is nice to see you again Sora. Riku?"

Riku looked at her and smiled, "It is nice to see you are well your majesty."

She smiled and Mickey sighed, "It took you two long enough to get here. But you do have good timing, the heartless have just begun to cause problems. We have a lot of work to do and short time to do it."

Riku nodded, "Alright, where are we headed first?"

Mickey smiled, "Well, first I shall explain the situation. Hollow Bastion is in great peril, but we must attend to the other worlds first. There are powerful and skilled fighters in Hollow Bastion and many new worlds have been discovered and are in need of our protection and help. Leon and Merlin have been keeping me updated, they can handle things there while we tend to the other worlds."

Sora nodded, "Okay, is it just going to be the three of us, or are Goofy and Donale coming?"

Mickey shook his head, "Donald and Goofy have personal matters to attend to and I believe that the three of us can handle this. We will be going to the worlds in a particular order so as to prevent as much damage as possible."

Riku laughed, "You know that won't work your majesty. After all things change."

Mickey smiled, "I can tell, the two of you have changed since I saw you last. But I wish to do this as quickly and orderly as possible. The heartless have become much stronger and are fueled by anger. They are attacking and even killing people now. They also seem to be so blindly as though they are waiting for a particular person to attack. This is why I must tell you both to be careful, they could very well be seeking the keyblade weilders in particular."

Sora nodded as did Riku, Sora said, "Your majesty, what order are we going in?"

Mickey smiled, "First I must tell you of the new worlds and then I will tell you my preferred order." Mickey took a stack of pictures and scanned them as though reading an inscription in them. He looked up and explained; "Royal Castle, for example, is the home world of Sleeping Beauty, also known as Aorara. Melificent isin control there and she seems to be even more heartless and merciless than before. Then there is the Enchanted Forest, the home world of Snow White. The wicked witch that once poisoned Snow White is in control there and has already forced Snow White and the Prince to seek refuge in the forest with the dwarves. The last and most intriguing world is a world called Spira. I have found that a collosal threat is upon them, but it is not the heartless that troubles this world, not yet, hopefully not ever. All I know is that there is a young man by the name of Tidus there and he is embraking on a great quest. This world's unstable readings tell me that we will most likely be seperated when we go to this world. I plan to go there much later in our journey so that we will be strong enough to stand on our own. We have all gotten rusty in this past year of relaxation."

Riku and Sora exchanged glances, they had actually been sparring with each other for the past year. Sora nodded and looked at Mickey, "Okay, where are we headed first Mickey?"

Mickey cleared his throat and said plainly, "Atlantica. But you should know that Ariel and Derrik are married and have a daughter now. Sometimes in other worlds time goes by faster than it does in our world. To her, she hasn't seen you in three years. I will explain the time leaps in the other worlds when we are headed to them."

Mickey stood up and gave Minnie a quick kiss and hug then said to her, "I will be back shortly, please wait for me here Minnie."

She nodded, "Of course I will Mickey," as the three headed out of the library Minnie cried out after them, "Please be careful, and take care of each other."

Mickey smiled and waved followed by Sora and Rikku then they exited the library. Minnie couldn't help but feel something ominous was approaching. For some reason she felt as though this mission would be the most difficult for all of them to accomplish. Goofy and Donald walked into the library about ten minutes later. Goofy was carrying his one year old son in his arms while Daisy had her arm wrapped around Donald's.

Minnie smiled, "So how is Max doing Goofy?"

Goofy smiled and looked at her, "Well, he looks more like his mother than me. He is a crier though, wakes me up all the time." Minnie smiled at the sound of Goofy's unique laughter then turned her attention to Donald and Daisy, "And the two of you, how have you been?"

Donald blushed while Daisy answered, "We have been doing very well your majesty. How are you faring? Where is King Mickey?"

Minnie smiled, "Well, to tell you the truth you just missed Sora and Riku. There have been some heartless activity in the other worlds. Mickey wanted to take those two and try and find out what is behind this mess. But he also wished for Donald and Goofy to remain here. He said that the three of them should be able to handle it."

Daisy noticed the uneasiness in Minnie's voice, "Minnie, are you alright," she asked as she let go of Donald. Minnie just smiled, "Yes I am fine, why would you think that I am not?"

Daisy smiled, "You are my best friend Minnie, I know when something is wrong. Maybe Donald and Goofy should go."

Minnie shook her head, "Absolutely not, Mickey had strict orders that they remain here and take care of their families. He said that they would return here after some time."

Daisy decided to drop the subject, she didn't want to upset Minnie more than she already was. Goofy and Donald exchanged glances then Donald asked, "So how are Riku and Sora?"

Minnie smiled, "They are the same as ever, but their appearance has changed. They are a year older now afterall. They didn't stay and chat for too long so I would ask them when they return."

Goofy smiled, "I think that Sora will be happy to meet Max, let us just hope that they make it back in one piece."