48 months later . . . In the Disney Castle . . .

Everyone was gathered in the throne room of the castle to celebrate, Sora and Kairi's wedding. It was the day they returned from their honeymoon. Cloud and Tiffa stood with Tiffa's arm around Cloud's waist while Denzel and Marleen played with their little brother Leon. Riku and Ella were scolding Charlie and Destiny for fighting with each other.

Ed and Winry stood watching Jason teach Heero and Marianna how to do some of the basic alchemy,; unfortunately Trish had passed away two years ago, finally falling to a disease Ed could not heal. The same disease had claimed his brother's life a mere year later.

However if was known that Vincent and Rei were seeing one another and Ed saw a promising future in their relationship. Kairi and Sora had been gone for a year, wanting to see the rest of the world, and visiting the worlds that had remained after the war finally ended. Ed sighed as he thought of the day Sora had come back, amazed that he was even alive, he healed Sora, but it did nothing. He never said anything to anyone, but Sora's wounds had healed on their own accord. Ed was afraid everyone would figure out that Sora and Riku were actually immortal. Goofy's son max was skating around the large room when suddenly the doors burst open.

Everyone froze and looked, Sora and Kairi came walking in. Sora's hair had stayed at shoulder length, he had cut it and decided to keep it at that length. Kairi's long hair now reached her waist and she no longer bothered to cut it or tie it back, Sora loved to run his fingers through her hair. Everyone gathered around the two and noticed the bundle wrapped in a light blue blanket in Kairi's arms. Riku walked over to Sora and nudged him on the shoulder, "You sly . . . " Riku got a glare from Ella and said politely, "Congradulations Sora"

Sora smiled, "Thanks, his name is Sasuke Harrison"

Riku and Ella were the first to get to hold the young Sasuke and once everyone had a good look at him Kairi joined everyone in celebration. Sora however hung behind and walked to the end of the hallway to look at the sky view from the courtyard below. He sighed thinking of how many lives he could have saved. Tidus and Yuna walked by him with Cris and Jania running into the room to join in on the fun. Yuna and Tidus smiled and Sora promply smiled back and said a cheery hello. He listened to the laughter and discussion of his friends and their children inside it filling his heart with joy.

He looked at the sky with his eyes closed and sighed as he opened his eyes, "This is only the begining, but I don't know if I can hack it this time"

He felt someone tug on his shirt and when he looked down he was looking at Mickey, "Of course you can Sora"

Sora smiled and nodded, then Mickey faded away and Sora walked into the room to enjoy the life he had fought for, a life of happiness and of family.

Somewhere in the realm of darkness . . .

He sat in his eternal cell, waiting for his chance, waiting for his moment when he could finally exact his revenge. Watching, waiting, yearning to kill them all, the ones who dwelled in the light. Milliniums of solitude, of imprisonment, of watching them all, studying them and knowing what would hurt them all the most. He looked up as a small shimmer of light came into his dark cell, his eyes golden, his hair black like the darkness in which he dwelled. His face soft, young, his hatred deep as blood. He stood up and said with malice and hatred in his voice, "Taking from them will be pleasurable. Living immortal lives alone, seperated"

He looked around his cell and twitched, "One trapped in the realm of light watching everyone around him die. The other I shall lock in this cell where his ancestors imprisoned me." The light began to glow revealing the face of someone evil, someone born of the darkness. He looked up at the light, it leading him deep within the world of Disney Castle, the cornerstone of light shone brightly into his cell as he thought of where he wished to be. He climbed towards the light and stood in the hall of the cornerstone. He was wearing a white dress shirt and black pants. His skin and face unscarred by age or wounds. In the light he looked as harmless as a normal sixteen year old could be. He made a fist in his right hand and punched the cornerstone of light. It shattered and all the light left the room.

Outside Sora felt a jolt of pain, and fell to his knees grabbing his chest. Riku ran to him, "Sora, what's wrong"

Sora looked at him, "Something powerful . . . the cornerstone . . . "

Riku reluctantly dragged himself away and drew his keyblade heading to the hall of the cornerstone. Below he saw the face of a young boy, but upon meeting his eyes he was frozen with fear. He came at him and grabbed him around the throat then threw him back into the throne room. Riku slid across the floor and looked at everyone around him, all their friends, their families, "Get out of here! Go, get out of here . . "

The stranger came over to Riku and siezed him around the mouth picking him up off the ground, "Now, now, Prince of Darkness, why would you want them all to leave"

Riku felt the apin of darkness pulling at his heart, the death of everyone in this room, he saw it in his mind. Images this stranger was putting into his head. He turned still holding Riku and walked back to the hall of the cornerstone. It lay shattered on the ground and everytime he stepped on a piece Sora howled in pain. Riku drew his keyblade and hit the stranger in the throat, but he shook his head and grabbed the keyblade. He made a fist around the blade and to Riku's horror the keyblade shattered under his fist, he threw it to the floor. Riku kicked and tried to break away, but to no avail, he couldn't get him to let go. He smiled at Riku and finally let him go, but Riku fell with yell into a cell. The stranger looked down at him, "Prince Alex, the Prince of Darkness, rot in the dark realm. Stay there and watch everything you hold dear be taken from you while you sit there powerless. You will suffer like your ancestors made me suffer. The Prince of Darkness a prisoner in the realm of darkness"

Riku shouted up at him as the light left the cell, "Wait, why are you doing this? Who are you"

He waved his hand to close the cell as he said, "I am Darkai, the essence of darkness no thanks to your kingdom and the Prince of Light"

The cell closed leaving Riku in the deep dark cell alone, until he turned around. He was looking at a screen that showed the throne room. Darkai walked directly to Sora and ignored everyone else and their obviously futile attacks. He reached down and grabbed the agonizing Sora and Riku heard him say, "You, shall be trapped in the realm of light, Prince of Light. Like your friend Prince Alex, you two shall watch helplessly as I take everything you hold . . . "

He dropped Sora due to a orb of light hitting his shoulder. He turned and looked at Ella. Riku shook his head and banged on the screen, "No, Ella run, run away Ella"

Darkai looked at her and smiled, "You shall be my first victim"

Sora was on his feet and in seconds he was standing in between Darkai and Ella, "I don't know who you are buddy, but you will not lay a finger on anyone in here"

Darkai laughed as Sora drew both keyblades and stabbed one through his heart and the other through his throat. Darkai looked at the keyblades and grabbed them in his fists then tightened his fist and they both shattered. Then he reached out and grabbed Sora around the throat and rose into the air. Sora grabbed his wrist and tried to pull his hands from his throat, but to no avail. Darkai raised one hand to the air and fired an energy orb at the cieling blasting a hole in it then they rose to the sky. Sora could feel his lungs restrict from lack of air. He looked into Darkai's eyes and felt a chill run down his spine. Darkai laughed, "What's the matter Sora, are you afraid of me"

Sora closed his eyes, rage from being so helpless filled him, anger was fueling him. He let the emotions fill him and expand and then he let the power explode. Darkai was forced to let him go, the power sending him across the sky. Sora was enveloped in the light and when it subsided his hair had turned golden yellow. He opened his eyes and looked at Darkai matching his own hatred and anger in his now golden yellow eyes. Sora spread his wings, now they had a golden tint to them and his clothes were completely white. Darkai looked at him with a hint of fear, "How is it that someone of the Light can have as much hatred and anger as one who was imprisoned in the light"

Sora flexed his hands and Darkai watched as his nails became sharp, lethal weapons. Sora summoned his broken keyblades, when they appeared in his hand they were repaired. Darkai sighed, "I will just have to destroy those keyblades, the source of your power"
Darkai lunged at him, but Sora withdrew his keyblades and caught Darkai's arms in his hand, "They are not the source of my power Darkai. You were once a Prince of Darkness, but your darkness was too much for them. They imprisoned you because they feared you, Riku fears you, but I do not. The darkness in your heart may have built up over milliums, but it has built up in me since the begining of time. I am Sora to everyone who knows me, but in this form I am the Prince of Light"

Darkai tried to pull free, but now he was not strong enough. He formed to orbs in his seized hands, but Sora shook his head and twisted his wrists. Darkai looked at him, "The Prince of Light dwells in the light, not the darkness"

Sora laughed, "You were watching us from your prison, did you not see the darkness coming off of me. I may be the essence of light, but the darkness in me has to be equal to the light. Think of it in those terms and maybe you will understand why I am stronger than you, why the darkness in me is greater than yours. I am every Prince of Light before me and their light is mine, as is their darkness"

Darkai roared as Sora broke both of his arms then let him go. He hung in the air in pain and Sora drew one keyblade and beheaded him then he formed a orb of light energy and shoved it where his head had once been. Darkai erupted in light and then disappeared,

Sora watched his remains disapate, "They should have killed you and let you rest in peace instead of imprisoning you Darkai"

He flew down to the throne room and then to where the cornerstone of light used to be. He carefully avoided touching the fallen pieces and stood before it. He took a deep breath and raised both hands to it, in a few seconds all the pieces had fitted back together and then upon releasing the power of light Sora repaired it. It burned brighter than before, he looked to his left and searched for the cell where Darkai had imprisoned Riku.

Sora knelt down on the ground and felt the floor, Riku looked up to see Sora, but Sora couldn't see him. The darkness Sora was emitting was making him blind to what he wanted to see. Riku yelled out to him, "Change back to normal, change back Sora"

Sora heard Riku's words as whispers and stood up, he closed his eyes and calmed his anger and hate. He sighed as the power left him, and he changed back to normal, withdrawing his wings at the same time. Then he looked back down to see Riku in the cell. Sora reached out for him and grabbed his hand. He pulled Riku free and the cell disappeared. Riku looked at his best friend, "Who are you"

Sora scratched his head, "What are you talking about"

Riku shook his head, "Don't play dumb with me, you are not Sora. Sora would never kill someone so brutally, let alone kill someone"

Sora smiled, "Kill someone? Riku we have killed thousands, the heartless used to be people. What about the nobodies? Darkai was a heartless, he had been for a long time"

Riku grabbed his arm whenhe turned to leave, "That's what I mean, how in the world would you know that? How could you be stronger than someone who has dwelled in darkness for three milliums"

Sora sighed and looked at Riku, his eyes were golden again, "He doesn't know what living in the darkness really is. I am not a heartless yet I dwell in darkness. I am your best friend Riku, I just have a hidden identity as well"

Riku let his arm go, "Sora, who are you really"

Sora nodded and turned to face him, "Alex, that is your true identity. Sora is the identity of this person standing before you. His soul remains untainted, but in times of need and times that require power I am here. I protect all of you, my name is irrelevant"

Riku shook his head, "No it isn't, who are you"

Sora sighed, "Your friend Sora owes me his life, those two heartless, which were actually Namine and Roxas killed him. They struck him in the throat and the heart. He died, but I gave him the power to defeat them, to live long enough for Edward Elric to heal him"

Riku sighed, "Please, just tell me who you are"

Sora shook his head, "You read about me in the history books on Oblivion, the Prince of Light. I was the first, the birth of light derived from me, from my birth. My name is . . . " Sora sighed deeply, but then Ella came in the room and looked at Sora. She bowed her head to him, "Lord Johnathen, thank you for saving us"

Riku looked at her, "How do you know him?" Ella sighed, "I am the Princess of Light Alex, how would I not know who he is." She looked at Sora once more, "Lord Johnathen, can we please have Sora back"

He smiled, "Of course my lady. But I must admit it is wonderful to see you again"

He closed his eyes and when he opened them again they were blue and he looked at Riku and Ella with a blank expression, "What the hell is going on"

Riku made to say something but Ella grabbed his hand, "Sora, what do you remember"

Sora sighed, "I remember that Darkai guy grabbing me by the throat and taking me to the sky with him. But then I blacked out, how did I end up here"

Ella smiled, "Don't worry about it Sora, Darkai is gone and everyone is safe. Riku defeated him and he isn't coming back"

Sora sighed and walked up the stair to the throne room. Riku made to go after him but Ella held him there, "You can't tell him Riku. If Sora speaks his name he will loose that power. You and Sora are immortal because of your past lives. But when you die once then you are bound to the past life of the first. You have to be careful Riku, with power comes a great price. I don't want you to become bound to the first"

Riku sighed, "Why, who is the first"

Ella sighed, "You haven't died before have you"

Riku shook his head, "No, otherwise I think I would have actually been the one to defeat Darkai"

Ella smiled, "Okay, the first Prince of Darkness, his name was Daniel Javier Cougawargi. The first Prince of Light was Johnathen Karama Larvas, he was a vampire, that is why he was so deadly. The darkness within both of them balances the light in the universe as a whole. They are dangerous and deadly, when either one of them appear it is because something threatens that balance and the lives of the current Light and Darkness. You and Sora are the essense of these two powers and because of that, you two are doomed to live for eternity, even once all of die, you will continue to live"

Riku nodded, "Alright, but Sora and I have to die sometime, all the other ones did afterall"

Ella kissed him and when she broke the kiss she stroked his cheek, "Not this time, you and Sora are the last. You two will exist forever, you two alone will have to protect the balance in the universe. Only the Princess of Light and the Princess of Darkness will live alongside you. But I hate to tell you that Kairi is not the Princess of Darkness, she has yet to come into this world"

Riku nodded, "Okay, but will you know when she appears"

Ella shook her head, "No, Sora will know, he will be drawn to her like you were drawn to me. Hopefully Kairi will already be gone, I don't want her to suffer from a broken heart"

Riku took a deep breath, "Right now, let's forget about thsi immortal stuff and enjoy our life as it is now"

Riku pulled her with him and they rejoined their friends and family. Riku watched Sora and Kairi, a heavy wieght wieghing down upon his heart. He took another deep breath and joined Sora and Kairi, Destiny and Charlie running over to him. He picked Charlie up in his arms and Ella scooped Destiny up making her laugh. Riku smiled, happy to be with his family and friends, even if it was for what now seemed like a short amount of time.

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