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Draco Malfoy & The Broken Heart


"How in the hell is this even possible?" Mr. Kensington said, pacing the floor of his second floor apartment. He'd been there for only two months and already it smelled of stale fish and chips. His favorite meal.

Armaniska Kensington glanced around the apartment, use to the smell, and turned back to her father. She'd give anything not to have to answer her father's question. Especially that one.

"Well there is a process, but i'm sure you already know that." Armaniska said a lot more calmly than she felt. Something about his uneasyness was giving her confidence.

"Don't be smart with me girl! Do you understand what this means? What it could lead to? We'll obviously have to get you to a healer soon to have you looked at. Merlin knows where there is one here." had stopped pacing the floor and stared at his daughter. "Are you absolutely sure you're-"

"Positive, dad. The little muggle test, and the magical one comfirmed it."

Every time he glanced her way, his heart raced, his adrenaline pumped so hard he thought he might burst right where he was. Every moment he had uncontrollable urges to touch her, run his hands through her hair, and whisk her away to some far off place where it would just be him and her alone.

Malfoy's never loose control, or at least that's what Draco had to keep telling himself. He had planned to bump into his girlfriend that day and ask to have a word with her outside at the Quidditch Pitch. There was an extremely important question he had to ask her. It wasn't too odd that she didn't come to lunch that day, but he had never seen her miss a dinner before. Even if she wasn't hungry she still showed, for his sake. So, half way through dinner, when she still hadn't made an appearance, Draco went searching for her. She wasn't in detention, that much he knew. All the teachers had showed up to eat, even Madame Pomfrey, and the library was closed during dinner. So he checked the only other possible place. Her dorm. To his great relief, that's where she was. Tears reddened her face, and she was shoving all of her clothes into her trunk in a frantic frenzy.

"Wha- what are you doing?" Draco asked a bit taken back by her actions. If he didn't know better, he'd say that she was setting up to leave Hogwarts.

"I have to go, Draco." She said without turning around to face him. " I can't stay any more. I...have to go." She slammed the lid shut on her trunk and put her face in her hands. She started to mumble incoherently as she did so and Draco kneeled down behind her and took her in his arms. She turned to him, then, resting her face in the nook of his shoulder.

"Where?" Draco mumbled softly as he stroked her hair.

" I don't know. I can't...Merlin, I'm so... I don't know how to put this." She started shaking, obviously scared of something.

"I'm here, don't worry." Draco tried to keep her steady, but she seemed so disturbed by something that she couldn't keep from sobbing. Her breath was coming in gasps between each sob, and she was clinging to him so hard, he thought that he might be crushed by her grip. Then without warning, she let go. In an instant, cold air filled the space between them, and she was pulling her trunk towards the door.

"Wait," Draco mumbled, but she didn't stop.

"I can't. I have to go. He's waiting."


"Draco stop asking stupid questions! I can't stay here anymore. I'm sorry, but we have to break up, and I...I have to leave here... Forever." She'd stopped in front of the door of her soon to be ex-room and stared back at him. His face took on a look of shock, and immediately it turned to stone. Not a single thought could be read on his features.

"I wish I could tell you everything." She mumbled to him, and dissappeared.

If Draco hadn't been so angered by this moment, he would have heard the sobs that echoed all through the Slytherin Common rooms.

Her pain had echoed off many walls that night, and many more nights after. After all, leaving and being left by the one you love can be a devastating occurance in any persons life. Especially when you find out you are on the run with their child growing inside of you.