Title: SD Gundam Force – No Son of Mine

Author: LJ

Summery: In Lacroa, a young Gundam boy is captured by Tallgeese and his Griffin. Deathscythe, in a strange act of kindness unknown to the Tempest Knight, takes the young boy, realizing that he may be the only thing left reminding the Dark Knight of better times with the boy's father.

Rating: R

Warnings: Sexual themes, Slash/Yaoi, Angst, Torture

Pairings: Zero/Bakunetsumaru, Deed "Deathscythe"/Princess, Zero/OC

Author's Note: this bunny has been plaguing me for MONTHS, but I've been rather nervous of sending this out into the world. Well slag with that I'm writing it! And I'll be damned with the consequences! Title is inspired by the song of the same name by Genesis. BTW, please review? Please? I give you a cookie if you review? .

Disclaimer: I own Leon, he is mine. Also I own Lilly, she is mine, although you can probably steal her if you want, minor character and all, but ask first! All else belongs to Bandai. Please don't sue! I'm a poor college student! O.O


"Don't worry, Leon…everything will be all right."

"Mama…don't go! I'm scared!" the small Gundam clung to his mother, intense green blue eyes shimmering with tears. The violet colored femme Gundam hugged her son and smiled.

"Be strong, Leon. Your father will protect us. He's a strong knight, remember what I told you?" Leon sniffled, nodding, but still clung to his mother's leg, his small form shuddering in fear.

"Maybe I'll finally meet him…" he said softly, burying his face into her thigh. She picked him up and gave him a kiss upon the golden jewel on his forehead.

"Yes. You'll finally meet your Papa." She looked up quickly, hearing the screams of the other femmes and women outside their small room in a popular Inn. Leon whimpered and clung to her, tears falling over his blue trimmed face. Only three, the small Gundam boy didn't know what was going on. People were screaming, strange insects were flying all over the place hurting the humans, strange Gundams appeared and started taking others away.

"Mama…" he whimpered. His mother narrowed her eyes at the door, hearing a troop of the strange invaders come closer. Quickly rushing to a cupboard, she put her only child inside and covered him up with a tattered red cape.

"Stay here and stay quiet, my little one. No matter what happens, Leon. You must stay here and stay still." She began to cry and cleared her eyes. Leon frowned and began to cry, so afraid of everything.

"Mama…?" he whispered. She leant down and gave him a kiss looking into his face, seeing an old friend in her son's eyes. One who was always scared, always left behind, but this time, she would leave him behind to keep him safe.

"I love you Leon. Remember your father's name?" she asked, and he nodded slowly. She smiled and kissed him again. "Don't you ever forget it. You look for him, even if I'm not here with you. You look for him and he'll keep you safe. I love you." Closing the doors, Leon whimpered and peeked out, seeing as the strange Gundams broke down their door. His mother glared and brought out a dagger from the sheath behind her skirt armor.

"Stay away from me." She hissed. Leon watched in horror as they charged her, before closing his eyes and shoving the red fabric in his mouth to keep from crying out. He heard screams and fighting before finally silence. There was talking, and noises before it fell silent again.

It seemed like days before the other noises from outside began to fade, and he finally let go. He began to cry, burying his face in the cape that was his father's. Sniffling slowly as he began to calm down, Leon peeked out again into his home, finding it in shambles. Opening the door, he found his mother's dagger on the floor, the sheath not far from it. Crawling out, and stumbling to his feet, he picked up the dagger and sat down, crying once again softly into the night.