Title: SD Gundam Force – No Son of Mine

Author: LJ

Summery: In Lacroa, a young Gundam boy is captured by Tallgeese and his Griffin. Deathscythe, in a strange act of kindness unknown to the Tempest Knight, takes the young boy, realizing that he may be the only thing left reminding the Dark Knight of better times with the boy's father.

Rating: R

Warnings: Sexual themes, Slash/Yaoi, Angst, Torture

Pairings: Zero/Bakunetsumaru, Deed "Deathscythe"/Princess, Zero/OC, implied Guneagle/Captain

Author's Note: this bunny has been plaguing me for MONTHS, but I've been rather nervous of sending this out into the world. Well slag with that I'm writing it! And I'll be damned with the consequences! Title is inspired by the song of the same name by Genesis. BTW, please review? Please? I give you a cookie if you review? .

Disclaimer: I own Leon, he is mine. Also I own Lilly, she is mine, although you can probably steal her if you want, minor character and all, but ask first! All else belongs to Bandai. Please don't sue! I'm a poor college student! O.O

Chapter Four:

"We've detected Dark Axis activity within Neotopia," Juli said looking up as the alarms came across the screens. Chief Haro nodded and turned to the comm. system.

"Captain, I want you and your team to intercept immediately!"

"That won't be necessary, my dear sir," a voice said as a glowing green orb appeared across the screens. "I only wish the audience of Zero, there is a personal matter we must discuss. You have my word as a Knight that there shall be no battle," Captain and Guneagle rushed in seeing the face.

"Deathscythe!" Guneagle looked at the older Gundam and frowned.

"Death who?" Zero and Bakunetsumaru arrived both tense at the voice.

"What do you want, Deathscythe?!" Zero cried glaring at the translucent form.

"A meeting, my dear Zero, just you and I, no weapons, no comrades. This is a matter of personal honor, Zero, and unless you wish to have your past heard by everyone in the base, I suggest you come to this location within an hour. I expect you to be there." The transmission was cut and a file was opened showing the location for the meeting.

"I'm going with you, Zero," Bakunetsumaru said sternly, looking at the Knight Gundam. Zero frowned looking at the layout in the wooded area of Neotopia.

"No, if Deathscythe wants me alone, then I'll go alone." Captain frowned and turned to the knight.

"Zero, I predict a 96.42 percent that this is an ambush. We should all go."

"Yeah, besides if you leave Baku behind he'll start pacing the floor and worrying everyone to death!" Guneagle said crossing his arms over his chest. Zero shook his head.

"No, something about this doesn't seem like a trick to a fight. He would have said it, he's still a knight after all."

"Yeah, and so is Tallgeese, but he's a backstabbing S.O.B.," Baku said gripping his sword tightly. "We should all go." Zero frowned and looked at the area.

"Fine, but I will speak to Deathscythe alone, you can patrol the area for any ambushes. Something about this set up is making my heart sink." Captain frowned and looked up as the message was being replayed.

"Miss Juli can you pause the video right there?" Juli nodded to Captain and did so. "Zoom in on the upper left corner, and enhance." Baku blinked and tilted his head looking at the image that was pulled up.

"What is that, Captain?" Zero looked over and walked forward, squinting at the image.

"Can you zoom in and enhance that any more? That small section right behind Deathscythe's armor."

"No problem, Zero." Juli zoomed in again and brought up a clearer image.

"My God! It's a Gundam! Look! He's being covered by something, but there's his foot and hand!" Guneagle pointed out. "That bastard is using an innocent Gundam as a hostage!" Zero glared and nodded.

"It's settled then, we're all going." The Gundam force nodded and quickly headed for the launch catapults. Captain quickly went and equipped himself with a larger flight booster.

"Remember, Captain, this booster hasn't been tested in the field yet, so be careful!" Kao Lyn said giving his 'son' a stern look.

"Yes sir, Kao Lyn."

"Clear the launch decks. Guneagle is go. Captain Gundam is go. Launching in five, four, three, two, go! Good luck you guys!" Juli smiled and watched as the two Neotopian Gundams blasted off the base. Zero quickly took off, Baku and Entengo following on a Mana circle. Below them, the group saw Shute on his roller blades following them.

"I got the message from the Chief, what's up guys?" he asked into his cell phone.

"Deathscythe has captured a Gundam and is holding it hostage. He wants to speak with Zero, but the chances that this is a trap are very high," Captain said flying low with his boosters.

"Right, Captain. We'll save that guy, no problem." Captain smiled at the young boy, feeling his Soul Drive react to Shute's presence. Guneagle smiled and pulled up along side Captain opening a channel.

"I'm going to scout ahead. I'll let you know if I see anything."

"Roger, Guneagle." Guneagle smiled and flipped his flight visor down and flew off as quickly as he dared. "Be careful," he whispered watching as the mech he loved flew off, contrails becoming the only thing visible as the distance increased.

"Zero, what do you think this is about?" Baku asked as the Mana circle his lover had created for him and Entengo caught up to the knight.

"I don't know. Whatever it is, I won't stand by and let him hurt another innocent," Zero whispered, anger lacing his usually gentle voice. Baku smiled and nodded sharply.

"He won't. We'll defeat him here, together, on our turf." Zero looked over and smiled at him.

"You're right, Baku. Let's finish this," Zero said flying off as fast as he could, the others following.

Deathscythe waited and growled looking up as Guneagle flew over the meeting place. Looking back at the small form wrapped in the ripped red cape of Zero's, he began to summon a spell.

"Deathscythe! Unhand that innocent!" Zero cried, his sword drawn. Bakunetsumaru and Entengo jumped from the Mana circle and charged at him, blades drawn. Shute, Captain and Guneagle following, all prepared for a fierce battle.

"I told you to come alone, Zero. That is for your own honor and safety." Deathscythe released his spell as he spoke, an aggravated tone in his voice. The others were encased in dark orbs and disappeared from the area, leaving only Zero, Deathscythe and the unknown hostage in the meeting place

"What did you do?! Where are my friends!" Zero cried landing and pointing his blade at the dark knight. Deathscythe rolled his eyes and showed his palms.

"They are out of the way, but unharmed. I sent them back to your base, or rather under your base. Do put your sword away, Zero. As I said, I am not here to fight you." Zero glared and lowered his sword slightly.

"Then why have you kidnapped that innocent Gundam?" he hissed pointing towards the covered form. Deathscythe looked at the small form and lowered his voice.

"He is the reason why I have come here, Zero. He was in danger in Lacroa, I thought he deserved to be with his father." Zero blinked and stared his sword and shield at his sides.

"What…what do you mean?" Deathscythe walked over and picked up the form, Zero now realizing it was a small child Gundam. The boy made an uncomfortable sound and moved slightly, but fell silent again.

"He's a survivor, Zero…and your son." Deathscythe walked back to Zero and pulled back the red torn and tattered cape more. Zero's heart stopped, staring at the boy's face. His sword and shield fell to the ground, and his hands shook.

"H-how…? Who…?" Deathscythe handed the boy to him and pulled out the dagger.

"He is your son, there is no doubt in my mind. His mother is unknown to me, but everything about him points to him being your son. Not to mention the cape he caries with him is identical to yours. Perhaps this though will offer some idea as to who his mother is." Zero held the boy and had to slide his mask back to get more air. His breath was ragged as Deathscythe placed the dagger on the boy's chest. The small child was now much more relaxed, and seemed to pull closer against Zero's form.

"L-Lilly…" Zero whispered, his knees growing weaker by the moment.

"He was not safe in Lacroa, Tallgeese was going to kill him. I hope that you can give him a life he deserves," Deathscythe said, trying hard to keep his voice even. Zero looked up at him and swallowed.

"Why, Deathscythe? You could have killed him yourself; you could have raised him against me! Why are you giving me my son?" Deathscythe lowered his head and uncloaked, showing his darker form.

"Because even I still have a heart, Zero. Take care of him. Goodbye." Deathscythe opened a portal, and left without another word. Zero swallowed and fell to his knees, his arms still cradling the boy, his son.

"My…son…?" Zero swallowed and hung his head, shame beginning to fill his heart. "A bastard…" Zero held him close before taking off, quickly flying back to the base, his sword and shield disappearing as he left.

"Where did he go?" Shute asked as the group arrived yet again at the meeting place. Captain frowned and flipped down his targeting screen looking around. Baku frowned and looked at the ground, noticing the disturbance near where he had last seen Zero.

"He left, he was carrying something though." Captain looked over at the samurai and flipped his screen back up. Guneagle looked around and nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, looks like Deathscythe did too, probably through a gate, here."

"It's most likely that he went back to the base," Captain said looking around. Bakunetsumaru stood up and frowned.

"I think he took that hostage of Deathscythe's with him. There's no sign of him leaving under his own power." Captain frowned and looked up, activating his comm. system.

"SDG Base, this is Captain Gundam. Has Zero arrived at the base?"

"Yes, but he immediately went into his quarters. He was carrying something, it looked like a small Gundam," came Kao Lyn's voice from the open channel comm..

"Roger that, Kao Lyn, we're returning to base right now." Baku frowned and stood up, wondering what could have upset his lover so badly that he would lock himself up in their room. Entengo nickered and nuzzled the samurai, worried as well for the Knight.

"Come on Entengo," Bakunetsumaru said mounting the horse. The other members of the Gundam Force took off, Shute taking a ride with Guneagle.

"Happy Birthday, Zero!" Deed said raising his cup to his best friend, smiling widely. Zero laughed and hit his mug to Deed's and drank.

"Thanks Deed," Zero said chuckling slightly. "Even though I don't even know if it is my birthday." Deed shrugged and drank the warm ale that he and Zero had ordered in the popular inn. Even at only sixteen, the two young Knights had gone out for a few drinks whenever they had time, which wasn't very often.

"Well so what if it isn't? We at least get to celebrate it together, Zero." Zero nodded at the green blue knight and took another drink sighing. The warm liquor helped to relax him after a hard day of training with Battle, Rock and Nataku. Deed smiled at him and blinked looking up as a female Gundam walked over, looking at Zero curiously. "Hey, looks like you're being checked out, Zero…" he whispered with a smirk. Zero blinked and blushed looking around and seeing the femme.

"Uh…" Zero blinked and looked at her closely as she came closer. "Lilly?"

"Zero? Oh my God! It's been years!" The young woman went over as Zero stood up and gave him a hug. "Where have you been?"

"I've been training as a Knight! Deed, this is one of my friends Lilly, she pretty much took care of me when I lived on the streets. Lilly, this is Deed." Deed stood up and bowed to the young woman smiling.

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss Lilly." Lilly laughed and shook her hand at the knight.

"Please, just Lilly is fine. Mind if I join you guys?" Both Deed and Zero shook their head and offered to buy her a drink.

"We're celebrating Zero's birthday, well as close as we can figure." Deed playfully shoved Zero. Zero rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Really? Let's see…sixteen right?" Lilly asked drinking her glass of wine. The duo nodded.

"Yeah, not that I got much of a present from the other knights."

"Hey, Nataku said he was still working on yours!" Deed said leaning back in his chair. Zero nodded and smiled.

"Yeah, and Battle and Rock decided to give me a double teamed wrestling match. Not that YOU were much help." Zero gave Deed a look as his friend snickered again at the mental image.

"Sounds like you're doing well, Zero. I'm really happy for you. You deserved to be in a better place than where we all were."

"What about you, Lilly? What have you been up to?" Zero asked smiling at the twenty year old Gundam femme.

"Working here actually. I'm a waitress, I've got a room here, and I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I get to meet a lot of interesting people, it's even better that I got to see you again!" The night went on and stories continued to pass between the three, as well as well aged ale and wine. The rest of the night became more of a blur but Zero did remember Lilly's gift to him. He wasn't sure, but Lilly didn't mind, she had always had a soft spot for him.

"That night…it was a mistake…" Zero whispered looking over the dagger he held in his hand. He didn't entirely regret it, he did love Lilly, but he felt horrible that he had left her and his son alone. Swallowing, Zero leaned back in his chair, glancing back at his bed where his son was sleeping quietly. "Why didn't you contact me Lilly? Did you hate me for everything? Did you want to keep him from me forever?" Zero hung his head, trying hard to bite back his emotions. He gently traced the flowers that were designed into the scabbard of the dagger. His life had turned upside-down, but he swore that he would take responsibility and raise his son.

"Zero…?" Zero looked up, hearing Bakunetsumaru gently knock on their door. Getting up and setting the knife and torn cape upon the chair, Zero went and opened the door, trying to keep himself under control.

"Baku…we need to talk about something…" he said looking at the floor. Baku frowned and gently reached for his hand.

"What's wrong?" Zero frowned and pulled him in closing the door behind them.

"The Gundam that Deathscythe had with him was a survivor from Lacroa's attack. He…he's my son, Baku…" Baku froze and stared at the shorter Gundam swallowing.

"W-what…?" Zero hung his head and nodded.

"I…had a one night stand with an old friend of mine almost six years ago. Deathscythe gave me her dagger that she had with her at all times. Baku I…I'm so sorry I…" Baku blinked and pulled Zero close embracing him.

"Zero, it was before we met, there's nothing to be sorry about," Baku whispered supporting his lover. "It doesn't matter to me. We'll take care of him…" Baku smiled and lifted up Zero's chin and cleared his eyes, his own eyes watery. Zero blinked and smiled, kissing the Musha.

"Thank you…I don't even know his name yet. It looks like someone, who I don't know, has healed some of his injuries. He's exhausted though, I just hope he doesn't try to run away from us." Zero sighed and walked over to the bed and looked again at his son. Baku followed and smiled.

"He looks a lot like you," the red and white Gundam said leaning up against the bed.

"I know it surprises me too." Zero chuckled a bit and looked to Baku smiling. "Looks like we finally got a child of our own, Baku." Baku chuckled and nodded in agreement. Gently reaching his hand out he ran the back of his hand down the sleeping boy's face. The boy stirred slightly and reached out with a small hand, taking the Musha's larger hand in his own and smiled with a sigh returning to sleep.

"Oh…!" Baku's eyes became wide and he smiled, his gunsoul fluttering at the contact. Zero smiled at him and chuckled.

"I suppose you're going to have to be the 'mom' in the relationship after all, Baku." Baku gave Zero a look and sulked.

"You are completely unreasonable," he muttered. Zero simply laughed softly at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm joking. Besides…he probably still remembers his mother. I wouldn't want to try and replace Lilly with you as his mother." Baku smiled and nodded gently squeezing the small hand that was wrapped around his.

"I understand. I'll be whatever he wants me to be. You look like you could use something to drink. I'll watch over him for you, okay?" Zero blinked and nodded in agreement, he was rather hungry and could use some wine, if no one had stolen the bottle he had been given for Christmas.

"Thanks Baku. I won't be gone for long, okay?" Bakunetsumaru shook his head and smiled.

"Take as long as you need. I don't think the little guy is going to be waking up soon. He seems exhausted. I'll watch over him." Zero smiled and gave him another kiss.

"Thank you," Zero said before quietly leaving the room. Baku smiled and gently stroked the young boy's head before gently removing his hand from the boy's.

"Mmm…" Bakunetsumaru smiled and moved the chair over next to the bed. Glancing over he saw the dagger that Zero had told him about laying on top of a tattered red cape. Picking up the two items he set them on his lap as he sat down. The dagger was beautifully crafted, but unfortunately ill cared for. Taking the blade from the scabbard, Baku was further disappointed. The blade was nicked, dull, dirty and rusted.

"Well I might as well get working," he murmured. Setting the cape back in the chair, the Musha went over to the area where he cared for his swords and meditated and got his cleaning kit. Sitting on the mat on the floor, Bakunetsumaru began to clean the rest and dirt off of the delicate blade.

He had only been working for about ten minuets, when the young boy in his and Zero's bed began to stir.

"Mmm…? Huh…?" a pair of blue green eyes opened and looked around in confusion. Baku looked up from his work and gently put the dagger down going over.

"Hey…you okay there little guy?" Baku asked softly standing at a distance from the bed. The boy jumped and clamored back startled, kicking the blankets off of him. Looking at Baku, he swallowed and relaxed slightly.

"W-where am I?" he asked, trying to control the tremors of fear through his frame. Baku frowned and walked a little closer cautiously.

"It's okay, you're safe. Deathscythe is gone. You're with good people," Baku said smiling warmly. "What's your name…?" he asked. The boy blinked and fidgeted.

"Leon…who…who're you?" Baku smiled and walked over a little closer and sat down in the chair.

"Bakunetsumaru." Leon stared and blinked slowly.

"Wha?" Baku felt a sweat drop roll down his forehead and sighed.

"You can just call me Baku. I'm…well I'm your father's…boyfriend." Leon blinked and looked him over before moving closer and giving him an inspection.

"You're my Papa's…boyfriend?" Baku frowned and nodded.

"Yeah. I know it's confusing; Zero really did care about your mother. He didn't know that he had you, it's not that he abandoned you." Leon blinked and let Baku talk before slipping into his lap and gave him a hug. Baku blinked and blushed looking at the small boy.

"S'okay. Mama already told me that. I don't blame him. Besides, if he loves you, then you must be a good guy." Leon looked up at him and nuzzled close, feeling the heat that radiated from Baku's body. Bakunetsumaru smiled and wrapped his arms around his stepson and returned the hug.

"You must get that from your dad. He'll be back in a little bit, he went to get some food and something to drink." Leon nodded and relaxed further.

"I can't wait to meet him. So…where am I? This isn't Lacroa, is it?" Baku frowned and shook his head gently rubbing his back.

"No, you're in a place called Neotopia, in the base of the Gundam Force." Leon frowned and looked up at him his brows furrowed in confusion.

"Gundam Force?" Baku nodded and sighed trying to think of a way to explain it.

"We're fighting the Dark Axis, the same people who helped take over Lacroa." Leon's face brightened and he smiled.

"Really? Those guys are strong though, it's just you and my dad, how can you fight them alone?" Baku smiled and let Leon sit more comfortably on his lap.

"No there are lots of us. There's Captain Gundam, Guneagle, the seven Gundivers, Shute, just to name a couple. Neotopia is under attack too, as is my homeland, we're winning here, and then we're going to go to Lacroa and Ark after we kick their butts back to their home dimension!" Leon giggled a bit at him and sat sideways on Baku's lap, leaning against his chest, finding comfort from the Musha.

"What's Ark like?" he asked, glancing up at the red and white Gundam. Baku smiled and leaned back in the chair.

"It's beautiful. In the summer when the sun sets the sky turns a dark red and it reflects on the mountains, making them look like they're on fire. There's massive bamboo forests and open plains." Leon blinked and frowned.

"Sounds boring…" Baku blinked and choked looking at the blue child in his lap.

"Yeah, you're definitely Zero's kid…he said the same thing…" he muttered under his breath. Leon giggled and grinned widely at the Musha. Baku smiled at him and rubbed his head gently.

"So what were you doing to my Mama's dagger?" Bakunetsumaru smiled and gently set him down on the bed and went to pick up the dagger.

"I was cleaning and sharpening it. See how this side looks shinier now?" Leon scooted closer and nodded seeing how his dagger looked more like when his mother cared for it.

"Oh yeah…" Leon gently reached for it and smiled his entire frame relaxing knowing that his mother's dagger was being cared for. "Thank you…" Baku smiled and rubbed his head.

"Your welcome. There's more work to be done. I need to sharpen it and get the nicks out of it. If you want, maybe I can help you learn to use it." Leon smiled brightly and nodded excitedly. Baku smiled and gently took the blade back slipping it into the scabbard.

"You'll really teach me?" Leon asked starting to bounce on the bed in his excitement. Baku laughed and nodded smiling.

"Of course! How are you feeling, though?" Leon smiled and tried to calm down, kicking at his feet.

"I'm okay. Kinda sore though," Leon said rubbing his shoulder. Baku nodded and leaned forward and took a look at his shoulder. There was some stiffness in the joint and he gently rubbed it for him.

"You're a little tight. But I'm sure it'll go away with a good night sleep and a hot bath." Leon's ocean green eyes lit up with the mention of a hot bath. Baku smiled at the young boy and looked up as the door to the room opened. Leon jumped and moved almost instinctively into Baku's lap.

"Sorry I took longer than I thought…" Zero said after closing the door, looking much better after having a bite to eat and a drink. Leon looked up at him and smiled brightly, immediately feeling his connection to the mech.

"Papa…?" he asked, his voice soft, climbing out of Baku's lap, standing shyly near Baku. Zero looked at Leon and nodded, walking over and kneeling in front of the small Gundam boy.

"Yeah. I'm your father," he said, smiling slightly, tears threatening to start running down his cheeks. Leon smiled and jumped into Zero's form,wrapping his arms around his neck and began to cry, clinging desperately to his father. Zero smiled and returned the hug, tears freely flowing down his cheeks. Bakunetsumaru watched with a smile before getting up.

"I'll let you two bond, kay?" Zero frowned and shook his head.

"No, stay here, Baku. You're a part of this family now." Leon sniffled and nodded reaching out a hand to the red and white musha Gundam, smiling hopefully. Baku smiled and walked over to them, helping Zero stand back up after Leon let go of him.

"Thanks..." he said kissing Zero on the cheek and rubbing Leon's small head playfully. Leon smiled brightly and attached himself to the taller Gundam's leg nuzzling into his hip. Bakunetsumaru smiled brightly and lifted up the small Gundam child and hugged him. Leon laughed and clung to him, smiling at his father. Zero chuckled and sat down on the bed as Baku and Leon joined him.