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Of Nargles and Medication

a Luna Story

My therapist says that while I'm on this, I shouldn't use loud tones or blink to often( the darkness scares me…and the Nargles that come with it) and to " Take two of these at every meal…or whenever you are feeling low(which is quite often). Luckily, it keeps me sedated and happy and when I am sedated and happy I can take on anything. Even Ginny's ranting about Harry's ass in his Quidditch robes. Which, apparently looks like Shadowcat's from the Weird Sisters and Draco Malfoy's….fused together to morph one SuperArse. Which I agree with. Harry Potter is a sex god. Can't have but oh how I want. It also makes my thoughts some how voiced out loud...yes...it's the pills that do that. Hehe. Been on them since I was four. But anyyywhoooo


Today started off as a normal day. I woke up, popped two good ones, Kaitlen Amorde sent a Trip-Jinx my way

Nts- Remember to put a treacle tart in her wardrobe. Will provide maximum fun.

Going to breakfast. We wants it. We wants it baaaad. Bad Luna! Horrid thoughts of the sex god Potter. Not that horrid. It's actually very smexy. Oh gods he's leaving with the red-haired vixen! I mean….dear and close friend. Eye twitch Aaaaaaannnddd nowimbored.

Took two pills. Muuuuccchhh better.

Oh look at all the Nargles!

9:36 a.m. Binns drones on. About nothing.

Ugh I mean COME ON! Jeez Binns! What the hell is it about History of Magic that makes people want to throw themselves in front of the Hogwarts Express? And then pray for a coma, just so they can sleeeep! So I just started to write because I'm NOT a drug addict. I don't need those pills. Or do I…No no no no. I don't. I really do NOT like this subject! I think it's actually worse than Potions. Huh I have a thought…

Professor Binns reminds me of a less sexually-pent up Snape.

Crapp the people are looking at me. Why are the people looking at me?

Ah shit. Just said that out loud.


I've been in Myrtles bathroom for quite some time. skipped Charms, I'm pretty good at it so I'll catch up easily. Here, I ponder my life's toughest questions. WHY MUST I ALWAYS HAVE VERBAL DIARRHEA?! Not only that but I ran out of my happy pills and now I've been eating leftover croissants from breakfast (which I stashed in my bag) like crack! Fucking Muggle studies it strikes again! WHAT THE HELL IS CRACK ANYWAY?!

The one time I voice my thoughts ( really intensely) I get alert I-Just –Drank-50-Cups-of-Cofee-Binns. To which he responds "I remind you of a WHO?!"

And everyone looks at me. Of course I blame it on the Blibbering Humdingers and quickly (hastily, rapidly, hurriedly) exit the room. They look at me like I'm crazy….-er than usual. Which is odd, even for me.


About 1 more Hour Later, Somewhere in Hogwarts

So I am officially screwed. I mean really, Luna? Really? I don't understand.

RIGHT food!

Back in Dorm Some Hours later

Rest of day was a rather..err...Loony day. I mean there was more staring than usual. Well at least they didn't point…well not a lot of them. What fascinates me is that, with over four hundred kids at this school, they all only talk about one thing. It's terribly boring and so utterly predictable.

I needed some feel goods, so I owled my father who owled my Mediwitch who owled me back with a parcel of relief. They cut my dosage again! Crap I knew this was going to happen. The last time I went for a check in, she asked me a series of questions in which I answered like a normal person. They unfortunately saw a human in me and cut my dosage. It seems my father has been saying things again.

I went about my day after going to the kitchens and getting some food. Good God how I love house elves.

I went back to my dorm sometime later, and fell asleep.

9/14/03- Basking in victory! So I'm walking back from Care of Magical Creatures, minding my own business when BAM,the Slither Sluts knocked my bag off my shoulder. Sigh. Bitches. All of my things were sent flying[ really, it was tumbling onto the damp grass. Whilst I was picking up my Potions book the most amazing thing happened. And when I say amazing, I mean so insanely spectacular that I questioned why I was taking pills in the first place. But onward to the story. A book floated in front of my bent head and attached to said book was a tanned hand. I snapped my neck up with such speed that it cracked in such an unattractive way. I would've blushed, but that would make me a person. Anyway! Harry Potter, the gorgeous, gorgeous person he is helped me pick up my books. He seemed angry for some reason.

" Alright, Harry?" I asked.

"No!" He exploded. " No Luna, I'm not alright. You're not alright. I don't understand why you don't tell Dumbledore!"

I tilted my head at him. Was he really that stupid?

" What would Dumbledore do exactly? If I tell him?" I asked.

He paused for a moment. Then he opened his mouth and shut it again. I waited.

" He'd do something. You can't just let them- that's not- they can't-"

I waited some more. When I decided he wasn't going to come up with a coherent sentence I decided to start walking away. He followed me!

" Wait. I wasn't yelling at you. I'm just frustrated that you let them walk all over you. You don't deserve it." he explained, somewhat calmly. Though his cheeks were still tinted an adorable pink.

" Dumbledore can't be everywhere at once. And stopping peoples actions is useless if you can't stop what makes them want to act that way." I explained simply. I sometimes wondered if I ever made sense. I noticed Harry hadn't said anything. " Anyway, I'm sure he has better things to do with his time than worry about the nature of children. Even though that is the business he's in. I suspect everyone's antsy right now, because the Blibbering Humdingers have been wrecking havoc in the corridors again. I think they're angry because Mr. Filtch has been replacing all the cinnamon candles with plain wax candles. Blibbering Humdingers are partial to yellow, you see." I have absolutely no clue what possessed me to say this, but all I know is that the moment was WAY to surreal.

" Only you, Luna." he said with a crooked smile.

I skipped away before I could maul him. What was even weirder was that, my pills wore off hours ago, but I still feel floaty and bubbly. Hmm. I'm feeling. Well that won't work at all.

Oh look, a female Nargle, well that's rare.

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