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Of Nargles and Medication

A Luna Story

11:15 am. At Honeydukes

Yee gods. This is abnormal. Walking around with Harry. HARRY! Talking like we're the best of friends! When we first entered Honeydukes Harry, immediately, separates him and I from Bushy-Haired-Freak and Ronald.

Hermione looks as if she is about to explode. Perfection. Ron...well Ron looks as he always does, starving.

The conversation with smexy pants goes like this:

I say, "Pumpkin Pasties are really my favorite, but I also like Sugar Quills."

He says, "I love Pumpkin Pasties!"

I say, "Yes they are quite tasty. I know that Blibbering Humdinger's are quite found of them. All that cinnamon." (can I ever be...not loony? Answer:no)

So I might have been exaggerating a bit about the whole best of friend's thing… But still it was the most we've talked since that night in the forest. I like how he is making the effort.

I can see Hermione staring us down and finally intervenes by saying,

"Harry! I forgot I need a new quill. Let's go to Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop." She says like it's most important thing to be said ever. But then again that is how she always talks.

"I need to talk to Luna for a bit. You go with Ron." Harry says with earnest.

If looks could kill…I would have been so dead by now. Wait. GASP! Talk to me?

Whilst they were still distracted I popped a pill.

Nargles…seem to be….here…. Harry is talking to me I think….

"….to talk to you. Luna?"

"Whaa? Oh hay! Sure lets talk!"

"Are you okay?"

"Mmmhm just dandy"

6 pm. In dorm.

FRICK. Oh me. What have I DONE?

Opened a can of shit! That's what I did! Don't be so hard on yourself. Not your fault. You were out of it! But still. Let me recap.

Harry and I walked out of Honeydukes. We were just walking around he hadn't said anything thing yet. Then we started toward the Shrieking Shack. When we were completely secluded he started to talk. Of BLASPHAME! Well…me liked. But I shant have!

"Luna, Ginny and I aren't working out."

I stare at him blank-faced. Yet inside I'm screaming SNOG ME ALREADY!

Hold on I need to feed myself. I haven't since I got back.

6:30. In dorm.

Needs to lay off these crack muffins! Let me continue.. He said...

"I think of her more as a sister than someone I want to be with."

Right. Didn't see that coming. (sarcasm!)

"I mean to say that I still care about her. I know that you are her friend and wouldn't want to hurt her, neither would I"

I'm quite out at of it at this point seeing some Nargles, even some Crumple-Horned Snorkacks!

"But I'm starting to really….erm…"

It's so amazing when he is shy and awkward and blushing!

"Well, Luna…I well erm…like you."

There seems to be a Nargle at his ear…then it hits me.

And what do I say?

"Oh." F-ing pills!

"Oh? Merlin. I've made an ass of myself…" I interrupt before he insults his smexiness again.

"NO wait! I meant oh as in yes I like you too, and I totally don't care about Ginny's feelings. Just snog me already!" Thinking back, might have been a little too upfront.

He smiles bashfully and says, "I didn't know oh said all of that."

After that we snogged. We snogged like no one has snogged before. It was the most amazing feeling (and we all know how much I hate feelings!) in the world.

This went on for another hour and a half. JUST snogging! I know! I didn't even get bored! But we were interrupted when we heard Hermione's voice screaming Harry's name.

We had enough time to pull ourselves apart and make ourselves look decent. She told us it was time to go back. She stared me down the whole time walking back to Hogwarts. Was too happy to really care though. I didn't even try to say something to annoy her.

Nothing else interesting happened after that. Other than me seeing Ginny in the Hall. (After I took 3 pills) She had been in the Library studying for our Potions test. Told me she hoped I had fun at Hogsmeade.

I had to suppress my laughter.

After, of course, I felt like crap. She is one of the only people that likes me and doesn't laugh at me (for the most part). She's a really great girl just dull at times. Sometimes she gets really intense about things and I don't want to talk to her face ever again. Yet like I said she puts up with my "loony-ness" so I keep her around. But I digress me snogging Harry was the most wonderful thing. I didn't really even need to take my pills. But that whole Ginny thing threw me off. Merlin, this is too much for one day.

Two more pills. Going to need another refill. Daddy isn't going to be happy. For now I shall enjoy watching the Nargles dance around my head.

Authors Notes: Finally a update! Sorry Junior year was hard :[