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Chapter 1: Hiding behind a disguise.

Sometimes life is a big adventure, and sometimes a life is just dull. I could tell you, that I would choose for the second option. Why? It's simple, my name is Naruto Uzimaki and I'm tired from constant hiding my secret, and that's not including the loneliness life that I have.


Today would be an important day for everybody in the class. It was the day that everybody took a last test for his or her graduation to a genin ninja. It's the lowest rank, but a great start, because this is a symbol that you have come of age. After your graduation you will receive the head protector, the mark that you finally are a ninja!

Everyone was very excited and very nervous of course. Naruto however, had another reason to be very nervous. The teacher Iruka had chosen for 'Bushin no Jutsu' for the examination. Everyone had to create a perfect clone from him or herself for graduation. Both teachers Iruka and his assistant Miziku would oversee the testing in the next room.

"Argh, why that one?!" Naruto thought in frustration, while he suppressed his feeling to groan.

He saw how one by one of his classmates were leaving to the next room and returned proud with their own head protector. They did the clone techniques without a problem. When it was his turn, he gathered as much courage as he could and performed the Bushin no Justu. "Please, please, let this be right!"

Oh well, it was more like an attempt. When the smoke disappeared, there was not one clone, but strange enough, nine strange red bushy tails without a body lying on the ground. Naruto got a red face from shame. He knew what probably had happened, but how could he explain this to the teachers?

Now the white faced teachers were staring at the twelve year old blond boy. Iruka's face changed from white to full red, while Mizuki was frowning, after recovering from the shock.

"You… You fail Naruto! This test isn't a joke!" Iruka shouted really angry. He didn't know how the boy did it, but he could not understand why Naruto wasn't serious enough about this test! Yesterday he was so full of fire when they talked to each other, and now this? And the joke was a very tasteless one too.

Iruka's assistant Mizuki said not a word.

The tails on the ground disappeared. It was not even a joke, not that the teacher Iruka could have known.

Iruka shook his head and sighed, his anger already gone. "Naruto, I give you still one change. Create perfect clones. This is really your last change."

Naruto's face was sweating and the courage sunk him in his feet, because he knew that he couldn't do it. A transformation skill was not the same as a clone skill. And the reason was that a real clone would reveal the truth about him. He had forgotten that the clone skill was the last test, and it was very ironic that he already had failed two times for it. He could not even wait for the next year, because the same subject would come up again.

He had to make a difficult choice. Naruto had always dreamed to become the next Hokage of the village. But that dream became now almost impossible, all thanks to a stupid youkai, two years ago. And he could only blame himself…

The blond boy shook his head and sighed deep. He would save himself the trouble and he was probably better off by quitting. His shattered dream was of course not very helpful.

"Forget it Iruka sensei. I give up."

The teacher couldn't believe his ears, and his mouth dropped open. "What did you say?"

"I quit! It's clear that I'm not born for this ninja business, sensei," Naruto said angry, and he ran out the classroom without looking back.

The two teachers looked at each other and then Iruka watched the door where Naruto had left. He was really gone.

"I don't understand him," Iruka said a little upset. "Yesterday he was telling me, that he would be the next Hokage. Not that I would believe him, but..." He shook his head. "You saw him Mizuki, he was full of determination, but after the prank he lost all of his courage. That's not like him, giving up like that."

Mizuki was grinning. How Iruka couldn't see it, was very surprising. It was very obvious that Naruto had messed up his jutsu because he was already in a transformed state. He had tried to clone his transformed body. But they would see it, when he cloned himself and then transformed his clone to his image. It wouldn't matter how fast he would do it, because they see it through his hand seals… Naruto tried it to imaging it in his mind like a transformation. This messed up the technique and only a part of him was cloned. How surprising, his nine tails. Only the most experienced ninja could do this, but Naruto was still a beginner.

"He is really the Kyuubi reincarnated," Mizuki thought, still grinning. It made no difference, his plans for using Naruto was unchanged.


After school, Naruto looked to the crow of people. The happy parents were complementing their children for the passing of the exam.

Some of the people saw a disillusioned blond boy sitting on a swing not far away from the school. Most recognized him through his orange jumpsuit and his marked face, his six stripes. Three stripes on each cheek that did him appear like a fox.

"Hey, that kid…," a woman noticed.

"Yeah, that's the child, and he was the only one who failed. It's for the better. We can't him become a ninja," another woman said.

Both nodded and looked with a cold glare to the boy, but he didn't notice it, because he was with his thoughts somewhere else.

Naruto took his goggles, and wanted to put it on his forehead, but after staring it for a few seconds he changed his mind. His career as a ninja was over. His dream as Hokage was as it was, just a dream. He had no idea how longer he could hide his true form from everybody, but he knew, when this would happen, than he had to run away from this village. He stood up and walked away, away from the happy people, the sickening scene.

What to do for the future?

Maybe he could begin a career as a ramen chef? He loved ramen and miso very much…


It was not a strange voice, and Naruto turned and faced a teacher. "Mizuki sensei?"

Naruto could only guess what the teacher with the grey-white hair color wanted.

The two settled on a balcony of a building that had a nice overview of the village.

"Why don't you want to become a ninja? I heard from Iruka sensei, that you wanted to become the next Hokage?" Mizuki sounded very interested.

The blond boy had not a real answer for that. The truth was really too strange. Naruto's eyelids narrowed to slits and his face looked almost like a caricature of a fox.

"I told you earlier, I'm not good enough to be a ninja. I'm only good for pranks I guess," the boy answered with a sigh. "Look, I want only recognition, and I thought that is to become the Hokage. When I would be the leader, then everybody will look up at me."

Mizuki could only snigger by hearing of these words. The Kyuubi wants recognition, what a laugh. He was more like be infamous. He decided to start with his plan. Tomorrow he would get what he wanted, and the village would get his scapegoat.

"Listen Naruto, if I told you, that there was another way to graduate, would you do it?" the teacher asked serious.

The blue eyes of the boy grew, forgetting his other problems. "Is there really an alternative?"

The devious teacher grinned and nodded.


It was very late in the evening, when Naruto sneaked over the small roofs of the buildings. He was lucky that there was a full moon. It would make the whole mission a lot easier. From the information that he got from Mizuki, the scroll would be in the building of the Hokage. The teacher told him even in which room he could find it. Entering the building via a window was not a problem; it was really too easy.

But when he thought there was nobody, it was a whole shock to hear suddenly the voice of the Hokage behind him.

Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, was very surprised to see Naruto sneaking in his house. "What is the meaning of this? Is it one of his pranks again?"

"What are you doing in my house at this hour Naruto?" the Hokage said calmly while he kept up a reserved posture with his everlasting pipe in his mouth. He would probably life longer if he didn't smoke.

The boy didn't answer him but he turned quick en looked him directly in the eyes. For a moment Sarutobi thought that the boy's eyes flashed blood red. But then, to his surprise, Naruto vanished in front of his eyes. It was not a speed maneuver; he was just gone as if he wasn't even there before.

The old man suddenly petrified when two slender arms came over his shoulders. The soft bumps behind his back did his heart made even going faster.

"Did you miss me?" a warm voice said in one of his ears. A second later his pipe clattered on the floor.

The Hokage couldn't believe this feeling. It was his long dead wife; but she was here, and so young. "Biwako? Are you not dead?"

The woman stepped in front of him and she took his face in her soft hands "Who said that, dear?"

A bleeding nose was the first reaction what the poor old man got, because she was naked as the day when she was born. The old man began to realize that he was in a Genjutsu, an illusion technique, and a very powerful one, too. It was done without even a hand seal. But he couldn't remember that one of Naruto's parents had a Kekkei Genkai, a blood limit. It didn't matter, because this was a very difficult situation for him. He didn't think he got even the willpower to break out of this one…


"I don't think, it was a smart move to use the Mindscape Jutsu," Naruto muttered, "but I feel me more exposed if I use the Sexy no Jutsu, lately. It's really too bad, that I couldn't use it on the exam. They are not stupid…"

He found the room with al the scrolls. It was a real treasury with al those techniques. But he had not the time to look in them, because he didn't knew how long it took before the old man could break out of the special technique.

"Ah, I found it!"

Naruto looked at a big scroll. It was heavy, and half as big as him. "I have only time to learn a few techniques to pass the exam, so I must go now."

As fast as he could, he leaved the building and ran to one of his favorite training places. He didn't notice that he was followed by Mizuki. The treacherous teacher left him alone, after knowing where Naruto was staying.

The boy opened the scroll and began to read. "Ugh, the first is the 'Kage Bunshin', a Shadow Clone technique? What the… A stupid clone again? It's useless for me now. But still… maybe it is not a bad idea. It's a technique for real clones and it seems that it has some advantages."

After reading farther he found some really interesting techniques. But all of them were very special, and he got the feeling that these where beyond the norm for a beginner ninja. And most of them were about sealing, very useless. But one was very interesting; it was a simple theory, a different approach for the hand seal techniques. Ninja's mold their chakra by concentrating on a hand seal. There are twelve hand signs based on the months of the year. (Chinese zodiac) By ignoring the hand seals and only through concentrating the chakra molding, you could probably create the same effect. Hand seals are a great memory aid, but a time consuming stupid tradition. Without the hand seals you could create the same technique probably ten times faster, because you did it in your mind, and not physical. It's maybe even possible to create new chakra molds beyond the twelve versions.

Naruto was grinning now, because he had the key for his little problem. He could combine the Shadow Clone with a transformation in a flash, if he could produce some result with this new knowledge at least. The idea that nobody could even saw what you could or would do was indeed very interesting.

With new courage he began with his practice.


At the same hour in the evening Iruka Umino had too much on his mind to catch some sleep. Hours ago he had a conversation with the Hokage about Naruto Uzumaki. He had told him that he was similar to him. He was an orphan too, and just as him years ago, he acted like an idiot, just because he was lonely. But with the only extra difference, Naruto did it with pranks, a lot of them.

But somehow he felt that Naruto had changed. He was different; he had changed from the boy he could remember from two years ago. Yes, he changed after disappearing for two weeks. It was, as if he was hiding something, he couldn't explain it. He acted more guarded. Could it be? Could it, that he knew that he was the container of the fox demon? It was possible, even with the rule that had to protect Naruto.

He could still remember the terrible youkai, the giant red fox with the nine tails. He lost both his parents, murdered by that monster. It was still ironic that the boy was the jail for that monster, because it was impossible to kill it. The beast was sealed in Naruto, at the cost of many human lives and the life of the Yondaime Hokage.

Iruka's train of thoughts was broken by the sound of the door. Somebody was knocking, and not too soft.

"What is happening?"

He jumped from his bed and ran to the door. It was Mizuki with a panicking look on his face.

"What is it?" Iruka asked fast.

"We must go to the Hokage! Naruto has taken the scroll of Sealing, probably a joke of him!"

The teacher was shocked. That was something you wouldn't call it a joke. It didn't take long before every Ninja in duty came to the Hokage's place. There were many angry faces, and not only because Naruto had stolen the scroll. It's not nice to wake up rudely when you had a good dream.

The Hokage was present, and he walked to the restless group. "Please, be quiet," Sarutobi said calmly, "yes, it is an important scroll with forbidden techniques. If used wrong, it can cause us a lot of trouble."

The old man shook his head. "But before everybody wants to leave, I have a warning for everybody. It appears that the boy has a blood limit or something like that. Whenever you meet the boy, please don't look in his eyes whatever you do! Before you know it, he has you in a powerful genjutsu!"

A buzz of voices was the reaction. Everybody was more serious now. Iruka was baffled, and wanted to talk with Mizuki, but he was strangely absent.

"So, he took you by surprise, Hokage-sama?" a ninja asked worried.

The old man nodded, but a strange smile became visible on his face. "Let's say, it was not a bad experience. But don't let it fool you. It took me three hours to get out of it…"

They could better not know the real truth why it took so long…

"How dangerous is this genjutsu?" somebody else asked very worried now.

It took a few seconds before the Hokage answered. "I would say, an A-Rank type," he said slowly, while he puffed out some smoke from his pipe, his face dead serious now.

The old man did know that Naruto wasn't a bad boy, but he could easily kill somebody with that technique, or made somebody very vulnerable because he could not sense anything else. He experienced it all in his own mind world, even when he thought he moved around. After the whole experience he was surprised that he was still on the same place when he was attacked.

If Naruto would have known what the consequence was from his genjutsu, he would have never revealed it on the Hokage.

"If there are no other questions, than begin please. It has been hours, since the scroll was stolen. Hurry, and find Naruto! Be careful!"

"Yes!" sounded the collective voice and the ninja's where so fast gone that it created some wind and dust clouds on the now deserted place.

The Hokage entered his home, and walked straight to the room where he holds a crystal boll. It's a nice little object to spy on everybody and to find a certain boy.

Somewhere else, Iruka Umino searched over the whole village, on all known places, but there wasn't a sight of Naruto.

"I should have checked the woods first," Iruka Umino thought disappointed, sweating and panting now.

It was too bad, that Mizuki wasn't with the Hokage to hear the warning, or else he would have taken the situation more seriously. He took his time, and did spread the word of Naruto a little more. It was a part of his plan, and a costly mistake.


Naruto was exhausted. He did know that it couldn't be easy and it was indeed really heavy. But after the hard work, he had done it. He could create the Busnin no Jutsu combined with his own transformation without the hand seals. A logical person would say that it would take a lot more time to learn these. But Naruto was just too determined when he really wanted it.

He memorized just the important chakra versions, and he needed to learn the rest of the twelve soon.

But it was not that important now. He had learned a skill from the scroll at least.

Not far away he was seen by Iruka who was shaking from anger. He was so angry that he forgot the warning from the Hokage and he jumped in front of the exhausted boy.

"At last I found you, you brat! Hey, do you hear me!" the teacher shouted.

With a shock Naruto looked up and saw the sweating Iruka, the teacher with the horizontal scar on his face, and his brown hair. Naruto stood slowly up, and scratched nervously behind his head. "Hehehe, it looks that you found me, faster than I wanted. But I've learned a technique from the scroll…"

"He did what? He learned from that scroll? But that's impossible. He's just a beginner…"

"That I don't believe it. What did you really? You're complete beat up. Did you fight somebody?" Iruka asked, his anger forgotten now.

Naruto shook his head. "No sensei, I learned a clone technique from the scroll. Mizuki sensei told me, if I learned from the Scroll of sealing, than I could graduate to a genin ninja."

"So, he was really practicing?" Suddenly the teacher froze. "But what did Naruto say? Mizuki?!"

At the moment that Iruka realised that Naruto was used for the scroll, he felt a great danger behind his back. It took him a few little seconds to turn around, and to push Naruto away from a deadly rain of kunai's, although he could not save himself from it.

A very shocked Naruto stared to the tree, from where the attack came. A person stood on the branch of the tree. It was no other than Mizuki, the teacher that he had trusted. When he looked at Iruka, he saw him still moving.

Somehow the teacher had survived the attack, but it didn't look too good for him. He had a few kunai's in his body, arms and legs, and it looked very painful

When Mizuki saw the boy he got a grim expression. "Naruto, give me the scroll, fast!"

Now Naruto was really confused. Why would Mizuki attack his colleague?

"What's going on here?! Are you crazy, or something. Why would you attack Iruka sensei!"

"Naruto! Don't give him the scroll, even if it kills you!" Iruka shouted, while he took one of the kunai out of his body. He was definitely frustrated and angry. "The scroll has forbidden jutsu, and is dangerous in the wrong hands! Mizuki used you to get the scroll!"

By hearing these words, Naruto took a defensive position. Now he was pissed off. It was not nice to toy with somebody's feelings and hope.

"It seems that I will never make it to a genin ninja now," Naruto thought very bitter. "And using me for his personal goals, I will never forgive him for that stunt."

Strange enough, Mizuki began to laugh. "Naruto there is no reason to protect it. Wait, maybe I can you better tell the truth about you, so you will understand."

"No, he wouldn't," Iruka thought with a shock. But his shock turned fast in anger. "No, don't tell him you idiot!"

The eyes of Naruto became small, while he glared to the traitor.

Mizuki ignored the warning and just talked further. "Twelve years ago, the demon fox attacked the village, everybody knows. But since that incident, there was a new rule created by the Hokage."

Naruto didn't react, thus the ex-teacher resumed. "It was even forbidden to tell you about this rule. The rule that nobody is allowed to tell you, that you in fact are the fox demon!"

The surprised boy raised an eyebrow when he heard this story.

"That is a lie!" Naruto shouted. "It is impossible because…" He had to put his own hand on his mouth before he revealed the truth to that idiot.

"Because what?" The ex-teacher asked grinning. "It is not impossible; you are the Nine Tails youkai. You killed Iruka's parents and you destroyed this village. Yes, you did! Why do you want to protect them and that scroll?"

"Stop! Stop it!" Iruka shouted. He was destroying Naruto step by step with his talk.

"Yes, stop it. I don't want to hear these stupid lies," the blond boy said slowly, while he began to shake from anger. "What would you know of that monster! Yes, I knew along of that stupid youkai. Even now it makes my life a hell, something I have never asked for it!"

"So, he knew it?" Iruka stared to the shaking boy.

Mizuki's face was frowning now. "Yes, indeed. But I still believe that he is Kyuubi incarnated, because I know that he hides his real body."

Now Iruka was surprised, and the traitor probably told the truth, because Naruto's body stiffened by hearing Mizuki's statement.

The boy cursed and looked away.

The traitor began to laugh at the reaction of the boy. "How do I know, you would ask, huh? It was when you did the Clone test. You messed up and cloned your tails by mistake, instead of your transformed body."

The mouth of Iruka dropped open. How could he miss that! Naruto had cloned really a part of his body, his tails no less. He didn't know how much Naruto's body had changed, but he was still Naruto, wasn't he? He saw only a poor boy, not the monster that had attacked their village and murdered his parents. A boy that never knew the love of his parents and only knew hate, yes, he was hated by the villagers. A tough acting, but a suffering boy… If he was the real monster fox, he would be already gone in destruction frenzy.

"Yes! Nobody will ever accept you, and I'm sure when they see the real you, they will totally hate you for sure!" Mizuki shouted very confident. "You know, that scroll that you have behind your back, it was the same scroll that was used to seal you up! You should even hate it! Now, give me the scroll as a good boy that you think you are, and I'll let you live."

It was a lie, because Mizuki needed no eyewitnesses. He had to kill both of them.

"I don't trust you." Naruto could feel the killer intent leaking from the man, and he would be an idiot to believe his words.

It was bad, that Naruto was still inexperienced with fighting, because he did react too late when the traitorous ex-teacher threw a giant shuriken in a fast moment to him. Frozen in place of shock, the boy couldn't move.

The sound of steel hitting meat was heard, but Naruto was surprised that it was not him, that was hit. He was speechless when he saw that it was Iruka that had covered him. The teacher has saved his live and used his body to protect him, but the deadly weapon stuck in his back and had penetrated his lungs.

"Why, why did you save me sensei?" Naruto could not understand why the teacher had saved his live. Why would he risk his own live for him, a boy hated by everybody, and just revealed a disguised monster.

But Naruto got his answer. Iruka began to tell that he acted as an idiot when he was younger. He wasn't great at school, and he was without parents as an orphan, so he kept acting to get some attention because he was really alone.

Real tears began to show on the teachers face. "I'm sorry Naruto. I was stupid not to help you, because I know how it feels too, the pain of loneliness."

Those emotions… The shell of Naruto was just a disguise, but the words of Iruka were real, and Naruto felt very emotional within his hart. How long could he hide behind this mask? The truth was, he wasn't even a real boy but he couldn't be a monster too. Real monsters don't have feeling, didn't they?

Mizuki said not a word, when Iruka told his little tearjerker; he was even a little speechless.

"You wanted to protect me, even if you knew that I'm not the Naruto that you see now?" The blond boy asked nervously, while he crawled away from the teacher that had protected him.

"Yes, I know that you are Naruto, and not the demon fox that had attacked our village. You are a member of the Hidden Leaf village and not the monster. Yes, you are Naruto Uzumaki," he answered while he looked straight in the boy's eyes. There was no lie in the teacher's eyes.

Now Naruto's body began to shake, but this time it was not because he was angry, he tried just not to cry in front of his teacher and the traitor, overwhelmed by his emotions.

However, Mizuki had enough of this, and he took his second big shuriken. He had only two of them, and used already one. "Ok, whatever. I still need the scroll, and I'm tired of both your little dramas. Die already…"

A girl's scream was heard.

He wanted to kill Iruka first, but before he could hurl his weapon, his body stiffened. It was the same ungodly feeling of terror that he felt from twelve years ago! Slowly he turned his face around and a moment later his weapon fell from his nerveless hands.

It was indeed Naruto, and he had just dropped his disguise. His real body was revealed now, but instead a boy, it was far from what Mizuki had suspected.

The word shocking would be an understatement, because 'he' was in fact a girl, and a few years older than what Naruto would be. The boy was really a freak of nature.

The first thing what he noticed, where the nine long red bushy foxtails behind her, and they were swirling around as if they had thoughts of their own. The other notable fact, were her big red fox ears on her head.

The girl had long wild red hair that moved with the red angry aura that she radiated and her face had almost a heart shape now, with the same six stripes on her cheeks and a cute nose. On her well formed body she wore nothing else than her sandals and a long black shirt, so that she was a little decent. She had never got a real use for clothing, since she was always in disguise and the tails were probably a great problem too. And she was less affected by the weather than a normal person.

The boy was no other than a vixen in disguise, a human Kitsune with nine tails!

Mizuki would have said that she was beautiful, were it not, that the direction of her anger was pointed at him. He noticed that he was the only one that was affected with her killer intent. And he didn't like the luminous blood red eyes that seemed to pierce him through his soul. The fact that he wasn't shaking was really because his profession, but another person would have been shitting in his pants. It seems that the tables were turned.

The wounded teacher was also very surprised, but he was still smart enough to remove the weapon from his back, but not without the pain. It was that he still could see some of Naruto's features, but otherwise he would have doubted that the girl would have been the former boy. But still, he couldn't believe that she was Naruto, the boy that he knew for years! This was beyond the joke of the Sexy no Jutsu…

What had happened two years ago?


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