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Chapter 7: The onsen visit and the job hunt.

It was very quiet and there wasn't a soul in the street today. The blond boy dressed in his favourite orange jumpsuit, walked with a big grin through the streets with his hands behind his head.

After a few minutes he entered the shopping district. Still, there were no people in the empty streets, and he felt slowly more at ease. He began to look at the merchandise displayed behind the windows of the shops. Books, weapons, interesting photo cameras, many things that he actually never could purchase because it was too expensive for him.

Not much later, he stood still for a clothing store. However, he became aware that it wasn't the men's clothing store. He was staring at the clothes that were for women. Women's pants and blouses, dresses and skirts.


Naruto jumped and turned around quickly. Why had he not noticed the person? A woman with a child pointed at him with disgust.

A man appeared out of nowhere and he also pointed at him.


Suddenly more and more people came out from nowhere and surrounded him quickly. Naruto slowly walked a few steps backwards, but bumped with his back against the window of the store.

They all began to scream at him and to call him a monster, a demon and a freak.

Naruto looked frantically back and forth, and suddenly saw his reflection in the window. No longer was he the blond boy, but a red-haired girl with red eyes and fox ears. Behind her were her tails visible.

The whole street was full of people now, and they all walked menacingly and slowly to Naruto. In panic, the redheaded girl crouched and held her arms protectively over her head.

"I'M NOT A MONSTER!" she screamed in fright.

Fists, sticks and knives rained down on her head...


Naruto jolted awake screaming and her eyes flew open. Panting and sweating she looked around in panic and then calmed down when she realized that it was only a bad dream… a very bad dream.

"Ugh, a nightmare," she moaned while she shivered, and she covered her face with her hands.

"It's been a long time since I've had a nightmare," she sighed and then stared outside through the window, where the twilight settled in.

It was around nine o'clock in the evening. Her afternoon nap took longer than she had expected. She frowned as she picked up the scent of her sweaty body odour and wrinkled her nose.

A keen sense of smell has its disadvantages. Nothing was worse than to end up in the middle of a group of sweaty, unwashed men with the stench of too much testosterone. It had happened once already and it would not be the last time. The thought turned her face green. She quickly forced the unpleasant memories somewhere in a deep dark corner of her mind and walked fast to the bathroom.

She could not suppress a curse when she turned on the tap of the shower and had to conclude that there was no water when the shower stopped after a few seconds. The landlord was apparently in a bad mood and had shut off the water, again…

Sighing, she hung her head. The only other place was the public bath, the onsen. A place that she only visited once as a customer, a very bad idea afterwards. But that was as Naruto the blond boy. She rubbed her index finger under her nose and grinned now.


Naruto hesitated when she stood in front of the entrance.

This time her choice for her disguise was a simple transformation. She was herself minus her tails, ears and the typical whisker marks on her cheeks. Her dress was also simple, she wore a black kimono with an orange sash.

The reason, however, why she hesitated was the fact that this was the first time that she would enter this building as a girl. This would be her first time that she would mingle between other women in a bathing place. How would they react if they ever discovered the truth about her... him?

The disguised vixen gathered all her courage. A part of her was very curious, and finally she had the opportunity and a legal excuse for this. With a firm step, she went into the other world, the other side of the mirror.

After she had paid, she walked quickly to the changing rooms. It was around ten o'clock, and it was very quiet at the evening hour. Surprisingly, there was nobody. With a puff her kimono disappeared and she stripped herself of her sandals and black shirt. With a slightly red face, she walked slowly into the public bathroom. But even there, she was completely alone.

Naruto began to wonder why she was even embarrassed. There was nothing to be excited about. To tell the truth, she was very disappointed. No naked ladies to see….

She sat down at one of the cranes and gave herself a good scrub. Then she shampooed her long red hair. Normally she gave her nine tails also a good shampoo treatment, something that she actually disliked. It was as if you had to wash an entire family of hairy redheads.

With a few buckets of water, she washed away all the suds.

Not much later she stretched out with a relaxed feeling in the warm water of the onsen and closed her eyes. The place was still deserted and she had the whole world for herself. It was almost heaven. Maybe it was a good idea to come more often at this late hour.

She had no idea how long she lay in the relaxing warm water of the onsen, but there came an end to her personal paradise.

Naruto was startled at the sound of shuffling and she opened her eyes and looked quickly at the entrance. Was she so relaxed that she lost her alertness? Three old women were staring surprised at Naruto. The redhead's eyes were painfully confronted with the harsh reality of life. The fact that the three women were well past their youth was an understatement. The three old women were so old and grey that Naruto inwardly cringed at the sight. Well, she got her wish at last… there were three naked 'ladies'.

The three old white-haired women giggled a bit and then shuffled into her direction. They were all the same size, or rather equally small. One had short hair, the other had two long braids and the third also had short hair and big round glasses.

"Ara ara, and I thought we had the whole place for ourselves," the first said with a small giggle.

"You do not have to be so shy child," the old woman with the braids said while watching the redhead.

All three entered the onsen gently and give a collective sigh.

"Ah, just what I needed," the third with the glasses replied while her bones creaked.

Naruto sighed deeply and closed her eyes. Well, she had expected many things, but she had apparently overlooked the fact that there was also such a thing as 'old youth'. Beauty was apparently overrated as it was so fleeting. A henge jutsu could be a good remedy. But to put yourself permanently in a henge, who could get it done, along herself of course?

Somewhere in a gambling hall in an unfamiliar city, somebody sneezed hard, and lost a card game, again.

After a few minutes of ignoring the three old women, her attention was drawn to the talking of the three.

"What do you think Clotho-chan, is she an Uzumaki?" the bespectacled old woman asked.

"Well Atroposko, she resembles Kushina-san, but it is impossible for her to be her daughter; she's too old," the other short-haired old woman replied.

"Most people have forgotten it already unfortunately, but an important feature of the Uzumaki clan was their remarkable red hair," Lachesisko added.

"So, tell us child, are you an Uzumaki?" Atroposko directly asked Naruto now.

This was news to Naruto. She did not know who her parents were, but it was surprising to hear that the Uzumaki's were known for their striking red hair. Was it possible that her red hair was a family trait, and not due to the influence of the Kyuubi?

Naruto opened her eyes. "Well, I'm an Uzumaki, obaasan. However, I have no idea who my parents are, I'm an orphan. I know practically nothing about my family, this is the first time that I get recognized as an Uzumaki because of my red hair."

The bespectacled old woman nodded with a serious face. "It's sad to hear how Konohagakure nowadays deals with the descendants of the once prominent clan of Uzushiogakure. "

Lachesisko shook her head. "It's ironic, however, that they still use their old clan logo on their uniforms as a tribute, you know, that spiral. You could say that their history should never have been forgotten, but the youth forgot it already… only the older generation still remembers them."

Naruto's eyes widened when she heard this, and was quickly sitting straight. The Uzumaki's were apparently more than she had imagined. "Well, this is news to me. Could you tell me more about my family?"

"Hmm, I can tell you something about them," Atroposko replied as she fumbled with her glasses.

"The Uzumaki were distant relatives of the Senju clan. They were on such good terms with each other that an alliance was created between the two hidden villages, Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure. And as you know now, they integrated the spiral symbol on their clothes as a sign of friendship and now in memory, years after Uzushiogakure's destruction."

"Wait, what?" Naruto cried shocked. "Uzushiogakure doesn't exist anymore!?"

Atroposko nodded. "The Uzumaki clan was well respected and feared worldwide for their fuinjutsu. However, during the Third Shinobi World War they began to see them as a great risk, which eventually led to the destruction of their city and country. The survivors fled from the Land of Whirlpools and spread throughout the world. How it is going with them now, nobody knows. The only Uzumaki's here in Konoha were Mito Uzumaki, the wife of Hashirama Senju and Kushina Uzumaki. Kushina was killed during the attack of the Kyuubi, along with Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage."

The wheels in Naruto's head were hard at work. As a boy he was blond, and after that fateful day, a red-haired presumably sixteen year old girl. Naruto had seen a picture of Minato in the office of the old man Hokage. The man was blond and had blue eyes, just like Naruto's former birth form. But now she looked seemingly like Kushina. The three old women did not know, but she was twelve years old, though now her body was much older than she should be. Naruto was almost certain that she was the son... ugh now daughter of Kushina Uzumaki. And it was not unlikely that Minato Namikaze might be her father. But that was a weird thought. If she was really his child, then why was she was treated like a monster and a criminal?

The redheaded vixen nodded gratefully to the three old women. "Thanks, I had no idea that the Uzumaki's were that great. Ah, at least I know where my roots lie, that I'm not just some clanless nobody." Then she sighed deeply, and began to sink deeper in the warm water of the onsen. "But why? Why Uzushiogakure... My family… the clan, gone…"

The old woman with the braids sighed, and cracked her shoulders that made Naruto inwardly shudder. Lachesisko shook her head slowly. "War, the madness of the shinobis. Already there have been three major wars. We are sisters, and we all three of Shukumei clan are of the few who are still alive and can chat about it. Our men, our sons and daughters, all good young shinobis, have fallen in the three wars. The only few who are still alive in our family, are ironically simple citizens."

"It's a circle of hatred, fear and revenge," the third old woman, Clotho-chan, explained. "Everyone has a family. If one is slain, they want revenge and the other will also do the same again. Fear for their own safety will also sow distrust which again leads to destruction and death. This all leads to hatred of each other, although men will not show this openly."

"The Shinobi world is a big powder keg. One single spark is enough to turn this brittle peace that we have now, into war and chaos, again," Lachesisko sighed.

The seriousness of this talk made the silence that followed heavy for a short moment.

"But the most important thing that shinobis not respect, is life itself. They think of life as something cheap. They sent young children in war, killing people, and to be killed. Shinobis, often slaughtering innocent people like rabid animals… not respecting the value of self-awareness. In fact, we were nothing but a bunch of paid murderes," Clotho-chan added bitterly, with eyes full of anger.

"The Will of Fire… don't let me laugh. What is the meaning of protection for family and friends, if we steal it from the others? What gives us the right to judge over life and death? My whole life I thought about these things, but I couldn't find a satisfying answer. We're all idiots, without exception, falling in the same trap, repeatingly. We're not better than the other shinobis… We are the same as them…" the old woman ranted.

The two other sisters rubbed slowly the back of Clotho-chan, and whispered some soothing words to her and the old woman slowly calmed down.

Naruto rubbed unconsciously on her forehead, the place where her hitai-ate not long had been. No longer was she a ninja, and now she had heard everything from the three obaasamas, she was now absolutely more than determined not to walk that path. The madness of the shinobis. She wondered if there ever could come an end to this senseless circle of hatred. But as the apparently new 'Kyuubi', what could she do with all her destructive power? That was not very useful if you were a pacifist. The revealing talk of the three old women gave her not a good impression of these ninjas, especially since she was almost one of them. Could she even have a life without bloodshed?

"Ara ara, all these depressing things," Lachesisko said with a sigh. "We came here to relax, not to discuss these painful memories with a young stranger."

The old woman took a dish and a bottle in her hands. "Who's up for a bit of sake?"

The two others were smiling at their sister and nodded quickly. Despite Naruto's apparent age, she was unfortunately still too young for alcoholic beverages and could only watch how the three old ladies were enjoying the sake. Slowly she let herself sink back into the warm water of the onsen while she thought about the things that she had learned.

It was not much later that she decided to go home after a polite goodbye to the three strange old women. It was late in the evening and she was still thinking about her future and the current state of the Shinobi world. She couldn't lose the gut feeling of a bad foreboding.


The next day, Naruto was up early. It was a day to go for a job hunt. For Naruto it seemed like a good idea to start with Ramen Ichiruka. Teuchi and his daughter Ayama were practically good friends and hopefully they wanted to employ her.

She gathered all her courage and put on her sandals. Should she go like her old former birth form? How should she explain that she was no longer the little blond boy that they know? Would Teuchi and Ayama accept her?

Naruto shook her head and hoped for the best. The Kitsune changed into her trusty old blond boy form and left her house.


Ramen Ichiruka was almost in sight when a familiar scent greeted Naruto's nose. But it wasn't the ramen. The blond boy sighed internally and stopped.

"Hello Naru-chan."

He felt a hand resting on his shoulders and turned his head. Naruto was not surprised to see Kakashi. It turned quickly into irritation when he saw that the Jounin's nose was buried in an orange book. The book had another title, and he could only guess how many of these books the man had. Naruto wrinkled his nose at the thought. The blond boy was aware that the other book in his home had disappeared since the visit of the Jounin.

"Kakashi-san." The blond boy sounded anything but friendly.

The Jounin looked up from his book and just one look was enough for Kakashi to hide the book quickly from Naruto. He gave an apologetic cough and then looked at the ramen stall.

"I heard you were looking for a job, and I have a proposal. But maybe that we go first to Ichiruka. I'll buy you a ramen of your choice."

Of course was Naruto always in for a free treat, especially ramen and he nodded excitedly .

While now the blond boy was enjoying the miso-ramen, the one-eyed Jounin scratched behind his head.

"Naruto, you know, because you resigned unfortunately as a ninja, my genin team is incomplete annoying enough. And as long as there is no replacement found, I have a big problem. Naruto, you may be a citizen now, but you are capable enough. I am willing to give you free training and you even get money for it. No restrictions and obligations. This is, however, until a replacement is found. But I think it is a good solution for you, now you need a job."

However, Kakashi didn't say when a replacement was found, but he tried to give Naruto the impression that it didn't last for long. He hoped that Naruto would take the bait, and possibly encourage a fire in 'him' for the Shinobi life.

The blond boy nodded while eating and when he was done, he put the chopsticks next to the bowl and looked with serious eyes at the one-eyed Jounin. Naruto had thought long about the things what the three old obasamas had told. To be a ninja, it was the dream of almost every boy in Konoha, and for a long time it was the same for Naruto. He dreamed even to be the next Hokage. But now...

While training could never hurt and the money really welcome, the blond boy decided not immediately to agree. What he particularly needed was information. And there was maybe a change that the one-eyed Jounin knew about this. Naruto wanted something confirmed.

"Kakashi-san, it sounds good. But I want something more than money, I also want some information before I agree. I would be great, if you could tell me who my parents were," Naruto asked.

The one-eyed Jounin was surprised.

He stroked his white hair, and now looked doubtfully at the blond boy. Of course he knew who the parents were of Naruto. He even had to be blind not to see it. But the fact that the Hokage had forbidden him, and that it might give some problems with the council made this a tricky thing. And then the fact that she would probably attract a lot of enemies, if they would know about Naruto's parents. But why wanted Naruto suddenly know who her parents were?

What happened yesterday?

The blond boy saw that the reaction on Kakashi's face, and decided to give him a little push. "Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with three obasamas and one of them told me that I strongly resemble Kushina Uzumaki. So far I know, I'm the only Uzumaki in Konoha, so it's a high chance that she's my mother. So, Kakashi-san, can you tell me if she's indeed my mother, and do you know my father?"

The one-eyed Jounin sighed and slowly stood up. "Sorry Naruto, but I have no idea who your father is. And for your mother? I will look into it, but I can't give you any answer for now, sorry." He patted Naruto's head. "Maybe I can tell you the next time when I know more. Good luck with your job hunt Naruto. Goodbye."

Kakashi put the money on the counter and threw a warning glance at Teuchi and his daughter Ayame who had listened in silence, and then sauntered away, leaving a crestfallen Naruto behind.

The disguised Kitsune knew that Kakashi lied to him. The Jounin could lie, but his nose could smell something else. But why? Why did Kakashi lie? It was obvious that Kakashi didn't want to give him this information, otherwise he would have agreed. Whatever it was, he found it more important than Team Seven. Naruto frowned; he wasn't the smartest guy around, but even he could put two and two together. Shinobis, always hiding important things… from him.


A brown-haired young man sighed when the carpenter wasn't interested. He had not even the chance to prove himself. It was yet another rejection of the many tries.

Naruto had tried various disguises, with a different name, but it seemed that there was no place for the Kitsune in the workshops of Konoha. Even with a variant of the sexy jutsu, he could not persuade these men. Some were obviously lying, but maybe they had their reasons for it.

Naruto couldn't suppress a curse. It was almost a conspiracy. He couldn't believe it that there wasn't one place in all these workshops that needed an extra man for a job. Really, it must be a conspiracy!

Unfortunately, Teuchi could not hire him, even when the disguised Kitsune had shown them the 'Henge no Jutsu' of some female disguises. The ramen chef had a hard life and could earn just enough money for him and his daughter. A big dream of Naruto collapsed when he heard Teuchi's reason. If it were up to him, he would have even worked for free for Teuchi, but he needed the money badly. Naruto had no other choice than to look for a job elsewhere.

The only place that Naruto hadn't tried yet, was the commercial district of Konoha. He wasn't really a big fan of these shops, cafes and restaurants. It was a place filled with bad memories.

The Kitsune decided to use… her original girl form again, without the tails, ears and whisker marks of course. She guessed that she probably had a bigger chance for a job as a girl at the mall.

But it was the same story again. Everywhere she was rejected. The restaurants, the stores and cafes. They had all excuses like; 'not interested', 'no place', 'sorry', 'I have enough personnel already', and 'good luck elsewhere'.

They didn't even asked for her experience, and she saw that some of them were very nervous, sweating and lying. In other places it was so busy that an extra man or woman should have been welcomed with open arms, but even there she wasn't accepted. She could even see that some of them really wanted to hire her, but maybe they had the same money problem like Teuchi?

The courage of Naruto began to sink slowly into her shoes and with a desperate look in her eyes, she looked to the sky and put her hands on her head.

"Man, what's up with Konoha!? Enough jobs for ninjas, but there's not even one job for a civilian like me!" she cried frustrated. She let her hands down and sighed deeply. "It's hopeless! Why, oh why didn't I just accepted Kakashi's proposal without asking?"

Naruto had no idea what she could now.

With a dreary sigh, she let her eyes wander around the street. It just happened that she stood before a small alley and was surprised to see a big old cabinet that was probably dumped there. Naruto was not afraid to use old stuff that she often found on the street. This piece of furniture was a welcome addition to her household. Sighing, she decided to stop with her job hunt and quickly ran into the alley where she started to inspect the cabinet. Although it looked old and dingy, it was still good and with a little cleanup it was presentable enough. The Kitsune decided that she would take it home. She produced two kage bunshins and not much later she let them carry the cabinet from out the alley.


Further back in the street was a small post office that was not really noticeable. It stood between a musty quiet bar and a grocery of an old couple. It was a small stone building with a post logo above the front door which was partially offset in an inclined position. Naruto had walked past the building without even offer it a glance.

In the post office a man leaned against a wall while he was frowning with closed eyes, with his arms folded. Before him stood a postman that was a little flustered.

"Okay, have I understood correctly? So, Akaroba, you tell me that you forgot the parcels that should have been delivered three weeks ago and are still lying around somewhere at the bar next door?"

The man opened his eyes and glared at the postman who for a moment just grinned and held a hand behind his neck.

"Uh, yeah, sorry man. That can happen?" Akaroba answered and raised his hands. "I was distracted by something important, yeah, and so I forgot. It shouldn't a problem if I still deliver it, Kurohitsuji."

The man named Kurohitsuji walked with a few firm steps to Akaroba and grabbed him by the collar and showed him five angry letters to his face. "I know that good personnel are hard to find, but when it starts to rain complaints, it will become very troublesome! Especially the fact that your 'something important' was probably nothing more than flirting with some troublesome woman in the bar!"

The eyes of the postman grew large for a short moment and Kurohitsuji frowned. It was a straight shot that hit directly bullseye. He pushed Akaroba away and he sighed.

"This is the last straw. This wasn't the first time, and how troublesome it is, you're fired."

The now ex-postman grew angry. "You can't do that! You know very well that I'm the only one who still wants to work for you! You will not find anyone else Kurohitsuji Nara! I can assure you that. This company has been doing poorly for years!"

It was a second later when Akaroba flew out of the door and fell on the street. His former boss appeared at the door. "Yes, and the reason why, isn't hard to guess, troublesome idiot. Begone, before I forget that I'm a retired ninja!"

The now frightened Akaroba jumped upright and ran away as if he was chased by a pack of rabid dogs. As a simple citizen he couldn't do much against him. As lazy as Kurohitsuji was, he was still a member of the Nara family, someone that you couldn't underestimate.

With a sigh, Kurohitsuji stared at the man that disappeared with a cloud of dust. You could say what you want about him, but he was very fast, and that was the only reason why the Nara tolerated him for so long. Kurohitsuji closed his eyes and squeezed the bridge of his nose with his fingers.

However, the situation has not greatly improved, on the contrary. Now that he had fired the only man that had worked for his post office, he had created a bothersome problem for himself. It was so troublesome; now he had no other choice than to do the work all by himself! He, a Nara, could you imagine that?

Kurohitsuji was a typical black-haired Nara, with a high-top ponytail, intelligent little brown eyes and a chin strap style beard minus a moustache. He was still a bachelor with an impressive unmarried forty years of age, dressed in a white blouse, black open jacket and brown pants. He retired years ago as a ninja, since he hated it with a passion. He decided to choose for a less bloody job and opened a post office. But thanks to the competition from the Courier Ninjas and the Internal Konoha ninja mail, the stupid birds, the small post office didn't have a great time.

But it seemed that a solution was at hand. The Nara raised an eyebrow when he saw an interesting spectacle. There were three identical red-haired girls dressed in a cheongsam, moving a large cabinet in the street. Half an hour ago he had seen her through the window, enter a shop and a bar, leaving again with a disappointed face. He also remembered that filthy piece of furniture that he saw in the alley a few days ago. The fact that they walked with that thing around, told him something about the girls' financial situation. She was probably looking for work.

Normally he would have shrugged and turned around, but the fact that the girl was using clones, told him two things. She had a ninja training and had clearly no lack of chakra. He would even bet that she used Kage Bunshins. He did not know how strong these clones were, but his gut feeling told him that this was a golden opportunity.

As lazy as he was, he decided only to stand at the door, put two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Everyone in the street, including the three Naruto's looked at him, and Kurohitsuji motioned at the three girls. "Hey! You girl with the clones and that piece of furniture, if you are looking for work, come here! I have an offer!"

The three looked at each other for a moment and nodded. Then they walked with the cabinet to him and placed the thing on the ground, and after a poof, there was only one girl left who stared at him curiously.

"Okay, I'm interested. What is it?"

The Nara motioned to enter.


Naruto had no idea what to think of it, when she heard the whistle and the man that called for her. He stood at the door of a post office that she had ignored because she thought it was nothing special. But apparently he was the only one who had a job for her..

And now she entered a small building, following the strange man. It was a simple place with a counter. On the walls were some some old posters with slogans and a yellow price list.

After a polite greeting, the man introduced himself.

"I'm Kurohitsuji Nara, the boss of this post business. Our slogan is; 'the mail always arrive, whether it is short or long'." The last word was said with a grimace on his face. "I hope that you can offer me what I need."

A look of recognition was seen in the face of the red-haired girl when she heard his name. She remembered Shikamaru; the family likeness was strong. He must be probably an uncle or something.

"Well, I'm Naruko Uzumaki... What is the job?"

The Kitsune saw a vague recognition in the eyes of the man. Probably because of her red hair that a physical characteristic was of the Uzumaki's.

The two walked to the back of the room and sat down at a table. The building was small and there wasn't much space. There were stacked mail and packages everywhere where you looked. That there was not much place to walk around was quite an understatement.

Kurohitsuji pressed his fingertips of his hands together and looked seriously at Naruto.

"I just had to fire my only employee because he just didn't take his work seriously. What I'm looking for is a person who can deliver the mail quickly, safe and professional. It's not difficult, and it doesn't matter how it is done. I don't give a hoot how you do it; you could even use the dog or the cat of the neighbours, whatever. The only thing I demand is that the mail actually arrives on time or even earlier. The customers who bring us the mail put a trust in us, something that I don't want to loose. The question is, can you do that?"

The red-haired Kitsune rubbed with a finger under her nose. "That sounds not difficult, but how much will I earn with this job?"

The Nara gestured around at the post. "I now pay a few Ryo per item. The more items you deliver, the more you earn. Also, it depends on the customers. So good advertising is very important. So, the better you do with the job, the more people trust the mail to us, and the more I can pay you."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Ah! Is it a problem if I use my kage bunshins?"

The Nara smiled and rubbed his chin. "I have no problem with that, it was the first that struck me when I saw you. But only as long as they can take a beating before they disappear. I want to test that out for myself, before you use it."

The red-haired girl grinned. Her kage bunshins were not something to sneeze at.


It was a few hours later when Kurohitsuji was alone in the post office. He had not thought that Naruto's bunshins were that sturdy. He could not believe it, but almost nothing else, then a deathblow could dispel the clone. And she could create a lot more of them! He had hired her instantly without a second thought; the girl was pure gold! With her, he had a whole team available.

The Nara stroked his chin. She was without any doubt an Uzumaki, a real chakra battery. When he asked her why she wasn't a ninja, he got as answer that she wasn't interested anymore. She also said that she hated to kill people. That was something that he all too well understood, because he also hated the killing. That was the reason why he had retired.

His train of thoughts was lost when his attention was drawn by the sound of the front door. However, it wasn't a customer that walked to him.

An Anbu stood before him and showed him a scroll. "Ah, sorry, I'm a bit late. Somehow I missed this building, but this is an order from the Hokage. There's a possible spy in Konoha. Hokage-sama has ordered that nobody may hire a person until further notice."

Kurohitsuji scratched behind his head. This was so troublesome…


To be continue.

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