Every year Molly Weasley knit each of her children a jumper. Bills with a "B" because after his first jumper with a "W" that he refused to wear because his name started with a "B". Charlie's with a "C" and little dragons that flew around the arms. Ginny's had a "G" which when Ron teased her about it meaning girly she threw his toy broom at his head causing a trip to St. Mungo's. Ron's had a "R" and was maroon which he complained about every year yet every year she knit a maroon sweater because it was the colour that reminded her most of her Ronny. Percy's had a "P" which for every year since Bill had become Prefect Percy insisted his standed for Prefect rather than Percy. Then the twins. The "G" and "F" George and Fred. Every year the twins would switch just to annoy Molly to no end. She could tell the difference between her two sons but she let them have their charade of teasing her about them being the other.

This year though was different. Tears fell upon the big "F" spread across the front of the jumper It had become such a habit to knit all 7 jumpers she had knit one for Fred. Even though it was 6 months later she still thought about her loss every day. Now she knit her dead son a jumper without realizing it. Angrily she tore out some of the stitches but was quickly stopped by a freckled hand.

"Molly." Arthur took the jumper gently from her hands. "You should give this to George. Merlin knows he would feel weird wearing one with his proper letter on it."

Molly looked up at Arthur and the jumper. She started to sob at the thought that she would never receive another "But I'm George" From Fred when she handed him his present. Arthur gently collected her in his arms. He kissed the top of her head. "Shh... It will be okay. We can make it through this. Fred would not have us like this. I bet you he is torturing some bloke in the afterlife with a new product." Molly let out a strangled laugh.

"Your right." She agreed and gently repaired the jumper. The couple looked at the jumper once more and embraced again as Arthur cried along with Molly now.

Every year after that Molly knit an "F" for George who took it and made the same joke that she had finally got it right after 20 years.