The Longest Lifetime

Okay, a bit of a misleading title. This story focuses around Raiden A. U. Silversword VII, my regular fursona. While this may be a SWAT Kats fanfic, Raiden's from another dimension. More will be revealed as the story progresses, so just sit back, Read, Review, and enjoy.

Time-line area: Mainly at the start of season 1, episode 1; "The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice". (Loosely based around, so don't bite my head off if it's not too accurate, okay?)

Disclaimers: I don't own SK, If I did, I'd be real happy, but I don't… I also don't own anything you might find here from Fullmetal Alchemist (Such as Automail-like prosthetics and naturally, Alchemy). However… Raiden Silversword is mine. No stealy, same with Fortress Petralls and it's associated magicry.

Fortress Petralls

Dim… That's what the light was. The lean figure stood up from the floor they had been sitting on and looked out the window. While it was only Three O'clock in the afternoon, the sky was pitch-black.

"What the hell's going on?"

The figure had a voice like a farther or a brother you could always talk to; Not too harsh, or too soft, but more… Gentle. Stepping outside their tower room, the figure could feel the mystical energies of time around them being manipulated. Without warning, the figure simply vanished as if they had never been there before.

Some hours before

Chance Furlong heard the alarm go off in the hanger, motioning for his partner Jake Clawson to follow him, he picked up the phone beside the alarm.

"What is it Miss Briggs?"

Immediately, Chance knew there was something wrong. Instead of the sweet (or at least to him an way) voice of Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs, there was a hissing sound like that of an ancient sabre tooth Kat. Getting the co-ordinates of the transmission before it was abruptly cut-off, Chance turned to his partner.

"It's go time."

Swiftly, the pair of mechanics changed out of their overalls and into the blue flight suits, black masks, and blue-red mix helmets.

"Alright Razor, let's get to the museum and rescue Miss Briggs."

"Right you are T-Bone."

Chance, A.K.A. T-Bone, and Jake, A.K.A. Razor dashed over to the Turbokat and prepared to take off.

"Where is my book… Where is the Tome Of Time?"

The speaker, a tiny orange Kat skeleton was riffling through all the books and documents in Megakat City's Museum. Of cause, The Pastmaster had his agenda… But, he needed that book to do it.

"Ah-ha! There is my Tome Of Time. With it, I shall bring back the Dark Ages and rule this world!"

Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs was rarely scared, but even she had to flee a lot. With Dr Sinian in tow, she reached the roof of the museum. Unfortunately, the resurrected sabre tooth was after them.
Okay, this is just the Prologue to introduce (to a degree) the key players at the start; Raiden, The SWAT Kats, Callie, and the Pastmaster. More will soon follow. Remember, you can always reach me on my E-Mail; or via reviews. Remember though, this is my first SK fanfic, so be nice…